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  1. Oh no not the dreaded blow out in the wellies! Slow down Compo you're cornering too fast
  2. Sorry Waddo but i think that's a really nasty trick to pull on someone. The poor sod not only spent all his money on the bike but then faced a big bill for the cost of a new engine. Not impressed...
  3. Judging by that picture how it looked then and how it looks now I'd say it could do with a damn good clean.
  4. I remember penny meters too and the collection of foreign coins that also worked. Meterman never said anything, just reduced the rebate by the required amount. i also remember the number of people I caught fiddling their electric meter - every one thought they were the first to think of it and we had never seen it done before...
  5. PP, find a friendly trucker and ask him to teach you how to tie a dolly knot, a.k.a truckers hitch, a.k.a rope hitch... simples and no need for a ladder to add tension.
  6. Col, I know, the dealer knows and so do you that the seed is planted. The liitle imp sitting on your shoilder is whispering "go on, you know you want it" I think I'll nip down BetFreds and see what odds they're offering....
  7. Top gear is a shadow of it's former self. Towards the end of the Clarkson era it had run out of ideas and was becoming increasingly silly. In todays version the presenters don't seem to 'gell' despite the heavily scripted interchange or possibly because of it? I'd like to see Sabine Scmitt have a bigger part at least she shows some enthusiasm.
  8. Brew


    Active? No, I still have three bikes but the last time I took the CBR out I rode like a nancy!
  9. Huh! if the the mountain lion was kept in Streleh after they'd pinched the telly they'd take the cat, skin it and come back next say to sell it to you as a rug!
  10. But you're presupposing they are making a special journey to see us rather than stopping off to see the funny little blue planet whilst on their way to a galactic beach somewhere.
  11. But the age of the human race has nothing to do with any if this which is my original hypothesis.
  12. That assumes straight line flight trying to catch a fleeing object and i agree that due to the fact you can never divide anything to equal zero you will never catch up. However the space program has shown us you don't aim at the target, you shoot where it will be in x time. Our galaxy is like a spinning cathrerine wheel so it would make sense to fly against the spin therefore your target is not moving away, it's getting closer.
  13. Looked down the list and can add one more. The Grove on Waterway St. I remember as a nipper being taken there by me mam and dad to see Jane Russell in 'Underwater' but we were refused entry because I was too young.
  14. One of my favourites bottles of 'pop' was Portello, lovely stuff. Anyone remember 'horehound' came in a large bottle that you had to handle like a UXB or most of it went on the floor when you opened it.
  15. £3.50 per letter Lizzie plus removal and restoration.
  16. A friend of mine is really peed off today. His Mam died just after Christmas and he has now been told he needs to pay £85 to the council for a permit to add her name to the family gravestone.
  17. The lifespan of the human race has no bearing on the likelyhood of extra terrestial visitors - how can it? Although personally I think flying saucers etc are bunkem I am convinced that out there somewhere there is some form of life.
  18. DJ for the next three years you will be pestered by companies phoning you and 'assuring' you that the insurance have already set aside several thousand pounds for your personal injury claim - even if there was no injury they will still try to badger you into making a claim. I'm still getting them after someone bumped my car in a car park even though I wasn't even in the car at the time. One thing I don't inderstand, it's a different company every time so how did they get my phone number? BTW I hope you are OK now and fighting fit!
  19. Hmm pipes. can't remeber the last time I saw someone smoking one..
  20. Same for me Lizzie. Does that mean I'm a layyydee and should start wearing skirts?
  21. S Middleton was born in Bulwell so it may well be the market. He was also a water colourist, organist and taught at the High School. Someone must like the book - a hard back copy on Amazon is almost $400!
  22. First sliced bread in the UK was apparently the Wonderloaf in 1937 .
  23. His mam served in a cafe near Raleigh, had many a bacon cob there.