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  1. Perhaps if they stopped dreaming up grandiose schemes and concentrated on simple routine, business people might not be necessary and the council would not be hemorrhaging money.
  2. I always wonder how schemes like this start. Someone must at some point say "I know lets knock down the market square and create a modern, minimalist replacement. It will be totally out of keeping in an area surrounded by Victorian buildings but it's a bargain at £17 million."
  3. The council seem to have a penchant for high end spending with low end results. The awful, unsympathetic square cost £17 million. Was it really necessary? is it a facility people make use of it the way the used to? or just a big boring thoroughfare I realise I'm a dinosaur now days but taking grand kids for instance, with travel, parking and snacks etc must be close to £100 for an afternoon at the castle - seems excessive to me, especially when we consider that the British Museum is free.
  4. Who's chips did you pinch this time?
  5. For various reasons I would rule out any theory that blames the electrical supply and go with the above. It's the end of the day, all chores are done and it's relaxation time. A late listening session is I suspect rarely a spur of the moment thing. It's planned and anticipated so the listeners 'mood' is likely to be right for appreciating the music, plus the pleasure audiophiles gain from the ritual of operating high-end equipment.
  6. It must be something like that Col, most clubs seem to carry a debt that would sink a normal business in very short order... Chelsea are over a billion! in the red.. how the hell do they service a debt that size?
  7. Please don't let anything I say, or anyone else for that matter, convince you to stop. The reult could be serious.
  8. I wonder if any of the protestors feel strongly enough to stop using their medication... Levothyroxine - tested on Dogs, rats and mice Crestor, sold under various names is the biggest selling statin - Tested on rats, beagle dogs, mice, cats, monkeys, rabbits Nexium, popular treatment for stomach problems etc. - tested on rats, beagles, mice and rabbits... The list goes on and on, we have to be careful here not to be hypocritical. We can't claim the moral high ground and at the same time benefit from animal tested medicines
  9. CT if you have a processor made in China, and you will have, there is no way to know just what information it's collecting and passing on. The hoobra about Huawei was due to the suspicion it provdided a 'back door' into sensitive systems and the consequent security risks
  10. The hospital round tower held the Andersen wards.
  11. That'll be the one wearing a collar and tie...
  12. Is it as they say or a petty, punitive move against the showmen for refusing to go along with fences and entrance fees?...
  13. We all have a coat of arms... Google 'The Brew coat of arms' - but use your name obviously.
  14. Lizzie you're far softer than I. Biting a 2 year old? the dog would be dead within hours... I have absolutely zero tolerance for a dog that bites. I've heard all the excuses, all the "ooo it's never done that before" and owners can anthropomorphize all they like, but the dog can no longer be trusted. Saying it's a childs fault for doing whatever is not good enough, even if it is down to lack of adult supervision.
  15. Went in once, got thrown out... not been in since...
  16. £1 in 1965 would be a little over £16 today...
  17. Oh I believe Ben it's just a surprise that were was such a big difference. As for smoking I'm now heading for my third anniversary of stopping and still have the occasional (surprisingly strong) craving. Back in the day it was unusual to meet a non-smoker and in one job we could even claim expenses for buying cigarettes to hand to customers
  18. BK they were called Joy Stick. Other 'novelty' ciggies were Sobranie Black Russians and Sobranie Cocktails, they had pastel coloured paper and both still made by Gallaher. Edit: The Sobraine cocktails were unusual in that they were oval not round
  19. Players, Senior Service and Capstan Full Strength were 'premium' cigarettes and quite a bit more expensive than Park Drives. In the late 50's the local paper shop (Allcocks on Rochester Walk Clifton) would sell you 5 Park Drive for 9d, if he had no packets of 5 he'd split a 10 and put 5 in a little triangular sweet packet. Even so 3/6 does sound a bit expensive for 1955
  20. Not disputing your figures or the extrapolation but I think it worth noting the majority of newly infected are non-vaccinated and under 60. In Broxtowe (pop 110,000) the figures for the last 28 days: Infections - 34 Deaths - 1 The pandemic is, as you say, far from over but risk for the vaccinated and sensible is greatly reduced. Looking at stats can be confusing to say the least but overall we are moving in the right direction and looking at your area Col you're safer here than there!
  21. Woohoo! hold the front page! Major post from the three line man! Got a new phone Red?
  22. A Tinyurl gives us:
  23. She sounds like a gudun! Mine won't even accept a call never mind make one...