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  1. Because he said the flexi was the culprit and likely to happen again I agreed to have it piped in copper tube. It's not £85 for just the first half hour, it's for every half hour or part of. If after 5pm it goes up to £110 (£220 pr hr) but as the call was made before 5 they kept the pre 5 price throughout. The meter was attended to by National Grid free of charge. There was no smell of gas anywhere but the NG guy detected a weeping joint on the meter (outside meter box). He put it down to the sealing compound hardening over time. The drop was half a millibar after three minutes
  2. Central heating not working so called 'the man'. I can come out after bank holiday, the charge is £85 per half hour. Wow, but it's freezing so went ahead. There's a loose wire in the boiler that was reconnected but on testing found a small gas pressure drop (1mb). Leak traced to probable pinhole in flexible pipe feeding hob. How much to repair? £504 sir. Well it's a gas leak it's either fixed there and then or the gas is capped off until it is repaired. OK go ahead. New pipe work fitted, tested and... there's still a gas leak! It's now nearly midnight. Leak traced to the bleddy outside meter!
  3. The two most upsetting words for a man are "Don't" and "Stop" Unless of course they're said together..
  4. You're welcome Margie. Please try to avoid putting coffee/tea into the keyboard that's much more difficult to fix.
  5. Right click on Blank space on Desktop. Select view, select large, medium or small icons ........... or Right click on Blank space on Desktop Select Themes, icons are to the left ...or In Winders 10 RIGHT click as above. Select display settings... go to advanced settings... scroll down to Advanced sizing of text and other items. Use the drop down box to select icons...
  6. On the first visit by my bride to be to meet my parents the gas ran out and it was 'who's got a bob for the meter' None to be had and mam panicking that the food in the fridge will spoil, it was a gas fridge. The date was Apr 1 and no amount explaining would convince the her that the fridge ran on gas and it was not an April Fools prank. This rather spoiled my little scheme. After showing her a gas fridge I had intended telling her the telly ran on gas too.
  7. Or just drive faster so you get there before the petrol runs out.
  8. I went to join the navy once. They said "can you swim"? I said "why?, you got no boats left"? So I tried the army. "Do you want to learn a trade? no.. Do you want to see the world... no.. Oh, why do you want to join the army then... I wanna shoot people... Joking aside I was actually accepted for the officers training malarkey. On the day I had the letter offering a place at uni that evening a major and a colour sergeant in full dress uniform came to the door to sign me up, I'd done the personnel selection tests some weeks previously and passed apparently. Ah a dilemma, Uni
  9. Old lady trying to get on a bus, if I hadn't kicked her sticks away the bugger would have beat me getting on...
  10. Nope, me mam always said dannies when I were little
  11. You're probably right Loppylugs but it was quite awhile ago, I suppose if I'm honest I chickened out.
  12. Some time ago I had one these guys call and introduced himself as representing a cavity wall insulation company authorised to offer a Gas board subsidised quote. I rang the Gas Board and yes it was kosher. OK so far so good, £210 for insulating a detached house seemed a good deal so went for it. They said that they will drill holes through the outer brick about a 1.5 metres apart in a grid pattern and fill it with insulation and once inside it meets up. Two hours of horrendous drilling, a truck pumping the stuff in and we're finished. The problem is I'm the sort that checks these things and ha
  13. Plantfit, the garden waste collection charge here is £40, thank ged we don't have a tram system to support.
  14. I'm with FLY on fishing, boring as hell and not to say just as cruel as fox hunting, badger baiting, hare coursing etc Sitting in a boat admiring the scenery and pondering how I made such a stupid decision to get in one in the first place I can relate to - but fishing?... Nah
  15. #166 Oooh I can so empathise with that...................
  16. You were long gone then loppy when I joined, I started in 1984 - finished in 2014.
  17. I remember an aunt had a knitting machine and produced some really good stuff for my cousins. The problem was that when my career advisor at school suggested 'knitting' as a job I could only imagine sitting at one these machines whacking the thing side to side for hours and then hand sewing the pieces together and so rejected it outright. By a strange twist of fate my first 'proper' qualification was HNC in textiles from the then Nottingham Technical College and became part of the quality control dept; for Rouquinet who made fabric for ladies underwear (elastic girdles). This has made me
  18. Quite right Loppylugs and long may it remain so. I like my music (except jazz) in small doses. I usually lose interest halfway through a CD/LP even if I like the artist, by track 3 or 4 my mind is off chasing rainbows. As I said I'm a bit of a Philistine when it comes to art 'n' culture but you know what they say: 'I may not know much about art but I know what I like' or 'Different strokes for different folks'
  19. Helloooo, Philistine here. Chulla #1 sorry but for me that's probably the most boring music I've heard in a long time. The Mahler #7 is so depressing it's music to jump of a bridge by and the Proclaimers #24, irritating beyond endurance. The Bolero I've liked since my Grandad played it on a windup gramophone before T&D were even thought of. The 'orange juice' clip I listened to all the way through and quite enjoyed it (not heard a brass band version before).
  20. Fly try this, see if it helps....
  21. Not sure how it works now it's a few years ago and the plethora of competition may have driven prices down. All I can say it was surprisingly easy to do it myself.
  22. I was put off using a specialist when they were quoting 30% as a fee.
  23. Seems regret of not being able to play an instrument is quite common so can I add to it? I would love to play a piano or violin but unfortunately I couldn't carry a tune if it was in a bucket. I have a full 88 key keyboard, a flute and a mouthorgan, can't play any of them no matter how many YouTube videos I watch. Same with painting. I have dabbled with acrylics, water colours and produced what I'm told is a passable picture. But they're not originals as such, they are paintings copied from photographs. Seems I have zero creativity. The list goes on but my biggest regret is managin