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  1. 3 hours ago, don walker said:

    Like I  say is it a minority  p.c brigade trying to control what we say and do and think   I.E the tale wagging the dog.. this is just a item of discussion


    I think you mean Paki and Limey, but to answer your question yes, it is a minority trying to impose what they consider an acceptable code of speech.  There is a deliberate effort to shift the meanings and connotations of words and replace them with innocuous and meaningless euphemisms. The problem is with the hard-of-thinking buying into and slavishly following such drivel.

    They're trying to demonstrate just how clever they are and claim the moral high ground to support their own inflated ego.

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  2. Moving away from non-white people and to causing offence in general; which clever bugger decided that people such as I and a few others would find being called 'old age pensioners' offensive and 'senior citizens' a more acceptable alternative?


    Who said it's not school-children it's students, it's not teenagers they're young adults? Did they ever care?

    Lunatics and cripples went through too many iterations to mention before becoming learning difficulties and differently abled.


    The fact remains no matter what  the word is now, it still means the same as it did back in the day before the semantic nazis decided to teach us all manners.


    I think all books containing words we don't like should be piled high and… oh wait, that's been done…

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  3. 1 hour ago, DJ360 said:

    needlessly using an outdated term

    When does a historic term become needlessly out dated? Why is the term, midget, referenced from an insect, differ from  fly-half rugby players, a flyweight or a bantamweight boxer?. Why is midget a more pejorative term than dwarf? Who decides? Who is the arbiter of good taste that gave them the authority.


    Now I read the state coach of the Netherlands has been declared inappropriate due to some obscure association it has with their colonial days


    I for one am heartily sick of hypocritical liberal no-alls telling me I should feel guilt for something that happened long ago.

    I once said free speech was my right and would use it as I see fit, it was a lie. I, like everyone else, am guilty of being cowed into following the unspeakable, unwritten and entirely arbitrary rules.


    There are times when I hear this claptrap I want to turn round and say 'Just fxk off will you.'

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  4. 4 hours ago, Stuart.C said:

    the City council would have plenty of time to open up the Thurland St tunnel for visitors /tours and recoupe the costs.


    How? I think it pie in the sky to even suggest it. The indoor market, with all its facilities and convenience, is struggling and quite why people will pay to walk down a tunnel  to a market or simply to wander about is beyond me. It will cost millions to complete, recoup cost? not a chance



  5. On 1/12/2022 at 1:10 AM, IAN FINN said:

    Her teeth are like the stars they come out at night. Take note Beekay it cost me 3000 dollars to have the wifes own teeth veneered so no chance of them coming out at night. Not sure if they are made of wood or not.Dont forget to put your teeth in Jeyes.



    I'd have done you a good deal on a nice tin of Dulux if you'd asked!  thumbsup

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  6. 3 hours ago, Cliff Ton said:

    The people behind those adverts don't seem to understand human nature.  The more often viewers see an advert which annoys them, the more they will be against whatever is being advertised. It's counter-productive. 


    I would have been indifferent about giving money for water aid in the Sudan (or whatever), but now I wouldn't even think of it...thanks to their adverts.


    The fact is, they do! Advertising companies are well  aware of the effectiveness and in some cases make them deliberately annoying, they know full well you'll remember! The adage” there's no such thing as bad publicity” doesn't only apply to entertainers etc.

    Adverts that don't give a return on the investment don't stay for long before they come up with the something new.

  7. 7 hours ago, Oztalgian said:

    Two players, six ball-persons and goodness knows how many lines people, a chair umpire all backed by "Hawkeye" electronic line calls. Having a sit down and a drink every few minutes


    Would that be similar to the game where only two players are actually doing anything, one throws a ball at the other who then tries to hit it with a stick? Another thirteen are standing around scratching their crotch, doing nothing for the most part, and the majority of whom never even touch the ball?

    The same game that can take a week to decide the outcome and where there is sometimes no winner     ;)