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  1. He well deserves the nickname 'nasty' and to be honest that's all I've ever thought of him..
  2. Along with the great British distance runners Zola Bud... Mohamed Muktar Jama Farah... footballer Owen Hargreaves... The list goes on... how about Bradley Wiggins? he's as British as they come but is actually Belgian! If they want to play for us good on 'em I say.
  3. That's a fairly major quoting sessionfor you RR have you had some sort of epiphany? I've actually never heard of Zoot Money. The only zoot I know of is a zoot suit from way back when...
  4. If it wasn't fag breaks someone would find summat else to moan about...
  5. There is something about a ringing phone that is irresistible, even pre mobiles people would halt you in your tracks with " excuse me while i get this"...
  6. Ah now I understand, you have what is known as a 'weir' overflow where the overflow slots sit in a ceramic well. You didn't say in your original post the overflow was cast into the sink... The bottom seal is important, so is the plug inside of the sink. From the net on fitting a weir type overflow: Caution !! If you look at the slotted waste you may notice, that unlike any other waste, waste water can run down the thread and cause a leak. This is why it is important to seal the thread on a slotted waste and not just rely on the washer. The eas
  7. '61/2 My friend from down the street was a bell boy complete with brass buttons and pill box hat. I often went to wait for him finishing work and sat in the foyer feeling very out of place.The things I remember above all were the snooty attitude of the staff and how threadbare the carpets were. To me it all seemed tired, worn out and the clothes in the display cases outrageously priced.
  8. The health service is to all practical intents and purposes operating on a pseudo private scheme at local level. GP's are small businesses contracted to the NHS to provide health services to a geographic or population area, they do not work for the NHS. Any surplus at the end of the year is shared between the partners so there is some pressure for not spending on patient care if they can get away with it. GP funding and contracts explained | The King's Fund (
  9. The seal needs to be waterside in the sink, I'd use clear silicone/mait under the chrome waste. The plastic washer under the sink is only a secondary seal. Clearly if the leak is visible under the sink then the seal in the sink has failed... Silicone is my preference, it sets and has some adhesive properties, mait does not. Messing with or cleaning the trap runs a greater risk of disturbing the seal if using mait.. If the pipe to waste connection has been crosshobbled the plastic thread will be damaged and needs replacing. Just my three penn'orth...
  10. And quite right ... give the buggers more money and next thing you know they'll be wanting to vote and denying they are working class...then where will be?
  11. I don't know any on that sort of money I was quoting from an article on the beeb that related how a driver had a £7 an hour rise taking him to around £50k The REED agency is advertising £55k in some areas at the moment. Pricing? we live in a nice cosy capitalist society so supply and demand rulez!
  13. It seems it's due to lack of HGV drivers... I'm tempted to renew mine especially now they're making £50k plus OT
  14. They looked at their watch!
  15. I may be able to help... What's the question Lets..?
  16. It was orginally £24 million including the £600,000 for plan development. The budget ran over by 25% to £30 million. The lottery tipped up £12.9 million, an eneterprise fund £5million and £2million direct from the business rates account - although there are different figures for the mix depending on which version you read.
  17. Flippim 'eck.. yer dozy b..... oops sorry, get well soon Mary and remember G&T for breakfast is never a good idea!
  18. The football analogy is not really relevant, they're not dipping in the public purse. In the round we're looking at lord knows how much to refurbish Eastcroft, £17 million for the square, £30 million for the castle, £560 million for the tram, another £200 million for the proposed Kimberley link plus losses of almost a £1million a WEEK. Add to that the proposed battery tram at a cost of £2.3 BILLION (over £46 million per mile), It's no wonder the county jumped ship and Broxtowe wants nothing to do with it. Amortise that lot and the final total will make your eyes water!
  19. All the best Col mate. Hopefullythe covid crisis will ease soon and they get through the lists a bit quicker
  20. Ah in that case the Prevaricator Roundtuit MkV with the maybelater shift and advanced neverwill start system should suit sir.
  21. Oooo another guddun...
  22. Lovely car, would love one...