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  1. I like living in a monarchy and think the moaners, groaners and republicans should put up or shut up. All I hear is 'overprivledge', 'undeserving' and other equally vituperative claptrap. Tear down the status quo and replace it with what? a president? "Ooo yes please we can elect one of those", until you can't and finish up with a dictator. How many around the world have made themselves president for life? Imagine Johnson with no muzzle? Corbyn unleashed? Democracy is a delicate beast and easily done away with, we should we careful what we wish for.
  2. On a windy day you may see a lot more that can never be unseen....
  3. But tactical nukes are, like Betjeman's bombs, far more friendly and have a much reduced yield. It will need almost 300 to kill all of us, but fear not we have plenty, over 2000 of them in fact so we're not likely to run short.. We have over 13000 of their big brothers of which it's calculated between 10 and 100 will end the world as we know it. It's being so cheerful that keeps me going...
  4. £360 does sound like a lot for less than a full system... My second car, a Mk2 Zephry with 27k on the clock - £275
  5. But how many realise the PCC deals with complaints about the police? I didn't. The PCC as far as I knew was simply an overarching office for funding allocations and directing police efforts to target local problems. It seems they also have the power to delay a simple speeding case from reaching a conclusion for six months or more, whilst a hugely expensive barrister prepares a defence before a judge. A lowly magistrate can't possibly deal with someone so important.
  6. The main reason I think there should be no political affiliation, no policy or manifesto to follow.
  7. One of the joys of a free market economy, if some are prepared (or forced), to pay the price, they're more than willing to sell for as much as possible. I think the continentals are doing well to break the oligopoly of the big superstores. It took awhile for them to be taken seriously though.
  8. Indeed that was the original intention, but it's naive to think they have made any difference to police accountability or effectiveness. It's purely a titular position, as Lets said, a complete waste of money. Nottingham PCC has a budget in the millions yet the crime rate in Nottigham is 131% of national average, and the city is in the top 20 and number 1 for it's population size. She scrapped the deputy chief constable position to save money (£76000), yet is now recruiting a CEO for £86000. Perhaps that's why she keeps getting caught speeding, she's no good with figures!
  9. You really are talented nonna... excellent
  10. No tiredness and I think my sore arm is due to an inexperienced pharmacist giving the injection, a bit more painful than the three previous. Other than that, no side effects at all.
  11. This morning it was BT who sent me notice of changes to the terms and conditions and to download the pdf file. I know I'm a bit dense but somehow this doesn't look like it originated in a BT office: From: Acc-ount Up-date <>
  12. Quite agree, but I'll bet there are plans to save her licence by claiming mitigating circumstances to keep the points down.
  13. I would prefer them to be independent of any political party, and not just a talking head who simply rubber stamps whatever the establishment want. On the 610 signs tell you there are cameras, most know this and drive at 30. To be caught at 40mph she must have been flying past other road users, even that didn't warn her – arrogance, or stupidity? Her husband is an MP, is this as another example of someone with their snout in the trough, and thinking they are above the law.
  14. Forth booster today. Moderna.. a bit of arm ache but apart from that no problems.
  15. Sounds daft but I shall try that. We have 11 invaders that hoover up the seeds and nuts we put out. Tried not bothering for a while and they disappeared. They came back less than a day after we resumed.
  16. On my Honda motorbike screen, 50/50 T Cut and water used with a polishing mop on an angle grinder returned it to 'as new' in just a few minutes.
  17. You do like putting yourself through the mill Col... Don't stretch yourself too far driving to Porridegland there's a good chap...
  18. Broughton Lodge cafe was a customer way back when, there was a garage to the rear of the site. The office was up a steel staircase over the cafe and I called there once a week. In a moment of weakness they persuaded me to take a home a stray kitten. On my way round the damn thing used one of its 9 lives... it ate the luncheon meat from me sarnies! Loved it to bits while we had him though.
  19. See! tode yer it wud be ok dinni..... Excellent news Carni...... Seems it's all coming together for other members too, new shoulders, knees and I'm having hearing aids. We should start a section on NS purely for the bionic
  20. In our house they were sometimes a 'just in case'...
  21. Back in them there far odd days people had little to their name but their pride and reputation. The opinions of friends and neighbours was not to be ignored. Ladies wouldn't be seen dead going out in curlers or a pinafore. Men had few clothes, some of which were considered 'Sunday Best', and if they went out it was best bib n tucker and shiny boots - or else!! People, mainly women. were judged on how well the family were turned out, that, and the state of the front doorstep... Men walking on the front may have been sweating cobs, but at least his tie was straight. "Whatever must the neigh
  22. I'll have an elephants foot for you tomorrow Carni... Cheers m'dear and see you soon..