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  1. Seriously! Seventy four thousand deer collisions a year! Thats two hundred and two a DAY! Gimme a break...
  2. When I cleared my dads there was over 3cwt of imperial tools that went to the scrapyard. Made me sad that a mans working life went for scrap especially as he was so proud of his collection gathered over half a century.
  3. Oh keeping fit for me is dead easy. I get all my excercise by osmosis after reading Plantfits bike rides!
  4. The secret of many trades if it's not working. 1 - You're not hitting it hard enough 2 - You need a bigger hammer
  5. Excellent pics, thanks. I'm surprised at the size of the rear disc brake for such a small contact patch.
  6. He's not the only one either. I'm thinking of those so called 'alternative' comedians who rode the wave of sometimes quite nasty routines that were not really funny.
  7. Brilliant news, I wonder if his Lamaness the Blessed Chulla did a 'laying on of hands' when he visited you?
  8. Like Banjo I too wondered about tension and expected to see a sprung idler somewhere but I can those tubes will prevent any whip in the slack side. The idler you show us takes care of the change in direction, how about a nice pic of the gear set?
  9. Brew


    Gerrit dahn yer, do yer gud
  10. I remember that round tower. Anderson 1&2 wards. i was in there after doing a superman impression over the handlebars of my bike.
  11. Yup them's 'em PF. Saw them mainly around the Midland Station / London Road area.
  12. I'm amazed that SFC is only run 'part time' and is all a bit 'ad hoc'. They have facilities what many flying clubs in the midland envy. I think Donnair or Derby would make better use it.
  13. I can remember the grey coloured ones as well. They had an angular look as opposed the curved cab of the one in the pic. The trailer coupling was known as a 'Scammell coupling' and though simpler to connect involved a lot of moving parts. When you 'dropped' the trailer the legs were sprung loaded and lowered automatically. I found a pic but can't upload it.
  14. Mutter, mutter, mutter......spoilsport......mutter mutter mutter......
  15. I think you missed the point of Margies reply, we know very well what that plant is but I'm not going to get all HIGH and mighty about it.
  16. Last time I flew into Tollerton they were talking about it being sold for housing, don't know if anything has come of it.
  17. I'm sure they will PF - right after deciding what to do about the tram debt.
  18. The numbers are impossibly big without using scientific notation and I don't know how to do superscript in the forum. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!
  19. I only mentioned it as confirmation but the blue line I'm refering to is more a band, about two inches thick and goes the complete width of the page. Its the header banner and my pages are white. I think the default colour (brown) is dreary and dismal so I changed it. Simples!
  20. Fullers Earth in powder form has quite good antiseptic properties. I also does a great job of filtering the dye out red diesel though I can't possibly comment on how I know.
  21. Mine has a medium blue banner across the page where the Picture and logo show
  22. Good suggestion NBL but the reason I hard paved the garden is my dislike of gardening. I have a house at Clifton with two apple trees and continuos complaints from the tenant about disposing of the fruit. I had them drastically pruned last year but apples were still ankle deep not long ago. The tall grasses sound OK i.e no looking after so I'll look into that as an option.
  23. Hmm might try that, I miss seeing the birds feeding and bathing outside my french windows
  24. Nottingham had two evening papers The NEP we all know of and The Nottingham Evening News, part of the Express group. Their offices were on Parliament Street next to the coach and horses. The building still has 'Express Offices' above the door.