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  1. Funny thing, some of the lovely people of our youth were from families who lived their lives in the ways described in these comments. Some of my pals parents could hardly read and write and the houses were like being back in time, then. Fortunately for me my parents were caring and kept a clean and warm house. It seems a lifetime away when people lived in dreadful circumstances and yet now, by all accounts, many choose to live like that. The world and life is a funny place.  

    What I like about 2016 is that I am still alive to see the changes and have a comparison to see where we have come from and are going to. Many of my lifelong colleagues have passed over this last two years and many joint memories are now singular memories to me. I find that sad, but it's a privilege to live to be older. I don't hate anything, ever.  The only permanent thing in life is change so accept it and move on eh!.

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  2. The first and last time I drank in this place was on New Year's Eve 1975 after leaving the Whitemoor. We were with Pete and Babs Sharpe who, as well as us, wondered what on this earth we were doing in the place. Glasses were being launched across the room, the landlord was in a state of panic and was about to have a breakdown by the look of him. We decided to go to Petes to enjoy the last of the evening and left them all to it. What a dive. One of those places that was better demolished than it was standing.

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  3. Hi Bilbraborn,

    I am a bit further along the conveyor belt than you it seems, Trevor Airey was nearer my age than his younger brother. I might have been a bit of a rogue when I was younger and perhaps when I got older, up to a point. Never did anyone any harm but I was a bit of a lost soul. Family a bit dysfunctional, as were a few, after the war years. Dad came back from the war, damaged, cast a shadow over the house for all my younger years but hey we got through it all and after my late teens when we used to go down to Kettering and drink gin and scrumpy in The Three Cocks, I got hold of my life and turned it around. Had a very busy young life, knew a lot of people and have fond memories of most of them. Whats you take on early Bilborough, a few years younger and at that age its a big difference but i am always intertested in other peoples take on places and people. I only found this site by accident a short time ago. Some of it is very interesting. Time disolves with some memories.

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  4. Everybody I knew went to Central market for fruit & veg, fish, and household stuff. it was a magnet for people from all over Nottingham, shame they got rid of it really. Sneinton Market was just as lively. Does anyone remember Sadlers, the pottery people, they used to have a bit of an auction for dinner sets and boxes of seconds and the like on Sneinton Market, on a wednesday I think, and of course Saturday. I know they stopped trading in pottery when imports stopped production at a lot of Stoke on Trent factories. In fact I understand that Sadlers are these days in the skip hire business and they have a waste transfer station on Beechdale Road, which used to be their pottery warehouse. There could be tears for the loss of those busy days, no mobile phone or emails, most things were dealt with on a personal level, lots of banter, real characters in the everyday world. Look at the world now, reality TV, soap operas, texting and facebook, what automatons we have become, these days people hardly speak to each other, sometimes even when they are sitting at the same table.

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  5. Not quite barrow boys but I used to know a John Kerry, he stood on Central Market with fruit and veg, that was in early sixties and about two years ago we were passing near Bingham and stopped off to have a walk round. There was a market in the town centre and a large fruit and veg stall, it had KERRY'S FRUIT & VEG over the canopy. I asked just out of interest if they were related to the original John Kerry from Central Market and he was their grand uncle. Puts things in perspective when people talk in those terms. Nice to see the continuity though.

  6. @ Beefsteak.

    the fruit and veg lad, if it was the one with ginger hair, it was John Bell. Last I heard got a job working for Pearsons in the Wholesale Market but that was about the time George Wilson was murdered, landlord of Pretty Windows in Sneinton. I did know Jimmy McNulty, he used to give the lads flower baskets and buy flowers for them to sell and let them keep most of the profit. They were mostly lads who had come out of borstal and couldn't find work. he did what he could to keep them out of trouble. I used to see him quite often in the Three Crowns on parliament street. He was a good man, had a rough time when he was younger.

  7. Can't say I recall the Travis family, certainly Les Newcombe, I think he used to use the Parkside Club with Gordon Collinson who used to own a car lot at the end of meadow Lane just past Cattle Market gates on the other side as well as the man who had a pallet business at the end of Canal Street in Narrow Marsh. I cant for the life of me think of his name but I used to see him in The Loggerheads. Once you start thinking, you wonder how you fitted it all in.

  8. I remember people moaning because they had to put the paraffin lights out at night (I bet they cost a bob or two now, if you can find one). I equally remember Clive Buxton had a younger brother, Lee, he was a teenager working at Players. He went to work on his motorbike in the dark and ran into an unlit skip parked on the road and it killed him, about 50 years ago, so it was good the police were tight on people who didn't bother

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  9. I think it was the same family but like cousins or even further apart. Bill Wealthalls Fish shop was on the right hand side of ilkeston Road, going toward Town and nearer to the Radford Boulevard, Lenton Boulevard junction. ( as I remember).

  10. Whatever happened to Theresa Woolley who lived somewhere behind the Picture House on Ilkeston Road, anyone remember her, I used to go down to Wealthalls Fish Shop on Ilkeston Road and met her there once and seemed to see her around there, not often, but she was a pleasant soul, one of those people who you don't forget.

  11. Hello all,

    Does anyone on here remember a Pat, Mick or Pamela Hollies, they lived at 7 Miall Street, Radford. Pamela was killed on a motorbike, six months pregnant. She was with her fella whose name was Clive(also killed) and he was a drummer at a pub in Stapleford, might have been the feathers but not sure. Its a long time ago now but I am going to see Pat (rick) next month for the first time in 60 years. He lives in Basinstoke and I don't remember too much and thought someone could fill a few gaps. Thanks.

  12. Thanks davep5491,

    you just took me back half a century. It begs belief that Mick still drinks in the Beacon, can't believe it, and I would never have put him with pidgeons.You are dead right about Mick Else, I can picture him now with his ted outfit and forever making sure his hair wasn't out of place, stroking his sort of quiff that he used to have. Is he still about, the last I heard was about the same time then, he was dating Patty Hancox, brother of Alan 'JIJ' Hancox and Kenny, who all lived on Glaisdale Drive, I think. I also remember a Stan Lowndes who was a bit out of order from time to time, the last time I saw him, he was folding a huge tarpaulin in the middle of a main road, can't quite remeber which one. H ewas holding up the traffic without a care in the world. I went and asked him if I could give him a hand, he said 'Do you know who I am' I said 'Course I do I had a drink in the Cocked Hat with you two nights ago'. 'EEEeerrrr right, you did'. We folded up the tarpaulin and that was the last I saw of him. That was donkeys years ago.

  13. Hi catfan,

    they wouldn't hurt you, you wouldn't see them unless you fished them out. We had a bit of old drainpipe blocked at one end and we would half fill it with dead fish and tie a rope to it. leave it for an hour then carefully pick up the rope and run back with it pulling the pipe out of the water as quick as we could onto the bank. we had laid out old newspapers on the bank previously, when the eel came out of the pipe it would roll itself up in the newspaper as it was wet and smooth. We could then pick it up. We used to get one about every four or five times we tried, it was always better in the dark. There was a little dark haired man that started coming over to us, lived in the houses opposite the pit, the other side of the canal, started showing us stuff he shouldn't have been doing, mucky drawings we called them then, so we stopped going down there when it was dark. One or two of the lads used to fish in the lock near the pit, they could afford bait so used to 'skulldrag' as they called it. sort of waiting for a fish to swim over the hook and yank the line up hooking the fish in the side of its body, shocking, the bailiff heard about that and said they would be in court if ever he caught them doing that, probably right too.

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  14. I remember Roger (knocker) Smith, who was never seen without wellingtons on, trudging off to Australia with Trevor Marjoram and David Hill. Derek Smith who was Knockers elder brother was going out with Janet Marjoram (Trevors sister) and they later went out to Australia as well. We last saw them in the Three Tuns which was somewhere near Hockley about 50 years ago. Trevor finished up mining opals and has made his fortune doing that.

    Reading on an earlier page about Raleigh Sports Club down Coach Road brought back memories. I would be about 13 and managed to get to be the one to fetch Wally Swift a paper, I think it was the Daily Sketch and the Racing Post. I used to take his paper and then watch him training in the pavilion on Raleigh Sports Ground. He worked at Raleigh and they gave him I think it was three days a week off to let him train. He was there early in the morning as well as later in the evenings. I am supposing you know who Wally Swift was of course.

  15. The second Ron Thomas on the last posting was actually Ron someone else who lived somewhere near Johnny Ross and Clive Buxton who lived next door to Cunjy Astill. I don't remember his name but I went fishing with him down the cut a time or two, near the pit. The canal was still intact then, as I remember the pit used to pull water from the canal, use it for cooling and pump it back into the canal 'basin' it was called. The eels were breeding in there at that time as were, what we used to call crayfish, as the water was hot when it was pumped back in and it warmed up the whole area of water which helped the fish breeding. I particularly remember we were chased by the bailiff on one occasion, we used to call him 'fungus tab Ted' as he had a large mole or growth on his ear, poor chap.

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  16. Hi Benjamin & Michael,

    thank you for the welcome. Its not easy knowing where to begin with memories from such a long time ago. Perhaps a few names might generate some thoughts. A couple of years difference at a young age can put people in different worlds and we mostly remember people older than ourselves rather than younger, unless they were brothers or sisters of pals. Does anyone remember Ron Thomas,- David, Trevor and Valery Airey,- Billy, Dennis and Gloria Wren,-Philip Potter,- Margaret Keetly,- Dave Marshall,- Robert Brown who lived next door to Roger Cook,- Mervyn Neeves,- Graham Copestake,- Geoff wakefield,- Neil Gribby,- Ron Thomas,-Trevor and Janet Marjoram who lived on Staverton near 'Jacks' newsagent. Does anyone remember Jack and Barbara at the shop 'Jacks' or the correct size 'Wagon Wheels' that Edmunds off licence used to sell. Or 'Domino' cigarettes that we used to smoke and shouldn't have done.

    Once you start thinking, it all begins to come back, sets off a train of thought that might take a bit of stopping.

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  17. Hi, and I thought everyone was dead. I have just been reading through all of the pages (well not all, but a fair few) and I am amazed at the memories of some people. I have lots of memories but somehow it seems that most people I speak to move in a time frame of two weeks forward and one week back (except for arranging holidays).

    I notice that there are not many postings lately, have I arrived too late ?? I also notice that no-one seems to want to say who they are so I have followed suit.

    I knew no-end of people in and around Bilborough particularly at the Glaisdale end of the estate. I notice there is a brother Gavin on here, I used to 'knock around' with Robin who I believe passed away at his home in Australia some time ago, I also remember Ian Gavin picking up Mr Marshall, music teacher and sliding him up the blackboard. I didn't actually see it but it was the talk of the week. Ian was a big lad though. I knew of the Alison brothers who seem to have been forgotten to some degree by a few on here. there was on an earlier page a picture of Sandra Eggleton. She used to go out with Jeffrey Alison and lived on Monkton, I believe next door to Karen Kiloran who lived on Graylands. The train bridge and the cut were well trod stomping grounds and when I was about fourteen years old, me and a pal went to sit with the Gypsies who had camped and we watched them roll a hedgehog into a clay ball made of soil and cook it on a fire, pull the clay off after an hour or so which pulled the spilkes and skin off and they ate it, yuk, when I think of that now. I have lots of memories of those days. Is anyone still logging on to this site ??

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