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  1. As a holder of a class 1 licence I have some sympathy but in my experience truck drivers were only ever seen as knights of the road in their own minds, everyone else only ever saw them as big, dirty, in the way and a necessary evil. It's true during the 70's 80's truck drivers were seen as second rate, not so much now though. But is a shortage of drivers due to Brexit and our continetal cousins buggering off back to Bulgaria or wherever. or are they wanting to be home with families during a pandemic? Since greedy developers began covering every available blade of gras
  2. The Dylan v Donovan argument was quite intense at the time yet I never heard a definitive answer of why one was considered better than the other. Dylan was more enigmatic in the choice of words, syntax, and his music quite raucous in his early days. Donovan somewhat gentle, simplistic, more direct, and less ambiguous although nowhere near as prolific. There was a short time when Barry McGuire and Eve of Destruction was hailed as a future protest singer in the same deep and meaningful mould. That also had people who praised and some who sneered. By what criteria do we jud
  3. I did my test on my mams bike in the school playground. I can't remember any training, just a teacher (I think his name was Keys, he of the two tin legs), shouting "do this", "do that", OK you've passed. As far as I know everyone passed. The green pennant made from felt and didn't last long. When my kids did it in the 70's it was a 'proper' job and were given triangular enamel badges plus a certificate when they passed.
  4. Nice bit of triple tonguing there Col... Nancy Whiskey not heard of for years, her version of Freight Train was my dads all time fave...
  5. It's simply trying to slow down the inevitable.
  6. They appear on the 65/6 football guides but not the 66/7... Edit: They seem to have disappeared on the Saturday August 10th 1968 edition... post (nottingham)&sor
  7. If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?
  8. Even though my gardening is done vicariousy through such posts I'm quite exhausted by it all and feel quite deserving of sampling one of the two bottles of beer I have left... keep up the good work but try not to cripple yourself please - I still have one bottle left...
  9. If it's as stated then it's outrageous. Some bloody jobsworth clown getting above themselves... What can they do if the kids simply get up and go?
  10. Many buy Sony not realising the screen is (depending on model) made by Samsung or LG. Basically you see the same picture as the LG/Samsing but pay a hefty premium for the Sony name. Pull a modern TV apart and it looks much like a laptop chassis strapped to a big screen which is basically what they are.
  11. Just watched the tribute to Jimmy Greaves on the Beeb... can you imagine today's prima donnas playing on pitches like that?
  12. The number of times I had to hide from a rampaging parent I should be called a - Uthinkesaurus..
  13. This afternoon I've mostly been wandering the streets of a city I barely recognise. started from Victoria Centre (Emetts clock is silent now days), down to the square. Long Row, Parliament Street, High Street etc. Most striking feature? (apart from the new road layout and vast amount of student accommodation), the number of food outlets and women don't wear skirts anymore. It served to remind me I'm a dinosaur. The food eaten outdoors I don't recognise, the number of youngsters speaking a language I didn't recognise, using a card the ef^&*&^* machine in the car park refused t
  14. Brew

    Sir Clive Sinclair

    I have a ZX still in its box... wonder if it's worth 'owt?
  15. The first time they do a wingtip turn is a clencher!
  16. I did very much the same Ww. The East Leake Buses were favourites, possibly Renowns?, the window behind the driver curved down and I could see everything he did. I think I've said before a mystery to me was how he knew the number of turns on the steering wheel he needed to get round corners. I thought he must be very clever to remember. Sometimes the seat was occupied so the curve on the seat handrail became a pretend steering wheel and I knew from the engine sound just when he was going to change gear.
  17. I think that's the first time I've read of someone who actually enjoyed their time 'in care', most relate horror stories of poor conditions and mistreatment. Glad you survived george and welcome to the forum...
  18. Not sure we have many Afro-American immigrants, did you mean Africans or black people in general?
  19. Seems to be the way of things, it was the same with my hand. Ripley hospital diagnosed it and prescribed cauterizing but could'nt do it. Told to make appointment with GP who also couldn't do it, they had to make me an appointment at Derby.
  20. No sir. I abhor censorship and people have a right to their opinion unless it's actually illegal. Never had you down as one of the PC brigade RR.
  21. Saturday evening my youngest brother was taken ill and was carted off to the QM A&E by ambulance. Arrived at 9 and waited to be seen, it's policy now that the ambulance medic has to stay with patients until officially handed into the care of the hospital - it took over an hour. Then sat there until 9:30 Sunday morning, just over 12 hours to be seen. After various tests, CT scans etc. he was told they suspect a bleed on the brain and needed to go to the neurological dept; however the hospital cannot arrange it, only his GP can request an appointment because their system is not compatible an
  22. It's designed so that no matter what you answer it can be interpreted to mean whatever they want it to mean.
  23. I once had a Porsche on demo where the clutch was activated by a switch in the gear shift... bad idea for some who had a habit of driving with his hand on it.
  24. Google it BK there's quite a few YT clips...
  25. The real scary thing is driving the car whilst standing outside and controlling it with my smart phone, shudder to think what would happen if I dropped the phone...