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  1. pashel

    Anyone like graveyards?

    I've been twice, think you need a few weeks to see it all! No wonder they have tours.
  2. pashel

    Anyone like graveyards?

    I like graveyards, though a lot of people think it's odd. I see them as full of history, not morbid at all. I loved the cemetery in Haworth and the central cemetery in chorlton manchester. It's vast, keep me visiting for a long time.
  3. pashel

    Radio Trent

    I had a crush on Steve merrick! I sent a request to him and he played it! I stayed home to listen and was in trouble with my sister, turning up late for a shopping trip.
  4. pashel

    Canning Circus

    That was very interesting. I lived near there, ilkeston road, in the 70's.
  5. pashel

    Suicides I have known

    When I was 17 i found pills in my mums bag, it's hard when you realise your mum was planning such an awful thing. That's a long time ago, but it hurts that she would have left me that way.
  6. pashel

    Demolished Memories

    I lived on gawthorne street in the 70's, with my mum and sisters. Haven't seen it for years!! There was a shop at the top of the street, owned by ted, he weighed me a quarter of sweets once and took one out because it was over the weight!
  7. pashel

    The grand pub

    Gosh that's a sad story. I remember it was one of mums favourite pubs, we lived in hyson green when I was born, her whole family did, later we moved to bilborough, but her heart never left hyson green, I remember all the streets you mentioned. i know my grandad, my mums dad was invalided out of ww1, not sure about the details.
  8. Does anyone remember the grand pub? I think it was in the hyson green or Radford area.
  9. pashel

    mill cafe

    They still do sausage meat sandwiches? As i remember the cafe was famous for them. My mum used to work there in the 70s and i used to babysit for their daughter, Avril? April?
  10. pashel

    mill cafe

    Does anyone remember the mill cafe on bobbers mill? Run by the West family?
  11. pashel

    Hucknall High Street 60s/70s

    I lived in Newstead a few years ago and was amongst the first staff to work in the new branch of peacocks on the high street. Is is still open? I know it was sold to Edinburgh woollen mill and a lot of branches were closed down.
  12. pashel

    kathleen and george soar

    I believe they were part of a big family. Kathleen was originally a yeatman. Had a lot of brothers and sisters. Jack, Maude, Les, Evelyn, Harry, he was a Soar. Married to Irene.
  13. Does anyone remember these? They moved from hyson green in the sixties to Bilborough. He was a conductor on Barton buses. Sometimes went to the beechdale pub or the Grand in hyson green.
  14. pashel

    beacon hotel

    My sister ran this pub for a while in the 80/90s for a short while. I visited once or twice but i didn't live close by.
  15. pashel

    Growing up in Bilborough

    Thank you Benjamin 1945. Feels good to say it after all these years. As an adult I would probably like to know about his time in the war, I didn't know why he had a bad leg. Think all our generation had fathers or uncles who fought in ww2. My uncle died of fever in a Japanese war camp.