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  1. Andy Wood (also CLW) was Best Man at John Williamson's wedding at St Judes. Just came across some photographs my mum took. JW & AW were also founder members/participants in the first ever combined Scout & Guide camp held at Elton 1963. Interesting about Suzette Fletcher. Last time I saw her was at Syd's Garage on the corner of Haywood Rd about 1968. (I think she used to live on Haywood Road). I thought she said she had moved to Birmingham.
  2. Dad was a photographer with the Guardian or Evening News pre-war and I suspect this might have been an 'official' photograph, rather than a passing snapshot. Interesting comments above, as the white stripes were indeed a wartime requirement - and Dad got a summons for not having the bottom 9" of the mudguard on his pushbike painted white. Fined I think, 2/6. And we think some of today's cops can be a bit petty at times.
  3. One from my late dad's collection. Corner of Mansfield Rd/Woodborough Road with the old church in the background. I'm guessing about 1938? Reminds me of what I left behind weather-wise when I moved to NZ...
  4. That strange looking car referred to earlier may well be a VW based kit car. Not sure if the UK TV has a US show called 'American Pickers', but they came across one that looked very much like it , but I didn't write down the name, as it was on late at night and was on the bedroom TV , but from memory, it was a double barrelled name.
  5. Not sure who you are C22s Tailgate! Give us a clue! Andy Wood, along with John Williamson and myself were all three Queens Scouts through the 110th Mapperley Senior Scouts. Andy Wood was my age (24th March birthday as I recall!!!) and had an older brother, John and a younger brother and sister. Simon & Jane. Dad (Paul) had EMSEG signs - who at one stage were located above H Tempests, School Photographers, in the Meadows. Andy drove us to the Queens Scout ceremony at Gilwell Park and that was the first time I'd been on the M1 motorway. Andy & John went to CLW as did John Luff and Suzette Fetcher, who lived on Haywood Road. There were others, but I can't remember who else went to CLW.
  6. From a Mallory Park race programme 1962. How many of you used to press your noses against the window on a Saturday but were to scared to go in? I know the pic is Brands Hatch, not Mallory... They used to produce the Gemini Formula Juniors - there are at least three in NZ including two still with the chequered flag nose band.
  7. My youngest brother also did his apprenticeship at ROF, but sadly, got hit quite hard with arthritis when young and wasn't able to take up engineering as a career.
  8. In 1974 this Brough Superior was transported to the ROF, for restoration by the apprentices. I gather it was also worked on by Stag Furniture, then was stored for a number of years and now resides in the Industrial Museum at Wollaton Park - or did when I visited a few years ago. Picture taken by H Tempest Ltd - and in a strange twist, Horace Tempest owned a Brough Superior in the early 1950's, registration BAU 555. I have a family photograph of us in the car as dad obviously drove it now and again. Most have heard of Nottingham built Brough Superior motorbikes but very few seem to know that they also manufactured a few cars.
  9. Plains Road, probably 1966 looking across to what was Sharpes garage (if anyone has a pic of any of Roy's buses, please post - especially a double decker).Not sure when Roy headed of to South Africa, but by the looks of this pic, Speed's may already have taken over. Riley RME heading away and a Lea Francis in the foreground. As mentioned elsewhere, this may have been Chick Wheelhouse's wife's 1964 Sunbeam Alpine.
  10. Plains Road looking across the road to Roy Sharpe's garage. Later to be Speed's Volvo dealers and now - flats... I think this was taken in 1966, but the Riley RME heading away would be dated pre 1955 and not sure of the age of the Lea Francis.
  11. White car looks like an Austin A40 Sports. Last time I saw one of those other than at a museum or show, was in Podder's scrapyard...
  12. I posted the pic of Lewis Collins on the Woodborough Road thread, but here it is again.
  13. Last time I saw Frank Sytner (though not to talk to) was on the grid at the Monaco 2012 Historic meeting, where unfortunately, a fluffed start saw someone take off the rear wheel of his car. I managed a photograph of that - but it doesn't belong on a Woodborough Road thread! Frank was good friends with Sir Frank Williams of F1 fame and hosted a great evening with him at his Huntingdon St showroom in town, for the Nottingham Sports Car Club. When Frank Williams lived in Nottingham (Calverton?) he and Frank Sytner were known to hoon around in I think, Austin A40's, and one of them rolled the car in town! as promised, the Lewis Collins photograph. Parked outsider is my Austin Allegro Equipe which I brought to NZ as cars were very expensive in NZ at the time. First car I circuit raced too... I'll post the pic of the Bitter on the 'Foters wiv motors' thread.
  14. I don't think it was the Twiggy Muira as the plates don't match but this one did have a London registration. Same lime green though Twiggy's did have a couple of pink stripes. Frank Sytner's showroom was where the KFC is now and I do have a pic of a nice 1965 Ferrari outside.
  15. His wife at the time ran a 1964 Sunbeam Alpine. I also snapped my all time favourite car there - a Gordon Keeble. Funny that you mentioned 'Bitter'. The only one I have ever seen was at his new place in Basford, when Lewis Collins did the opening. Have a slightly out of focus pic of Lewis on the Scalextric track.