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  1. Apparently it's true. Just checked real time pollution site (24/10@15:00) and: Sheffield 21 Stoke 22 Birmingham 21 Leicester 15 NOTTINGHAM 34 Strangly some of the highest pollution is in coastal areas, Southamtopn for instance. Only Norwich, London and Plymouth come anywhere near. I wonder where it's all coming from?
  2. Brew


    Some don't like..... gasp... TEA?!... good god it's the end of civilisation as we know it...
  3. Plantfit I think you have a pepper mill. Can't find the exact image but this is ver similar:
  4. Is it less salt? or do they process the milk/cream to within an inch of its life and take out the 'good bits'.
  5. That's why I've never rented to students, too many horror stories from other landlords I know. I'm not the sort to take kindly to having my property abused.
  6. We lived there as newlweds. Yes living in the countryside was good but we quickly learned that running out of essentials was a disaster, the nearest shops were a six mile round trip and public transport did not exist out there. Not a bad walk with the pushchair in summer but winter was an altogether different story.
  7. PF you're reading my mind! I've said exactly the same thing since the damn trams were first mooted. Another upside to modern trolley busses is they cost less than half and don't cause chaos for years whilst they rip up roads to install rails.
  8. Yes FLY it's the same family. I lived in the second house after the railway bridge going north. The first house was Bartons managing director. My son was born there and called his wife aunty Barti, nice people to us but no idea what they were like to work for. Next is Big Tythe farm and the next house after that was also was a Barton (Karl I think). Grand old man Barton lived in the grounds of Newstead Abbey.
  9. We were talking about butter the other day, as you do (best butter me mam called it) , and there seemed to be a consensus that the taste of modern butter is not the same as when we were young. Is it just a nostalgia amplified memory or was it really different?
  10. From a fiscal point of view probably an asset. From a social point of view a lot of them are a PITA.
  11. I hope you have declared that as a P11D benefit Mr Mayfield!
  12. Living only a mile or so from Langley Mill I've never heard it. I presumed it was tongue in cheek the way some of us call our wives 'she who must be obeyed'. I've heard women refer to their husband 'my mester' and my Grandma called Grandad 'father'... unless he was in trouble and then was named.
  13. Still use Fluxite and tin/lead solder. Tin the tip by a dip in the Fluxite and then a quick pass down my jeans. Drives her barmy. I used to have a little sponge on the iron holder but lost it long ago.
  14. I'm afraid Catfan that being 'built to last ' is partly the reason for the decline of so many British companies. Too many like Leyland, Foden, Norton, Herbert Morris, Raleigh etc. sat on their laurels and thought 'johnny foreigner' never made things that would last. Meanwhile the competition were catching up and rapidly passing them. I drove Atkinson Borderers with Gardner engines. They were slow, noisy and had brutal suspension. At the end of the day I was kn****d.They gave me a Volvo F86 demonstrator and had to get me out of the cab with a crowbar before I would let them have it back, b
  15. History, so they say, is written by the victors.
  16. I'm have mixed feelings about publishing allegations of wrongdoing. Three friends and I were 'fiddled with' by someone in our pre pubescant years at Clifton. It serves no purpose now to name names, if he's still alive he will be well into his 90s. On the other hand I often read of people who are relieved when such things come to light and justice takes its course. They realise they are not alone and have some sort of closure.
  17. I want some of that magic shaving cream they have in cowboys films. Guy sits in the chair, and is called out before the barber shaves him. a qucik wipe of the foam and bingo! he's clean shaven.
  18. It's not actually against the law as such but you could be charged with 'driving without due care and attention' depending on the circumstances.
  19. I don't think it's always the kids fault. With all the 'think of the children' paranoia many are not allowed out of their parents sight, being under virtual house arrest what else can they do?
  20. There are many times when I would like to have been there. Rome at the height of it's power, Egypt. Mesopotamia or ancient Greece. There is a rider to this though, it would have to be as an observer not actually living the life. The time period I'd most like to see though is sometime in the far future. The things we take for granted now would probably have had us stoned for withcraft in the middle ages so condsidering the rate of change is increasing almost exponentially the next five hundred years are beyond my imagination.
  21. It's right that if you remeber the '60s you were not really there. I lived through it and it was , well, just living and all the free love and 'happenings' I kept reading about always seemed to be happening anywhere I wasn't. With work, university and getting married at 20 everything went by in blur. My only contribution to the hippie movement was a matching 'flower power' shirt and tie - long after it had gone out of fashion.
  22. I had a Rover 80 and always hung my nose over the 110. My dad called them the poor mans Rolls Royce.
  23. "Do you know who I am" is a phrase that brings back memories. In the '87 snow storm (Christams time) we had thousands of people off supply and were working 18/19 hours a day getting the netowrk back up and running. Most people were great bringing cups of tea, offers of whatever food they had etc. One lady, the wife of a 'Sir' demanded we reconnect her IMMEDIATELY as she had guests for Christmas lunch arriving and we had beter attend to it or she would have words with her 'good friend' our chairman. "Don't you know who I am" she said. No ma'am but we will do our very best.... later, like next
  24. I think technology has a lot to answer for for the lack of apprenticships. Many jobs have been 'deskilled' to the point where almost anyone can do it with the minimal of training, especially in the manufacturing sector.
  25. Lost in admiration plantfit, a fine example to us all. Well done sir.