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  1. I did exactly the same thing!..
  2. I've just been reading about ancient remedies for teething babies, as you do, and am amazed 'teething' was given as a quite common cause of death. After suffering some of these practices, it's not really surprising. Worth a look if only for the delightful picture of the toddler…
  3. Laudanum is a mix of alcohol and opium. Victorians rubbed it on the gums of teething babies, that and holding them over an unlit gas jet on the cooker.
  4. The small unfused 5 amp plugs are still used, mainly in commercial premises for lighting.
  5. Mam always insisted we stick to one brand (SMA), she thought mixing brands harmed the babies in some way. She also insisted Ostermilk made babies fat.
  6. It also contains morphine, an opioid, which perhaps explains even more!
  7. Col... everything OK in the Peoples Republic of Billinge? haven't seen you for a while...
  8. Sounds like something J Peassmold Gruntfuttock would make a song about...
  9. Must have been a general policy... I remember the same at Sneinton infants and cried all the way home.
  10. Obviously a time before the invention of paint rollers, I wonder if they stepped back to see if they'd missed a bit...
  11. I fail to see why someone receiving recognition for their efforts should annoy anyone., and have yet to hear a rational explanation for why it does so. I wonder how you'd react to being awarded an OBE for your voluntary work. As for getting excited, it's a bit like parents praising the kids first gold star, It's pride in an achievement. They don't give gongs out in lucky bags, they are earned, often by ordinary folk and through sheer hard work, and without any expectation of reward. Personally, I say 'well done' to each one of them.
  12. No word from RR?.... perhaps the hangover hasn't cleared yet....
  13. I also use it, it has to be the easiest of the free pic repositories to use and post from...
  14. My father had his done had a huge telling off from the surgeon. Despite warnings, when his eyes itched he rubbed them and disturbed the surgeons work meaning it had to be done again..
  15. Ah that's what confused me,thanks.
  16. Have they made it one way?
  17. The only Japanese series I can remember is the Water Margin, Monkey Magic seems to have entirely passed me by.
  18. Ah , he's rich then... yer shudda sed so...
  19. If I remember right it takes 200 million years for the milky way to rotate, so 100 million years from now we should have a clear view of it. I'll let you know what it looks like...
  20. RR you have a very cavalier outlook to Covid as we all know, but telling people to look after themselves is a bit like Marie Antoinette’s attitude to the peasantry. A surprisingly right wing “!’m alright” philosophy for a Labour voter. To act like ‘Jack-the-Lad’, have a devil may care, disparaging and somewhat aggressive attitude is fine if we’re all the same, but we’re not. Many are older, not as fit as once they were, and highly vulnerable to serious complications should Covid strike. You have good health and long may it continue, but try to have a little more e
  21. I don't know gavreid, in fact I've never heard of him. The figures quoted are a simple repeat of Gov figures, and I'm at a loss to see his point.
  22. You should join forces with Col and get a twofer