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  1. Just out of interest does anyone know what happened to one of the Angel's former managers from the early 90's - Christine Jackson (I think she also ran the Lion on Clumber St in the 80's) I used to live a few doors away from her and knocked around with her son for many years until we drifted off our separate ways at senior school.
  2. Thanks for the welcome, I have many great memories of that era and location.
  3. I had the dubious honour of being in the audience twice for that show... In the early 90's I had a saturday job at Asda, I never bothered with it but quite a few of the staff volunteered for the Supermarket Sweep setup in the Hyson Green branch. As already mentioned, Once Upon a Time in the Midlands was shot partly in Carlton, towards the top of Highfield Drive IIRC as you got some great vistas over towards the cricket pitch and Frank Wheldon (maybe even the ski slope if it was still there in 2002?) If your of liberal mind then the film Weekend (which is actually very good) was also shot in
  4. I lived in Kirks Cottages from 1980-87, my dad did quite a bit of renovation to no8 including a loft extension, conservatory and landscaping the garden (we were end of the first terrace and had strip of land to the side of us). I also remember the Kings, they lived at no2 I think, they had a pair of lovely golden retrievers and I went to school with their grandkids (who I think lived just up the road on Palmer Crescent) At the time there was a young couple living in 4 & 6, we never saw hide nor hair of those in 10 or above. My old man knew Geoff at no3 quite well but no1 were a bit aloof
  5. I was there from 79/80 till they closed it in the summer of 83, some of us went to Parkdale, the rest went to Carlton Central IIRC. From what I remember it was quite a big school but with few students, guessing that's one of the main reasons why it closed down. I still remember Tarry's at the bottom of the hill, the cemetery at the back of the school (PE / rounders was often held under the trees) and the large dining hall / gym at the bottom of the school.
  6. I was there 85-92, Welbeck. My first memory was the pre-joining visit while still at Parkdale Juniors, the fifth formers put on a show by dangling a couple of first years out of Welbeck common room by their feet. Best years of my life regardless of its reputation, from smoking weed in the cavity walls underneath the sixth form common room (used to get access from a broken vent under the stair well) to the whole of the boys PE group being lined up and whacked with a cricket bat for dropping one lad's uniform in the swimming pool, many a summer trip to Hollinsclough (one of the benefits of bein