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  1. We didn't have sex Ed at school. What females looked like wasn't much of a mystery to me with two younger sisters. Imagine my surprise therefore when friends showed me a copy of 'Health & Efficiency', girls bits disappeared when they grew up! It was common knowledge in the playground that a baby grew in your mams tummy but opinion was split 50/50 how it got out. Some said that was what the belly button is for and some were sure it was an operation, that's why your mam went to hospital. The knowledge of how it got in there came along quite a bit after.
  2. I have friends who like me are retired and claim there are not enough hours in the day. Fine, good for them, until you look a little closer. What takes me and hour is taking them most of a morning. In other words they have slowed down so much that to achieve what most people do they need twice as long. Met an ex colleague in the supermarket, I needed a couple of light bulbs, he went for bread and milk. I tagged along chatting, as you do, but we are now trolling up and down every damn aisle in the place - why? All told we were forty minutes before we went through the check out. I could hav
  3. I know exactly how you feel. I hated the thought of retirement, one day you're a working man and the next you're an OAP. Retirement is the single most boring existence you can think of. The age thing came just right for me, I refused to retire at sixty five but at sixty seven voluntary redundancy was on the table and they made me an offer I simply could not refuse other wise I'd still be there. Try fishing they said - nope I think it's cruel. Try Gardening - Can't stand it. Go walking - are you kidding me? Golf - now you are definitely having a laugh. Tried a gym, oh dear.
  4. If I remember correctly the imp engine was single OHC and it's true the head gaskets were made from chewing gum. the clutch was operated by a carbon type thrust bearing that needed changing with monotonous regularity. The drive shaft couplings were 'rubber doughnut' design and they too didn't last all that long. Changing them was a pain until you learned the trick of using jubilee clips and then they could be swapped in 20 minutes.. The heater was fed by pipes that ran front to back inside the sills and when filling with water needed the front of the car jacking up or it air locked and thus no
  5. I attended Farnborough on the first day it opened and Fairham on its first day. I left in 1960 though so not there at the time you're talking about. I was in Kenyon house. A few of the teachers names: Doc Chapman - French Mr Burns - aka six foot of misery - Maths Sid Bolton - PE Mr Wallace - English Mr Dawkins - RE Hinds rings a bell but don't know his subject Thom - Head Teacher We had a geography teacher I think was called Bradshaw. Absolutely potty about Canada. In all the time I was there we never discussed any other nation that I can recall.
  6. I have been in lots of the caves around the centre, they were favourite places to stick electrical sub stations, The weirdest thing I've ever seen down there is under York house where radio Nottingham used to be. Dr Who Cybermen suits. On TV you can't really tell but all they are is a flimsy helmet, a couple of vacuum cleaner hoses and a dark blue boiler suit. What they were doing down there I have no idea but there was a fair bit of studio stuff as well. I've never heard of your 'Chickleumphants'. Err if they can't be seen how would you know?
  7.[user]=146272711&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=1[user]=146272711&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0 Hmm try these...
  8. I think you're talking about the Bond Bug from the '70s. Bright orange wedge shaped. I mean the Bond minicar from the '50s. To start it you lift the bonnet and there is a motorcycle engine that had to be kick started. I have a picture of each but I'm too stupid to figure out how to post them from PB or DB
  9. I always fancied a Messerschmitt, still do. Nearest to I got to a bubble was a mate with a Bond three wheeler. He had to open the bonnet, stick his leg in and kick start the engine. No reverse gear on it so we just picked the back end up and spun it round when we needed to.
  10. Heh, having weird dreams has never been a problem..
  11. It's Bulwell so you won't have to worry about them for long.....
  12. No Chulla, never liked the stuff but that's OK - it doesn't like me.
  13. Not a lot to understand really, if you don't like the taste then you don't like the taste. I have tried foreign food (all kinds) and simply don't like herbs, spices and cheese etc. I had a meze in Greece once. It was the foulest thing I have ever willingly put in my mouth, some sort of spicy mince wrapped in a privet leaf, disgusting! I have a Hindu mate who made me a 'mild' curry - felt like it was taking the enamel off my teeth. The list goes on so I do speak from experience and I'm not rejecting stuff just 'cos it's forrin innit.
  14. I think you may be confusing the house with one further in the village at the crossroads. It use to have a very old sign on the wall saying Kings Head.
  15. Living on budget? I started out wi' 'nowt and I've still got most of it left...
  16. Heh, bin there dun that - and got the belting for coming home soaked to the skin and usually minus a shoe..
  17. Have you seen the cost of those things! It's conspicuous consumption for the benefit of people with more money than sense! It says look at me, how urbane I am, how so very trendy I am. They usually sit there running up a large 'leccy bill and I suspect are rarely used after the novelty has worn off.
  18. Never understood the concept of BBQs plantit. We have thousands of pounds worth of state of the art kitchens but are apparently quite happy to throw meat on a smoky, ash laden grill and leave it to be attended to by a bloke who is proud of his culinary skills but actually has no idea how to cook. The end product is usually burnt on the outside and raw on the inside and smothered in sauce to disguise the fact if you gave the steak a slap it would get up and moo!
  19. Spaghetti Bolognese is by definition, forrin and can't be thrown far enough.
  20. I'd love to have carbolic soap again but it's sale is banned in the E.U.
  21. My tastes have stayed boringly utilitarian (she says). Meals drive 'her in doors' barmy. Give me mash or roast taters, peas, carrots and any meat except veal or offal and I'm a happy bunny. Curry is the food of the devil. Cheese of any kind makes feel ill. I'm not lactose intolerant but the taste and especially the texture in my mouth is.. blechh. I don't put vinegar on chips and only use brown sauce on a bacon cob if the bacon is (as it usually is) pretty much tasteless. I've not drunk beer since the breathalyser came out and I've never liked wine or spirits. Might be a bit of a porky pie in
  22. Jill Sparrow! how so very dare you! Moi, playing tricks on girls? Moi with the blonde cherubic looks and butter wouldn't melt? No miss it weren't me 'onest.