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  1. Liz, I remember there was indeed a milkman a few doors away from Dewsbury's and to my eternal shame, I was one of those young pups who marked the wet concrete, on our way home from school. l remember those Space Guns! I think they were a bit fragile - and they weren't made in China either - could well have been British Hong Kong. As for the St Jude's choir, I seem to remember John Luff might have been a member. St Judes (105th) and Mapperley Methodist (110th) Scouts/Cubs had a fairly close relationship and we had a combined soccer team, run by John Evans(?), in an under 15's league. We got hammered every week as apart from Andy Firth (from Firth's Grocers), who was a year or so older and an excellent player, we were all nearer 13 than 15 anyway.
  2. Chick Wheelhouse's garage was few doors away from us. Previously, owned for many years by Wardles. When it was Wardles, it sold I think, Regent petrol and the front yard was always full of Army Trucks and he offered a 'bunkering service'. I can't remember the names of the family, other than John Wardle was either our age or a year younger and they had a bull mastiff, that bowled me over one day. Alongside (Tree Tops side) was the walkway to what I referred to earlier as 'Crosslands' fields, and once past the bungalow (Robinsons?) and the garage, on the right was a pond. This used to ice over in winter and was a place for catching frog spawn! it was also a pond where several kids went through the ice in winter or fell in during the summer. To the right, in the main field, was an enormous horse chestnut tree where someone had banged in a few six inch nails, so that climbing it to the first level was easier. Spent many a happy hour climbing or sitting in that tree - and the conkers were pretty impressive! Chick Wheelhouse was a smart cookie as when he took over and started on car sales, he knew only too well that by parking an interesting car out front, people would stop and wander around. His wife ran a 1964 Sunbeam Alpine. I have a photograph of my all time favourite British car parked there - a Gordon Keeble, only 99 built. I also have a picture of a new Lamborghini Muira parked out front, though not for sale. When the business moved to Basford, Lewis Collins from 'The Professionals' did the opening and I have a slightly out of focus photograph of Lewis on the Scalextric track there. Next door to the garage on our side, was 'Worsley's Dairy'. Remember the days before foil capped bottles of milk? Worsleys had the wide necked glass bottles, which he filled by hand running the milk from churns across a cooler(?), in a tiny outhouse at the back of the property; the bottles had a pushed in cardboard cap. Maybe he got the milk from 'Hillside Farm' just up the road? He ran an ancient, prewar Singer van.
  3. Me too! I was married there twice... (Both marriages failed.) The Methodist system was that the minister stayed normally for 4 years, but the church council could get an extension of a year, or get rid after 3 years. Rev Jones was the minister who lived on Hazel Grove and between him and Rev Widdowson was Rev J B Peet, who was just fantastic with the youth of the church. In all my time with cubs, scouts, senior scouts and then running the cubs at the church, only Rev Peet ever bothered to come down into the schoolroom to put in an appearance at any youth meeting. He had a great sense of humour and appeared at his first 'Mens Group Show', not long after arriving at Mapperley, carrying his trousers! Needless to say, the stuffy members of the church council had him moved on after just three years, as they resented his support of the youth of the church. How short sighted can you be? Not sure who followed Widdows but it could have been Rev McLaren? I left the UK January 1983 to take up a senior managerial job in NZ, as thanks to M & S shifting clothing production off shore, the industry in and around Nottingham (and elsewhere) was decimated. I have resented M & S ever since and laugh when I see that they have financial troubles in falling clothing sales. That second map must be way, way before the map posted earlier, as it doesn't even have Somersby Road on it.
  4. Many thanks Rob.L for the link to the 1938 map below. It confirms the location of the earlier pic. Gedling Lodge Farm. It also shows the unmade or proposed Somersby Road and others planned for the area. A great resource this map. paradiddle posted a pic some time ago of the first houses on Somersby, taken about 1948. That was a terrible road for many years and almost impossible for motor vehicles in anything other than dry weather. It must have been the 1960's before it was finally tarsealed, as we used to help cars up the top section in about 1960, in snowy winters. Onto what we knew as Croslands or Crosslands behind 'Arnoldhill House' - Treetops and Maltby Road. Dad probably took these pics in July 1959 as there is a pic of a gravestone of his best pal's mother, with grandson BL watering the flowers and she passed away June 1st. This is when the earthmovers moved in. Such a sad time for us. Yes, we do know the names of three of the boys playing. This is the end of Maltby Road and grading had already started. One of those crosses is probably the new location of 'The Manse' for the Mapperley Methodist church minister! The previous location of 'The Manse' was on the left down Hazel Grove. I think the Maltby extension houses here were built by A C Butler - Gordon Butler, who was one of the MM Church members, certainly moved into one of them, with wife Jill (nee) Briers, twin of Jim Briers, our ACHS teacher. Oh, and Happy Birthday today to Paradiddle, who kicked off this thread!
  5. Thanks for that. As one of the earlier pics was of Central Avenue, which is the entry point for the golf course, it was logical that dad may have wandered through the gate and taken a pic from there. When I get around to it, I have found a couple of negatives from what was Crosslands fields, as they started the earthworks, in effect destroying one much loved playground, but creating another, as young Warsop and I spent many a happy hour climbing around the part finished houses on Walsingham, swinging on the scaffolding etc. This was of course well before Elf and Safety took all the fun out of living and banished kids into darkened rooms with electronic devices. If Paradiddle reposts the aerial shots of the area, we might also see the bomb shelter that was on waste ground somewhere in the vicinity of the lower end of Somersby Road.
  6. Socram


    Passed the 11+, but Grammar school didn't do much for me. Passed Art 'O' level - and that was it... Dad insisted I keep doing Maths and English at night school at my expense, until I passed. Passed. However, at 25, took the Prison Service (Civil Service) promotion exam and came 6th in the country - but never got called for promotion, too young! In 1977, studied at the Harry Mitchell College of Work study, Beeston and then took the Institute's professional exams and passed. If something has a practical application, rather than theoretical, then it is easier to be interested. School was too full of theoretical stuff that even the teachers had no idea what use it was. Learned far more of real value from Scouts and Senior Scouts. Taught Industrial Productivity at Tech College and University (part time) for 12 years, whilst running my own consultancy and private courses - and got paid for writing magazine articles for three motoring magazines. If anyone has read the book about Arnold County High School, 'A School Is Born' written by the first headmaster, Dr J H Higginson, I am updating the book I wrote to counter it, but as yet, unpublished.
  7. Socram

    Plains Road Primary

    I posted this elsewhere, but is relevant to this thread. Taken 1953 just after the Coronation. I can name some, who were in our class: Ballerina left - Jean Lightbown - who moved away. Nurse left, Judith Severn - went on to Bramcote and ACHS Nurse right, possibly Janice North Tahitian/Hawaiian - Sacha Osbourne, brother Clive was I think a year younger. Little Boy Blue - Green... Cowboy - Pete Scales (see the Mapperley thread) Pirate - Alan Marks Not in the picture but well remembered, my best pal - still - Richard Warsop, Sue Bish (both still attend ACHS reunions, despite Sue losing her sight aged about 19) Marian O'Dwyer, Barbara Dring, Leigh Price/King (ACHS) Andrew Wood, Robert 'Jim' Hardy, John Williamson, John Luff, Suzette Fletcher (CLW) Wendy Price, Robert Young, Peter Ivett, Gill Butler, Ruth Berry, Newby Taylor, Trevor Bagguley - no doubt more will spring to mind just as soon as the edit window has closed...
  8. Woohoo. Can post image links again. Can anyone locate this for me? It looks to be like the view towards Gedling and possibly from the Mapperley Golf Course before it was extended to 18 holes? It is on the same film as the earlier 1960's pics.
  9. That 'orrible chocoate' was either a worm treatment or something similar and the malt tradename was 'Virol' I think. It was 'cod liver oil and malt'. I rather liked the malt, but the chocolate made me wretch - and I still can't stand anything with the 100s and thousands on top! if the chocolate had been NZ Whittakers or even Cadbury's, it might have been OK, but whatever it was, it certainly was 'orrible'. Not sure, but later the clinic's orange juice might have been superceded by Rose Hip syrup. (Seems that the really correct spelling is in fact 'supersede', but I was brought up with 'supercede', which has been around for centuries, so I'll stick with it.) I still can't post picture links, so not sure what Nottstalgia have changed. Hopefully it will be restored, before I forget what I was trying to post. On a nicer note, back up the other way on Plains Road was Dewsbury's, Newsagents and Bakers. Early Saturday afternoon, I used to get the big square loaf of wholemeal bread, straight out of the oven. I'd hack the crust off as soon as I got home and smother it with butter (and possibly Golden Syrup…) When dad got back from watching Notts County or Forest, he'd give me a clip around the ear for starting on the new loaf before the old loaf had been finished. Well worth it. Mr Dewsbury's 'Hot Cross Buns' were an annual treat too, also purchased and eaten when still warm. Who else remembers the usual queue at most Nottingham newsagents at 6pm, waiting for the (pink) Football Post to arrive? Amazing when you consider the technology of the time. Next door, just across Newbury Close, was the greengrocers, 'Butlers', later for many years, 'Wainmans'. Jill Butler was in our year at Mapperley Plains and I think, she might have been like me, another survivor of 'Pinks Disease'.
  10. Norwoods, then the 'Scales' shop as posted earlier. I wonder if there are any photographs of the other side of the road, as Cliff Ton's pic shows only houses on that side of the road? In addition to Dewhursts and the chemists, there was the Co-op, A C Butler builders office, Burr's Optician, Marsden's grocery shop (now an Indian restaurant) where Mum did most of her grocery shopping, the Savings Bank (still there!), a builder's yard etc. The shop that is now a picture framers used to be 'The Clinic' where babies were weighed and checked; where we received our smallpox jab before starting school - plus supplies of cod liver oil (yeuk) and small bottles of concentrated orange juice. Judges (Post Office and bakery) was far more inviting and I still remember with fondness, their pyramid shaped coconut macaroons with a rice paper base, cream boats (albeit, synthetic cream), and their pikelets (called crumpets elsewhere) the size of a small side plate and as someone else mentioned, iced buns.
  11. I'm still trying to trace Suzette Fletcher - 1957 - ex Mapperley Plains (lived on Haywood Rd). May have married and moved Birmingham way. Anthony E Piggin (Bramcote) was my cousin and sadly, died many years ago, (1974/5?) electrocuted on a faulty gas boiler in a new home - not in Nottingham I might add.
  12. Cliff Ton. What year was that taken? I have tried to post another pic several times, but I keep getting a fail.
  13. Taken 1964 (I think) on the way home from Church on a Sunday Morning. Needless to say, it was the Bentley rather than Sketchleys or Rose butchers (formerly Albert Abels), that was the attraction. August 2018 - an icon now gone but still decent fish and chips next door, though Mr Beardsley's, fried in lard, were even better. Just down Bennett Road, the set back building upper level was De Bear knitwear, half owned by Beardsley's son, Barry. Guessing 1960 - from one of Dad's films. Note the window reflection - Dewhursts, butchers. Central Avenue Mapperley - again, possibly about 1960. Yet another from the same 1960 film. Presumably Gedling Colliery FC, but note Tree Tops and the buildings in the background. When goalkeepers wore an itchy woollen jersey and no gloves, leather nailed in nogs to the soles of the boots and the weekly dollop of dubbin! A leather football that increased in weight in wet weather, so much so, that a young goalkeeper could barely kick it beyond the penalty area from a goal kick.
  14. Whoops, made a spelling mistake setting up a new directory on my website, so the above picture links broken. I'll repost tomorrow. LizG, I am well through a rewrite of a book I started back in around 1988 (focussing on Arnold County High School) and have split it into several sections, but Liz, you'll probably be pleased to know that in the ACHS section, memories of 'Roys Motors' feature in a transport section, as going to Bramcote for two years before ACHS, the daily journey was an important part of our day! I hope Paradiddle can find a pic as I believe there is one somewhere. I do remember in the middle of winter, Roy stuffing a flaming torch under the bonnet to try and get some heat into the diesel! Of all the drivers we had, he was the most adept in getting those double decker's up Breck Hill, without us having to get out and push. He was also not averse to administering a clip round the ear to misbehaving schoolboys.
  15. Taken 1964 (I think) on the way home from Church on a Sunday Morning. Needless to say, it was the Bentley rather than Sketchleys or Rose butchers (formerly Albert Abels), that was the attraction. August 2018 - an icon now gone. I'm guessing 1960 - from one of Dad's films. LizzieM. John Williamson did indeed go to Carlton Le Willows, and along with Andy Wood and John Luff, Suzette Fletcher, Robert Hardy (I think) and others from our Mapperley Plains class. Mrs Williamson taught the last but one class at MP - and I remember her whacking me with a cane across the shoulders during a Friday afternoon craft class... John & Andy stuck with Scouts and along with myself, gained the Queen's Scout Award, only the second Scouts from the 110th to receive that honour. Also founder members of the 1st Nottingham Scout & Guide Group in 1963.