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  1. Perhaps Ayeup because they don't need them, I've run diesel car and trucks now for 20 years and never had any problems with water in the fuel and I don't fill up until near empty. Perhaps it's a different environment where you are. I've found more water in aviation fuel than anything else. I've known several tanker drivers in the past and they all filled from the same gantry at Colwick, like the old Redex at garages premium fuel had an additive added as the tanker was filled, don't know if that still happens. But I'm reasonably sure supermarkets fuel in the same as anyw
  2. To slit your wrists by is a bit harsh... now if you're contemplating jumping off a bridge... Is it just me that thinks the words to Hallelujah are complete nonsense? And how on earth does a sad song make you feel better?
  3. Plastic fuel tanks have greatly reduced condensation problems with diesel here and fuel filters take care of the rest I ran a company car on premium fuel some years ago until they told me not to, the difference in consumption was zero and the car (Mondeo) had the same performance. I notice they have stopped advertising increased MPG and now claim premium fuel cleans engines as you drive, sounds like a load of....
  4. Done all that Ayeup and placed a tray of water in bottom of the oven. We buy strong flour freshly milled from Greens windmill in Sneinton. We tried proving the dough by various means, even in the fridge over night but as I said the bread still does a passable impression of Portland stone.
  5. We or more accuratley I eat crusty uncut bread and it's annoying to see a large loaf is cheaper to buy than a small one - so potentially a lot goes to waste. Popping to a local CO-OP, a rare event, on impulse I bought a seeded sourdough half loaf. Lord knows why they sell in halves but it was bloody lovely and no waste, win win!. We have a bread maker (damn you Paul Hollywood), but try as we might the result is not very good. Any realtionship between the bread we turned out and the picture on the recipe book is pure rumour. Perhaps my memory of the crusty bread from Juvells o
  6. My DB has done less than 2000 miles this year in her new Fiesta. counting tax, insurance, depreciation, servicing and fuel it would be far cheaper to sell it and use a taxi service.
  7. Not yet they aren't that small, the link has a picture of one.
  8. Which will lead to a rise in mugging and dragging the victims through the checkouts... On a more serious note there is already a company that inserts chips in their employees:
  9. Might be a tad difficult if we rely on a tattoo when buying online and tattoos are easy to copy from a photograph... I've said before the day will come when all newborns will be chipped, maybe they will start with the convicted to get people used to the idea. We could of course go down the Biblical route though and start with the slaves...
  10. The idea of protest is to publicise the issue in question, gain the attention of the powers that be and raise public consciousness. Antagonizing people is likely to be counter productive and give Johnson more proof that Draconian legislation is need to keep the great unwashed down and in their proper place. Using or advocating violence is stupid.
  11. All good advice and I've done all that...but Duck Duck is quite frankly not very good, even when coupled with the Epic browser. The best of VPN's will slow the PC down (I've tried both free and paid for). All cookies are rejected and deleted when closing the browser. Try as we might I don't think the constant battle can be won by individuals when pitted against an army of specialists and yes, I have a Canute complex..
  12. It’s not a fear of officialdom monitoring me doins, it’s the fact there are those who can and do manipulate the more easliy persuaded in a relentless pursuit of profit. We can say it doesn’t affect us but it does even, if it’s subliminal. Who knows how far it will go in the future?
  13. I wouldn't take a lot of convincing Margie. Some time ago Samsung TV's were alledgedly spying on users in both sound and vision!.. I've used many search engines CF but sad to say Google is still top of the heap.
  14. An indication of the depth we are monitored turned up on an MSN page I viewed earlier. I viewed this topic re recording and now have several adverts - Technica turn tables (x2), Roxio DVD software and Lite On external disc players plus related stuff from Amazon. They can't gain the information from NS so they must obtain it from my browser or Google... It's not specifically aimed at me but it just feels 'iffy' that anything and everything I do is monitored despite locking the PC down as far as I can
  15. And the prize goes to CF, you need to select the USB as the source. See here: cd player Citroen BERLINGO 2016 2.G Owner's Manual (264 Pages) (
  16. Have you checked the USB stick? Does it play in your PC?
  17. Here a Blue Badge is given on trust and you're expected to hand it back when you are no longer entitled. This information is from my brother who has one so I make two provisos... 1. He's an idiot 2. This is Derbyshire, each issuing authority may have different criteria.. Edit: It didn't sound right when I phoned him so checked. Forget what I said except for the bit where I said he's an idiot. If your problem is likely to be cured within three years there's no eligibility.. Sorry..
  18. Any use?
  19. I have played with computers since they used Bernoulli disks. Of all the systems I have used Linux, despite what the aficionados say, is not really a domestic system except for the most basic of tasks and Macs are outrageously overpriced for what is in reality pretty mundane performance - they do look good though! Windows, much maligned it's true, is a victim of its own versatility. With Windows the user can chop and change, add stuff etc. and generally mess it with it until it breaks, that's not so easy on the others. There are three times more PC's than Macs so it's understanda
  20. Asda Langley Mill - all pumps working no queues as of 10 AM
  21. Today there are indications my little friend from five years ago is back and not playing nice... Rang the GP and after listening to the Covid announcements then waiting the mandatory five minutes listening to Vivaldi a receptionist deigned to pick up and told me the doctor was only making appointments for emergencies today. The doc will phone me on Friday morning to tell me if he think I'm worthy of an actual appointment.
  22. Where would I put it? I don't think I have enough womb for one
  24. I have trouble switching my brain off and it's not unusual for 4am to be bedtime for me. On the other side of the coin of course I'm never up before late'oclock