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  1. Looks like the diets working then CatFan
  2. I have been in a fatal accident, the details are not something I want to go over again. Everyone was very kind and said it's wasn't your fault etc. But there is always that nagging doubt and 'If i..' 'what if..' questions that have haunted me for over fifty years. I hope no one ever goes through anything similar because you never, ever forget.
  3. It's a sad fact and an indication of the sheer scale of the numbers killed and wounded that all us have a story of a relative killed or wounded.
  4. Oh well done! When I visited the site I had the impression it was in the region of £ 80 to gain access, maybe I should pay more attention. Applogies for giving out duff information.
  5. Col, your MM record is going to prove difficult in the extreme. It will be in the Gazette as it was only awarded to NCOs and men, officers did were not awarded the MM. As annswabey said, searching the Gazette is not good; it's also expensive. If it was won in the 1918 push would not have appeared in the Gazette until well into 1919. If you find the record it will simply be name, rank and number - nothing else. There are no published lists of citations and the best chance are the operational records of his unit. (The long, long trail: Chris Baker 2016)
  6. Do you have the citation for his MM Col? It would make interesting reading.
  7. Reminds me of an old saying: "Women and dogs and a Walnut tree, the more you beat them the better they be"
  8. I have to say Col I thought the Ad Hom link was a bit patronising but chose not to comment.
  9. If you think you could stand in the market square, as in days of yore, and openly criticise Islam with impunity I think you are very much mistaken. People with pointed helmets and a bad attitude would quickly disavow you of your right to do so. The definition of a hate speech is so ambiguous that virtually anything you say can be construed as a 'hate' speech. Hate speech is one that attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Criticism is a form of
  10. I find different views and opinions interesting. Whilst Col and I will probably have little we agree on in our political views he makes some good points and makes them well. Like all of us he has his 'blind' side but as he regularly points out he is entitled to his opinion. No one is getting hot under the collar though some may feel a little discomfort when long held beliefs are challenged, it's a life long learning process and helps us progress.We would still burn witches at the stake were it not so. The truth is often uncomfortable but if we learn to accept each oth
  11. Blechhhh. Though to be honest I did vote for her first time round, pity she went power mad...
  12. Heh heh, now who's on dangerous ground?
  13. In my case I think that the service people rely far too much on the inbuilt diagnostics. My car reported no faults every time they plugged it in. They would not accept my offer to drive it and demonstrate the problem, insurance, elf n safety sir, can't be done. At my insistence a technician finally road tested it and saw the problem, it was, as a fellow customer pointed out, a battery failure.
  14. Meeowed has a point I think many agree with - political correctness is strangling free speech to the detriment of all. Who here truly speaks their mind for fear of falling foul of the censors? He's totally wrong about Marx. There is a delicious irony here in that if he read Das Kapital, the first volume, he would be forced to agree with him. Marx used the very situation Meeowd quotes, the exploitation of workers by Victorian mill owners, as evidence for his economic theories. Had he said Corbyn's idol Lenin then that would make far more sense. I could expand this furth
  15. If I do it KJ one thing is for sure - it will look nothing like the picture on the box !
  16. Col I don't know if Corbyn is an anti-Semitic, I hope not, but what I do know is he has made some very half-hearted denials Remember the London mural depicting the hook nosed Jews controlling the world? and the praise he gave it? When challenged that it was anti-Semitic Corbyn’s defence was that he was supporting free speech. He quickly gave this up when it was pointed out that on another occasion he said that respecting other communities is more important than free speech (this was in 2006). His second defence was that he just didn't look at the mural very c
  17. I don't know if we are talking about the same man but there was council worker who cut the grass/swept the streets around Strelley/Bilborough , he never wore a shirt whatever the weather.
  18. Super idea swe62 though I doubt they would go for it.
  19. Oh that's easy but under the data protection act 2018 I'm not allowed to disclose any further information, sorry.
  20. You mean you can't read cuneiform writing? Tut, tut kids today..... Now when I were but a lad......
  21. You didn't look hard enough Phil. It says here Tuesday and it rained all day.
  22. I don't think it has an 'English' name nonna
  23. Phil, the only name I know is Len Stapleton although I only know 'of' him never actually met him.
  24. I've landed many times (and taken off) at EMA - price included in the flying lessons when I was a member of Donnair flying club and learning to fly. I don't think I'll bother again at that price!