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  1. In the UK there NO excuses for breaking the speed limit. They take the view that if you think you need to speed to overtake then don't do it. The same applies to all other traffic law i.e. you do not move for an ambulance or other blue light if it means you commit an offence. I totally agree with loppy about surveillance but I'm afraid that the ever increasing demand of our glorious leaders to control us make it inevitable.
  2. As a child standing at the sink in grandmas scullery having the 'tide' marks removed from my neck I loved the smell of carbolic soap. Stung like buggery when it went in your eyes but I'd use it today if it were available. We have Wrights coal tar occasionally but it's not the same as it was. In the bathroom at the moment is a plunger bottle of gloop that I'm assured is eco friendly yet the blurb on the front seems to suggest they raped a tropical rain forest for the ingredients. Why they think I want to smear my skin with the extracts of exotic flowers is beyond me.
  3. Virus checkers are one of those things that seem to generate a lot of controversy. I have run most of them over the years and know enough to know there is not one that is perfect, all have faults. Some like Norton are so intrusive (very effective mind you) that it can slow a PC down. Most of the free ones whilst again being quite good are bloated beyond all recognition from their original format. All report back information about you and what sites you visit. Microsoft Defender started life as GIANT antivirus, MS bought the company and integrated it into their SpyNetwork system. I
  4. Commo has it spot on, see here: Picture of the caterpillar on fourth row down. Brew
  5. I volunteer as a community ambulance car driver and recently picked up a lady to take her to a hospital appointment. I greeted her with "hello sweetheart, going to the eye clinic are we?" "Tut tut" someone muttered. "that's not only sexist but patronising as well" I really can't fathom out how such a small minority are having such a hugh impact. To paraphrase a Wiesenthal quote: 'For stupidity to flourish it only requires sensible people to do nothing' Without inciting a riot I'm old enough to say what I damn well please and if it upsets anyone then tough, they can live with it
  6. I was there on the night of the murder! and about the same time. A friend and I were standing on the front steps waiting for the late night bus after a night out in Nottingham. Whilst there a young guy in an unusual 'mini' pulled up, it was unusual because it had a boot, (the Riley and Wolseley variants hadn't come out at the time) Young guy, very short hair and wearing what was called an Italian box jacket mohair suit. Said he was from Portsmouth and had hired the car from Swan car hire. He asked could we direct him towards the A1. Reading what you guys said about the knife being found around
  7. Thanks for the link. I've found the engine at Papplewick pumping station and have copy/pasted from the 'net. Glad it didn't go for scrap. This engine came from the nearby Linby Colliery. The Winder was manufactured by Robey & Co. of Lincoln in 1922 and was erected on Linby Colliery No. 2 Shaft to lift coal. It was used until December 1982, when It was replaced by an electrical driven winder in 1982. The Winder consists two steam engines, Nos. 40542 and 40543. They each have a cylinder bore of 24" and a stroke of 40", working on a steam pressure
  8. I remember what I believe were the first automatic washing machines - Bendix. They had massive steel frames, weighed enough to require two or three men to deliver them and had to be concreted into the floor.
  9. Linby had a steam engine for the shafts. anyone know what happened to it? It would be a shame if it was scrapped.
  10. Standard four bed house here, £5 per fortnight.
  11. Sometime in the late '50s (I was still at school) I saw an electric car on Canal St. I saw it a couple of times driven by an elderly gent who wore very formal clothes that included a winged collar. I don't know if it was one of these but the nearest picture I can find is of an American Detroit Electric Car. It looked the same (from memory) but then again it was fifty years ago. I've searched in vain to find a British
  12. I will avoid paying tax by all and any legal means, evading tax is another matter entirely. When making my tax return I claim everything I can and I think any sane person will do the same.
  13. The main problems with NiFe batteries is the sheer size of them plus cost. A typical 12v array would be 25" long, 4" wide, 13 inches tall and weigh around 75lbs NiFe are usually individual cells costing anything from £100 to £300 per cell, ( you need 10 for 12v). They were used, still are in some places, for protection back up systems in sub-stations and there is a growing market for those users who want to go 'off grid', A 12v system would set you back about £1000+ A system to power your house would be tens of ,000s
  14. As of today (29/07/17 - 14:00) the total electricity demand in the UK is 28.5 Giga Watts. And this is a weekend, not a work day The total number of wind turbines is 7163. 7163 turbines are producing 3.55 Giga Watts. Any guesses how many more turbines we need to meet present demand never mind the future?
  15. Before you can do anything you will need a good quality scanner, The multifunction printer/scanners in my experience are fine for documents etc. but not really up to the level you need for photographs.
  16. I have not used this personally but a friend who restores a lot of old photographs recommends it as a good starter and it's free.
  17. It's not difficult for me - it's impossible. I've bashed my keyboard to within an inch of its life but it seems any connection in my brain between left and right hand is pure rumour. Adding feet to the equation would almost certainly cause a melt down.
  18. The way things are going it will soon be compulsary
  19. How on earth did homosexual become 'gay' and as for the rest of it...
  20. It seems some Universities are penalising students who use gender specific words, "he" "she" etc so I looked into it and here is a list pf preferred alternatives. If these radical looney tunes insist on what is actually a form of oppression why do they still demand a salutation before a name (Ms, Mz etc) If they object to Miss, Mrs, Madam why not do away with them altogether and simply state their name? Aimee Challenor, the Green Party’s 19-year-old equalities spokesperson claims "trans and non-binary deserve better". (newspaper quote) What the hell is a non-binary? Next we
  21. #15 My forefathers probably fought for equality - so long as there was little chance of achieving it. I remember an instance as a child listening to my grandparents arguing when grandma said " huh, you always think you know more than me", to which granddad replied "of course I know more than you, I'm a man"! Of course that was then, in this more enlightened day and age I give my better half full autonomy to decide when to do the laundry, sweep the drive, go shopping, clean the house..............
  22. I wonder if anyone has ever checked the crushed ice in the fish market?
  23. "In real terms" Usually used by politicians to cover the BS that comes next.