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  1. Kids fiddling to remove the matchstick they`d earlier wedged up the refund Shute of the old telephone boxes to see how much they`d got to spend
  2. I love the exclamation mark after the "Lamp" ..............wasted on those who do not know what kind of establishment this was back then................to give you some idea, think of those old cowboy films when a stranger walks in, the pianist stop playing, the saloon goes quiet & a tumbleweed blows by ...................oh yeah & the Sherriff never ventured inside
  3. Some great pictures of the old central market , I also recall that toy stall in the centre of the hall & the amazingly detailed Airfix solders all painted & mounted on rectangular boards, all there to view at a young boys eyeline, along with lots of ships, planes, again all painted in amazing detail, I used to spend ages looking at these, deliberating how to spend my 3/6d pocket money
  4. interesting to see that the word "Lunatic" appears on the something official as the old maps showing just how attached society was, in their believe madness was influenced by the moon. I always assumed it was hearsay / old wives tales etc
  5. Well firstly I like to say Hello to all, I found my way here while google’ing for old images of Windmill Lane & up came a picture of the Asylum, which brought back many happy memories (I hasten to add not as an inmate) The Nottingham Asylum was, once the new Mapperley Asylum opened, allowed to be used as a boys club (Oliver Hind) & later The 2nd Boys Brigade aka “Dako” (being located on Daykyne St) I seem to recall it being demolished in the mid 70`s, it was a fabulous place to run around free in as a kid with so many nooks & crannies, I seem to recall the Human skeleton (probably real) used in the First aid classes having the name of Algy, and being used by the older boys to frighten the younger, He was missing his feet/legs below the knees & traces of luminous paint were still present from actions in the hobby/model classes on the quiet We were always told by the guys running the place never to venture down into the cellar area, which used to be used for the Chapel as “you might get lost in the cave system) but I was told some years later that the corridors actually led to the padded cells, not sure which was right, possibly both We used to venture into the nearby old overgrown orchard behind the Queen Adelaide as they used to have great plum trees in there There’s brief but good view of the area, although not the Asylum, in the film Saturday night, Sunday morning, looking down from Kind Edward Park onto Carlton Rd & the factories