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  1. I was told it belonged to a bit of a fly-by-night who ran a security/doormen type operation, don't know how true it is, but it was a very long time ago - didn't there used to be a pink Cadillac parked there years ago?
  2. Very fine cutter heads - like a beard trimmer
  3. I'm actually only 27..... but have 50 years experience...
  4. Why? what will it achieve other than stroking the ego of non-vaxxers?
  5. I've rather given up trying to convince the hard-of-thinking that vaccinations are beneficial. Sadly they all seem to take the evidence that (proof positive even), injections are bad for you because aunty Flo's first cousin's hairdressers friend had a headache after an injection, and plenty of people on Facebook say the same. The lack of bodies piling up in the streets is a sure sign it's all a hoax by big pharma, or else worry-arses are blowing it all out of proportion. And we should be aware Bill Gates is using vaccines to inject microchips into the population... I ca
  6. I see what you mean...
  7. It's been a bit of a saga Col, do you reckon the end is in sight now?
  8. Sadly that has not been the case here, never mind Russia, for a long time, and is getting worse. Your opinion, no matter how sincere, can see you in court, even if no-one has complained.
  9. The templar site is easier to read and understand:
  10. Barrel cab Foden, 4 gears, 12 speeds, 2 stage clutch....
  11. When I was involved with them the best we ever saw was a tad over 30%. Mostly the wind is too weak or too strong. Just because the blades are turning does not mean they're generating.
  12. My day started with the realisation I do not have the strength I once did. Bought two (50 litres) bags of 'stuff' for the patio plants from B&M and could hardly lift them out of the trolley. Back in the day... It went rapidly downhill after mooching around for awhile then sat and read this: What the hell is wrong with people?
  13. No company would even consider turbines if they had to stand on their own feet. Wind is easily the most expensive form of generation and without subsidies would not exist. It comes down to a question between the political and environmental.
  14. There are a lot of sites that give details of degradation and efficiency curves. There are simply too many variables to give a definitive answer. Look at:
  15. Paradiddle raised a point I forgot to mention. The car charger needs to be of the 'smart' variety and able to distinguish between mains and solar power. The biggest domestic system you can have without permission from your DNO is 16A (just under 4kW) so it's a slow charge only on solar.
  16. They are never a bad idea, but often times the hype is misleading, most quote maximums under perfect conditions, averages are somewhat different. The peak output is between 10am and 3pm, trees, rain, snow, clouds and dirt especially, all serve to reduce the output. The efficiency of the panels will degrade over time, how long depends on the type of cell, and they will need replacing at some point. The inverters also have a finite life span. It's not easy to calculate and only you can say if the cost/benefit analysis works to give a positive payback The feed in tariff ended some
  17. Never good with words for condolences CatFan, my sympathies for your loss.....
  18. I had a haircut at the local Turkish barbers a while ago, they seem to have gone back to the '50s. He finished by singeing my hair with a lit taper, smelt horrible...
  19. You can be Mr Whippy if you like RR. A 1960 Bedford ice cream van is for sale, only £45000! plus tax of course...
  20. He needs to save face. The end, if it happens, will be reported as a glorious victory achieved their objectives. There will be lots of flag waving, parades, long speeches about how he showed the world he means business, and he has made Mother Russia safe from western threats, The fact the Ukraine fought the best Russia has to a standstill is a minor point, and will not be mentioned in polite Moscow company.
  21. It seems to me those likely to have most need of a doctor, the elderly and infirm, are least likely to have a computer, be tech-savvy, or even have a 'smart' phone. I appreciate Covid is still a threat, (though we seem to have learned to live with it) and medics need to protect themselves. But to my mind they are more at risk from normal daily activities than they are in a surgery with strict rules on protection and PPE. Today at an ENT clinic two receptionists, masked and behind a screen, asked for my documents to be held against the glass. Then sat in a waiting area
  22. Patients Know Best, My Chart, Ask my GP, SystmOnline, and none synched, why I wonder? I can only assume they are competitors and if so, there must be something worth competing for. We can discount altruism as the reason for their being – add in the fact they are free at the moment, and what are we left with? At least one is owned by an insurance company...
  23. Short answer, no, but reading their mission statement it worries me somewhat as a step towards privatisation. Patients Know Best is our social mission. We believe we will achieve this mission when every person: Owns a copy of all their health information Understands what this information means Uses this understanding to make shared decisions with family members or carers and healthcare professionals. "As the company founded and underpinned by the belief that patient acces
  24. Does that mean you're a philanthrope?
  25. I don't really understand how a simple single carriageway road caused so much devastation to the surrounding countryside. I don't remember the A453 taking up so much land - though it did take longer