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  1. my son (38 ) still gets me a scotch for breakfast ( only at Christmas sadly)
  2. My First mode of transport was a triumph tiger cub , cost about 7 pound . and then onto a 500 cc BSA shooting star twin which i had for years . and then onto a Berkley Sports car w2hich from the forom looked like a jaguar , well if you had a few drinks before looking. but it onlyhad one wheel at the back . it had a 350cc villiers engine so obviously its top speed was a little slower than a jag . and then onto the first of 3 morris minors . most were over 10 years old but i enjoyed them so much. NOw all my cars are newish but they only get me from A to B there is no thrill of sitting behi
  3. i was a Lenton Boy and went to Margaret glen bott
  4. I may be wrong i am not to muxh into fashion :-)
  5. THe Who at the University 72 and The isle of white Festival 1970 i saw the last 3 days all about 12 hour three days of music , ( yet i forget what i did last week :-) )
  6. One foot in the grave , ( he reminds me of ) and stu yes "when the boats comes in" a real gritty northern drama - I loved Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, Torchy , Juke box jury , ( I'll give 5)
  7. Bess Moore was he a stocky guy from over carlton hill , I cant remember the name of the suburb ? ( netherfield maybe ) if so we had a few drink together
  8. I have seen her i think ,has she got her own design company , which part if italy are you in ?
  9. In the sixties we would go to the Savoy on a Sunday night . Sunday Night was normaly Horror night and sci fi , They were called X rated then and you had to be sixteen i think , but i would go in with friends at 14 They were film like " The Blob " Staring Steve Mcqueen , and " I was a Teenage Werewolf " Staring Michael Langdon of Bonanza fame . There was also films that were considered very racy at the time but would probably be PG now . PS I can spell but can't type :-(
  10. I was at school with one of his daughters Linda I think,
  11. I went to the same school as Alvin he was about 6 years older than me and was a legend in the school even then . It seems sad that all of the above people couldn't have been recognised by the City . Not all with a statue obviously but may be a plaque
  12. wait till you get the overdue notice :-)
  13. Funny about that cos the only number plater i can remember is my dads first austin a 70 which was scrapped in the early 60's ( MOC 851) its took us everywhere for about 10 years that i remember , day trips to Skeggie holidays to Scotland ( he was Scottish) My brother even used it on his honeymoon. sigh! petrol was 2/6 a gallon . no speed traps and not to many other cars on the road
  14. Hi Banjo48 We have been very nomadic wandering from landing at Perth airport in Feb 76 and being stunned by heat and flies and customs officers wearing shorts :-). and then moving up to Darwin Harvey Bay Qld and even Canberra for a few years and now back in Roleystone. Our son Lives in Canberra with his wife and our one and only Grandchild. I am amazed at the memories that are floating around in my head from some of these topics
  15. HELLO everyone I left nottm 40 years ago and now live in Perth WA . it is good to read some of your great topics and I have started to join in with a few of them hope to catch up with you all online soon regards ps I hope this is in the right place LOL
  16. ello everyone Thanks for having me on here with you I left nottingham in 1976 and now live in Perth WA , this is a very entertaining site and I am glad I found you all I have a good life over here but it is nice to get back in touch with where I came from and I hope I have put this message in the right place regards
  17. I was there from 69 to 76 when I emigrated to Australia
  18. I have a scribbling block and outside calipers that I made in there that are still in the garage somewhere
  19. There was a Mr Holmes there in August 1969 when I started