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  1. Ah that's what confused me,thanks.
  2. The only Japanese series I can remember is the Water Margin, Monkey Magic seems to have entirely passed me by.
  3. Ah , he's rich then... yer shudda sed so...
  4. If I remember right it takes 200 million years for the milky way to rotate, so 100 million years from now we should have a clear view of it. I'll let you know what it looks like...
  5. RR you have a very cavalier outlook to Covid as we all know, but telling people to look after themselves is a bit like Marie Antoinette’s attitude to the peasantry. A surprisingly right wing “!’m alright” philosophy for a Labour voter. To act like ‘Jack-the-Lad’, have a devil may care, disparaging and somewhat aggressive attitude is fine if we’re all the same, but we’re not. Many are older, not as fit as once they were, and highly vulnerable to serious complications should Covid strike. You have good health and long may it continue, but try to have a little more e
  6. I don't know gavreid, in fact I've never heard of him. The figures quoted are a simple repeat of Gov figures, and I'm at a loss to see his point.
  7. You should join forces with Col and get a twofer
  8. Me too and it has a survey attached to for me to fill in if I have any susceptible animals, which I don't. Heanor town centre has a sign warning the public they are entering an infected area.
  9. Let's hope it's sooner rather than later – although the cynic in me suspects it will be when there's a gap in his more lucrative private work...
  10. The theory is a small gas generated explosion creates a shockwave directed towards the clouds. The energy in such a shockwave will be tiny compared to the level created by a thunderclap, but no doubt many will swear by the practice and say it's the cannons not the thunder that are effective. I looked it up and the journal Meteorologische Zeitschrift (2006) concluded they were a waste of time and money. French vineyards have used church bells, rockets and gunfire for the same purpose.
  11. As far as I can remember seeding is suppose to encourage rain. Cloud cannons are supposed to prevent hail stones growing to a size whereby they cause damage. Seeding I'd heard of, cannons I hadn't. Neither seems particularly effective, I suspect it's more a mix of tradition and old wives tales than any real benefit.
  12. Sounds unlikley to be effective, but who am I to argue...
  13. Why were farmers shooting at clouds?
  14. I recently passed an open air vaccination station and it seemed that no one was attending. There were maybe 8/10 staff and various NHS vehicles, but no patients. Why? Presumably they are stocked with supplies that will go to waste if not used.
  15. My daughter bought me Old Spice a few years ago, it was so rank I think it's fake, it's still in the cupboard. Any perfume or fragrance used in excess is a no, no, yet some seem oblivious to the noxious cloud around them. Perfume should be subtle, not a punch between the eyes. Back in the day I had Aramis and Givenchy, still in the cabinet, but almost never wear it now. I think like many fashions wearing aftershave has had its day.
  16. It's entirely possible, they have a weird way of getting oxygen when submerged and can stay under water for hours at a time depending on temperature.
  17. Brew

    Margaret Thatcher

    Warm milk everyday on my cereals....
  18. Brew

    Margaret Thatcher

    I loved it! and the biscuits we bought to go with it.
  19. Brew

    Margaret Thatcher

    Turns out it's probably a myth. J Lyons aka Mr Whippy, worked with Mr Softee, an American franchise who made soft ice cream 10 years before she worked for Lyons, to bring it to the UK. She however learnt how to convince us less is more...
  20. Brew

    Margaret Thatcher

    50%? No idea, but there was always going to be nitpickers who object, it must really annoy them that no taxpayers' money was involved and has robbed them of much opprobrium and righteous indignation. I agree with many of your comments, but I'm ambivalent about statues for the great and the good. I'd guess the vast majority are of people most have never heard of. Like it or not, a lot of people contributed good money for its creation to recognise that she, (like other horrible individuals Churchill, Wellington, Victoria etc.) had a major influence here and around the wor