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  1. Nope, me mam always said dannies when I were little
  2. You're probably right Loppylugs but it was quite awhile ago, I suppose if I'm honest I chickened out.
  3. Some time ago I had one these guys call and introduced himself as representing a cavity wall insulation company authorised to offer a Gas board subsidised quote. I rang the Gas Board and yes it was kosher. OK so far so good, £210 for insulating a detached house seemed a good deal so went for it. They said that they will drill holes through the outer brick about a 1.5 metres apart in a grid pattern and fill it with insulation and once inside it meets up. Two hours of horrendous drilling, a truck pumping the stuff in and we're finished. The problem is I'm the sort that checks these things and ha
  4. Plantfit, the garden waste collection charge here is £40, thank ged we don't have a tram system to support.
  5. I'm with FLY on fishing, boring as hell and not to say just as cruel as fox hunting, badger baiting, hare coursing etc Sitting in a boat admiring the scenery and pondering how I made such a stupid decision to get in one in the first place I can relate to - but fishing?... Nah
  6. #166 Oooh I can so empathise with that...................
  7. You were long gone then loppy when I joined, I started in 1984 - finished in 2014.
  8. I remember an aunt had a knitting machine and produced some really good stuff for my cousins. The problem was that when my career advisor at school suggested 'knitting' as a job I could only imagine sitting at one these machines whacking the thing side to side for hours and then hand sewing the pieces together and so rejected it outright. By a strange twist of fate my first 'proper' qualification was HNC in textiles from the then Nottingham Technical College and became part of the quality control dept; for Rouquinet who made fabric for ladies underwear (elastic girdles). This has made me
  9. Quite right Loppylugs and long may it remain so. I like my music (except jazz) in small doses. I usually lose interest halfway through a CD/LP even if I like the artist, by track 3 or 4 my mind is off chasing rainbows. As I said I'm a bit of a Philistine when it comes to art 'n' culture but you know what they say: 'I may not know much about art but I know what I like' or 'Different strokes for different folks'
  10. Helloooo, Philistine here. Chulla #1 sorry but for me that's probably the most boring music I've heard in a long time. The Mahler #7 is so depressing it's music to jump of a bridge by and the Proclaimers #24, irritating beyond endurance. The Bolero I've liked since my Grandad played it on a windup gramophone before T&D were even thought of. The 'orange juice' clip I listened to all the way through and quite enjoyed it (not heard a brass band version before).
  11. Fly try this, see if it helps....
  12. Not sure how it works now it's a few years ago and the plethora of competition may have driven prices down. All I can say it was surprisingly easy to do it myself.
  13. I was put off using a specialist when they were quoting 30% as a fee.
  14. Seems regret of not being able to play an instrument is quite common so can I add to it? I would love to play a piano or violin but unfortunately I couldn't carry a tune if it was in a bucket. I have a full 88 key keyboard, a flute and a mouthorgan, can't play any of them no matter how many YouTube videos I watch. Same with painting. I have dabbled with acrylics, water colours and produced what I'm told is a passable picture. But they're not originals as such, they are paintings copied from photographs. Seems I have zero creativity. The list goes on but my biggest regret is managin
  15. Yes, my other half and I have both had PPI refunds and no we didn't use a professional to do it. There are plenty of sites on the internet offering advice, some even have letter templates. All it took for us was a letter to the companies and an offer came back within a few weeks which we accepted, all pretty much straight forward and quite simple.
  16. The American M O A B (recently dropped on Nangarhar ) was a development of the Barnes Wallis WW11 Grandslam and Tallboy bombs issued to 617 squadron. It weighs slightly less than the British Grandslam. How the explosive power compares I don't know. I may be accused of being a conspiracy theorist but I suspect it's more for the benefit of North Korea than to have any useful effect in Afghanistan.
  17. I was there from the first day and left 59/60/ Kenyon house (Kenyon was chairman of the education committee that oversaw the building of the school, the seventy first and largest comprehensive in the country at the time).) Several outstanding memories though few of them good. Being 'slippered' for walking round the cross country course (my best friend was fat!) then kicking the crap out of Sid Boltons shins during the teacher pupil rugby game in retribution. Mr Wallace my English teacher had the most beautiful italic handwriting I've ever seen. Anyone remember Mr Rogers? (Maths)
  18. Old red phone box door handle, pic is turned 90 degrees.
  19. I did this but it's not an easy calculation. Some factors to consider: How much will the pension reduce by How many years will it take to reach the 'break even point' How long will you be around to collect it What effect will it have on any survivor pension How much will inflation (it's higher than interest rates for the foreseeable future) erode the benefit of having a 'nest egg' Will the full pension take you into a higher tax bracket. There are other things to take into account but much depends on personal situation
  20. Skeggy - Smell of out of date chip oil, brown Windsor soup sea, cold wind and family groups on the sand huddled up trying to stay warm. Just some of my abiding memories. Mablethorpe - Ghost town with a slightly sad air about it Cleethorpes - The only holiday I ever had as a child. Grandma took my younger brother and my self to stay in what was called a chalet. A wooden hut with no running water or drains. Grandad thought it hilarious when Gran locked and bolted the door to keep out the smell when the men came to empty the toilet. I was about 6 so it can't have made much of an impress
  21. In '58 I bought a 'doitup', a old nineteen hundred and frozen to death Triumph 3T 350cc motorcycle for the princely sum of £4. No front brake, electrics mostly U/S and a non starter. The choke didn't work but a guy told me about fresh petrol, covering the carb inlet with my hand and kicking it up. Wow oh wow it worked - dead proud of myself. Tried it gently down the garden, so far so good.... and Lanthwaite Rd is looking awfully quiet... err what if.... Of course it had to done. Up the road woohoo brilliant, turned round and got carried away, just a smidgen mind you but my brain
  22. Solved it. They are old fire hydrants as per....*&imgrc=NXMyct07cjepDM:&spf=466