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  1. #3972 Parts of Mapperley Park are quite steep so maybe stand pipes to water horses?
  2. I'm amazed that the 'rent woman' was never robbed. She looked to be late forties (older than me mam') and walked the estate with a satchel full of cash every week. There must have been dozens of rent collectors all over the city, did any of them ever have the money stolen?
  3. Wish I had that actual coin, I think it might be worth a bit more than a quid.... it's dated 2014!
  4. DC you're quite correct. As an ex electrical engineer I know that wattage has bugger all to do with efficiency. If your Dyson makes a good fan heater then it's an indication that it is not particularly efficient and is using a fair portion of it's consumption to generate heat, much like incandescent bulbs. Only 2% of a 100W lamp produces light, the rest is heat.
  5. #704 DJ In a blog last year, European Commission spokesman Marlene Holzner wrote: “Vacuum cleaners will use less energy for the same performance - how much dust they pick up. This will help consumers to save money and make Europe as a whole use less energy.” The average power of a vacuum on the market in Europe at the time was 1,800 watts. This will have to be halved within the next three years, as the limit of 1,600 watts will be reduced to just 900 watts from September 2017.
  6. Knocking your duck off? Still common parlance round hear.
  7. From September 2017 the EU rule for vacuum cleaners will be 900 watts.
  8. Talking to a youngster this morning about ice cream. When I told her that we used by the ice cream in a paper wrapper and put a wafer on each side to make an 'ice cream sandwich' she thought I was pulling her leg. Just could not persuade her that an ice cream sandwich was a real thing.
  9. Cliff Ton, Forum boards usually have two control panels, user and administrator In the forum I manage deleting entire topics is done from the ACP (Administrators control Panel), two clicks and the entire topic is gone. . I can't say that it would work here as this forum is built on a different platform but maybe worth looking at? Edit: One possible reason is backups, does it auto backup and if so at what time?
  10. Time is now 22:57 and it's slower than a very very slow thing. Two minutes 3secs to swap topics or go for 'unread content'
  11. Wasn't there a bit of a toodoo at one time about the amount paid to Terry Wogan for Red Nose day? In fact he was the only celeb paid, but the fee was quite small..... £1300 an hour!
  12. Looking at those photographs and others makes me wonder - Is it me or was Nottingham city centre a much more interesting cityscape than the ambiguous dross it is now?
  13. Actually Dave Pickfords have been around since the 17th century...
  14. #135 Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it. Mein Kampf - Adolf Hitler
  15. Time now 00:55 and yes it's soooo sloooow. All other sites seem fine.
  16. Brew


    If only Raleigh management hadn't been so hide bound and stuck in the '40s/'50s, they might have kept up with the times instead of holding on to outmoded hierarchies and practices. Although I've been a union member all my working life I have to say they didn't help and also contributed to the decline.
  17. I went to the Lord Mayors ball one year. I was amazed there isn't a proper bar in there and drinks were served from trestle tables.
  18. Brew


    Although I never worked for Raleigh I did go the factory every day as a contractor. The was the press shop, massive presses stamping out pistons for Lockheed and Girling disc brakes. The moped assembly shop, the Sturmey Archer shop., the chroming shop where I believe they were the biggest users of chrome in the UK. They were also the largest users of cyanide for hardening steel. The waste cyanide was taken to Portishead docks near Bristol in metal barrels, loaded onto the deck of a ship and dumped over board mid Atlantic! Try that today.. . On Triumph road there was a little corner c
  19. All other sites were fine last night 15th but this site was taking ages to swap pages. This would be around midnight or so.
  20. Reading this:- file:///C:/Users/Jim/Downloads/Bat_Box_Information_Pack.pdf It seems that if the entrance is vertical, from below, they are self cleaning. If the entrance is horizontal, midway up the box then they do need cleaning. Re the jobs worth crew I have some experience with a grade 2 listed house in Bulcote. Cannot install central heating because it will dry the building fabric out too quickly. Cannot patch plaster unless using materials that match the original 17th century recipe Cannot replace window frames unless they are the same design and construction
  21. I think he's talking out of his rear end. The RSPB have Bat box plans for DIYers or sell them ready made if you don't want to build one.
  22. I have loads and loads of will power - I just refuse to give in to it..
  23. Please stop, please please.. all this biking is tiring me out! I'm so exhausted just thinking about it I'm off for a lie down... Good photos though...
  24. Radfordred I sincerely hope you're joking, if not then my next wish would be that the next car you do it to is an unmarked police car. Such driving is stupidly dangerous.
  25. Hi Guys. This topic is like well cool innit? I mean like I said to me friend when he turned round n said 'Whats happenin' n I like said 'We is talkin about people what don't talk proper ok' n he said 'it's cos they don't like learn stuff, you know what I mean like when they is in school n stuff innit'. I turned round n said 'it's like amazin they don't learn you stuff like when they's supposed to innit'. When I did me exams I've like totally owned it guy enni. It 's marked D right? but that's good innit? My mate don't go for all that stuff you know what I mean Say's it's like booshwah or