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  1. For many years, that was the turnaround/terminus for the 31 bus. Prior to that, the buses left from alongside Plains School playground and prior to that, a bit further along, just before Westdale Lane - alongside some rather grubby public toilets. I can only presume that before the turnaround, buses must have reversed into Plains Grove, or even Hazel Grove or Steedman Avenue, probably with the assistance of the conductor. Not a manoeuvre you'd want to try today.
  2. I have just ordered a CD from Lake Records/Fellside Recordings of the Chris Barber Jazz Band, recorded at the Elizabethan Rooms. Those who have visited the Beatles exhibition in Liverpool may recall that the first display is in fact of Chris Barber's Jazz band (originally the Ken Colyer Band), and their introduction of 'Skiffle', during their concerts. Lonnie Donegan was the banjo player in the Barber band and the Skiffle craze kick started the Beatles, The Shadows and many many more. Later, Chris introduced the genuine American Blues artists to the UK. Chris Barber died Ma
  3. Our playgrounds disappeared long ago! Building dens on Maltby Road and - the stand of trees that backed on to it. The fields behind what was Wardle's garage (later Wheelhouses') and behind the Tree Tops and the farm, all the way down to what was the old railway and out to Gedling Lane on one side and Somersby Road on the other. Breck Hill fields in the winter for 'sledging'. The practice pitch at the Gedling Colliery miner's welfare. When they started building on Walsingham, the new, part built houses were a favourite playground. Climbin
  4. They may need traffic lights at that junction, with all that extra housing - and not before time some would say, especially those living down Wells Rd and with all the extra visitors to the Aldi supermarket.
  5. Many thanks for that. I could name several people on that photograph, even though they are a year younger. Funnily enough, if that was 1957, I can't remember us having our class photograph taken, with Miss Brooks as Mrs Williamson took class 2 and Miss Brooks class 1.
  6. Forgotten how to post an image... I have a Mapperley Plains Class photograph, possibly 1957, Mrs Williamson's class, but the system seems to have changed since I last posted as even links to pics on my own website aren't now showing.
  7. I'm not sure how many BB's there were in Arnold back then, but the Mick I knew was Mick Martin. As I recall, he lived just off Ravenswood Rd, Leivers Ave(?), and was definitely in the BB 1964/1965.
  8. What a great story ube! Straight out of a Giles cartoon. Might have been just 2d back on the small bottles of 'pop'! The place always seemed to smell fusty and as I recall, dusty bare floorboards. I presume some customers took their own containers for sherry and port and judging by the smell, beer too. The keyholder for the Methodist church lived down Eaton St (Mr Upton) and one of his daughters seemed to have a bit of a crush on one of my brothers!
  9. About Feb 1963 - May 1965. FoxR worked next door in the Work Study Dept. Little did I know that a decade or more later, Work Study would be my profession, rather than printing. Not really Mapperley Top related - though it was a fair walk to and from Daybrook - especially walking up Somersby Rd on a warm summer's day, having been on my feet for at least 8 hours. I doubt that the Methodist Church would be turned into a Wetherspoons, given that there is one 300 yards away and as someone else has stated, car parking is an issue.
  10. This wouldn't be the Arnold Mick in the Boys Brigade who worked at AB Gibsons - print department - in Daybrook would it? If so, would love to catch up.
  11. Snap! Teesdale took over from Smith. A group of us got grassed by a class member, for nicking one grape each out of the harvest festival baskets due to go to local pensioners. Only time I ever got caned. - at school anyway, though Mrs Williamson did whack me across the shoulders during a basketwork lesson, though I can't remember why. What was worse was that one of the class, who shall be nameless, told his mother about the 'stolen' grapes, who, when at our house, told my Mum that I was one who got caned. Mum exploded (she was very anti theft) and dragged
  12. That would have been Lynne Mason and you must have started with the cubs just after I'd left - for the second time. Pete Mason was awarded the George Medal for rescuing a child from the water at Mapperley Brickyard. Eric might have been Eric Braham and I think he worked with Pete at the garage on Mansfield Rd. A K Austins? Happy to be corrected on all counts as the memory is fading, probably due to advancing years.
  13. Called Bullrush in NZ and yes, banned here. As Paradiddle points out, many a memory, including cubs - climbing a rope attached to the ceiling - and thinking it odd at senior school, that most lads couldn't climb a rope. Derek Ringer, Akela for my time at the 110th - until I got conned into 'helping' him in 1964 - and about two months later, he moved on and left me holding the reins! Once a month Church Parades, and like Paradiddle, an honour to carry the cub flag and later, the scout flag. Some good family friendly sermons - and some terribly bo
  14. Christmas here in NZ - and no Pork Farms pie, which was always a tradition in Nottingham. Slightly salty jelly and peppery pork filling. Ho hum. Dec 27th 1989 dad passed away in his favourite chair - Plains Rd.
  15. I have posted the Eastwood panoramic photograph earlier (March 14th 2018) and Arthur Salmon was on that. I'll scan the teacher section and publish it again later and also the Bramcote teacher section with Eric Fenwick.