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  1. 1 hour ago, radfordred said:

    I know some thrive off it, but don't you it's time the like/up-vote button was disabled, if only for a few weeks/months :shout:


    For what reason? What will it achieve?


    Knowing your fondness for generating controversy, perhaps we should have, as has been mentioned, a dislike button.


    A 'like' is a way for readers to acknowledge and agree with a post or sentiment without burning up screen acreage with words that simply say the same as the OP.


    There is much to criticise in the blame culture we live in at the moment. but moaning about liking a post? Gimme a break.

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  2. Anderson consultants, six young time and motion types, came to save us all money at EMEB and show us all how it should be done. Following their processes to the letter meant we did less work yet strange to say the figures produced resulted in an increase in production and profit.

    Utter nonsense of course and we soon reverted to doing things 'our way'.

    Proof, if proof were ever needed, that Taylorism can be counterproductive.


    Similarly,  BS5750 Total Quality System was 'seamlessly introduced' after a days briefing. It was so seamless, no one had a clue what it was about or how it worked.

    There were other 'flavour of the month' systems, usually from some obscure American business guru, that were tried and quickly fell by the wayside.

  3. 10 hours ago, Beekay said:

    Hi Brew, since when have they been charging an entrance fee for Wollaton hall? I always thought it were free. We had a lovely wedding meal in the great Hall on May 7th, when we came up for niece's marriage.  B.


    According to staff they started charging entrance fees in April. The industrial museum though is not included, it's only open at weekends and is another charge to go round.

  4. Today I've mostly been wandering round Wollaton Hall viewing a genuine and complete T. Rex fossil. To say it died 65 million years ago its skeleton is remarkably intact, suspiciously so to my mind, but what do I know? I also have no idea why it is painted  matt black - it rather spoils the effect.


    The ticket price is £13, which I thought was just for the T. Rex exhibition. Apparently not, it's now the standard price for entry, It's no surprise therefore to see that there were only 8 visitors actually in the Hall yet loads in the park.

  5. We discussed somewhere the Queen giving gongs to the great and the good.


    At 55 yrs and counting, trogg you should have one as big as a dustbin lid for services and undying devotion to  Aqua-thermal treatment on ceramics, aluminium and steel under a constrained environment.


    Salutamus vos!

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  6. David, sure it was Belgian? I used to hear the phrase 'Belsen refugee' when I was a nipper. It applied to kids with 'arms like knots in cotton' or countable ribs, of which there were any number in the late 40s, early 50s.

  7. £8 sounds like a lot... until you consider the price of beer...  John Smiths, cheapest local brew, is a tad over £22 per gallon and premium beer is getting on for £40....


    Considering the processes involved in production, petrol is a bargain...


    Cue disparaging comments about JS beer...


    Sunak must be loving it, the higher it goes the more tax he takes.

  8. Watched the two so far, but almost didn't. It starts way too slow and the meducks not always in the appropriate

    places. The strike is painted with a very broad brush, but it's TV, so not really making any attempt at accuracy.

    I don't like how the mining community is shown as ill educated, boorish and aggressive with it.

    Then again I always have difficulty turning my reality chip off.

  9. Reduce dash glare driving at night?... dunno but my last three did it. My present car has a range of 'driving aids' that I actually consider dangerous. What sort of idiot made the climate control so complex you need to stop in order to adjust it? Trying to do it whilst driving would be suicidal.


    Much as  I like German cars, I have to say makers like Hyundai and Kia are leaving them way behind in terms of electronics and accessories.

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