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  1. PS hope you are still bowling.:wub:

  2. Hi Drabmuloc just been to Concert Hall Nottm to see Turandot. I went with my daughter-in-law when we arrived it was set out different as their did not appear to be a stag, we both looked at each other but sat down pretending we knew what was going to happen. Now we know what a Concert Staging is. It was certainly different.

  3. Hi Mary1947, ballet, opera, theatre in general, to include serious and light pieces including musicals. Spent many years visiting London theatres, living just 35 miles north of the capital, but now we go to Milton Keynes Theatre for two reasons - they have all the major performers there, and, it's only a twenty minute drive! Keep your eye's peeled for 'anything' by the Northern Ballet...we have never been disappointed! We are also very fortunate to have on the doorstep the Wavendon Theatre....a great musical experience! They have three or four concerts a week and we manage to get to around a d
  4. Hi all! Well another three months have gone by and no new postings....shame. Just booked the South of France for three weeks in June/July so looking forward to that. Outdoor bowling season has just begun (not looking forward to changeable weather!) so I hope I am as successful this season outdoors as I was indoors just gone. Sit here in the back garden, sometimes sunny and warm and sometime cloudy and cold, but, a glorious green all around! Went to the theatre last night and watched the Northern Ballet perform their new ballet Casanova. If you get the opportunity....don't miss it.....if you ar
  5. Dear Jill, I will persevere, thanks for not picking up on my jaze.....er.....jazz error, and, he, Bengi, is only 25......such fond memories of that many years ago! Thanks for the sympathy, but, that's life! Took my brother, who lives in Pinxton, for lunch at the Countryman Pub on Sunday, and, if you've not been there I can well recommend it. Best wishes to all until my next post.......Drab!
  6. Thanks for that Jill and Benj, and, I will keep watching and posting from time to time. Hey Jill....I thought the 1945 referred to the year he was born!
  7. Just lost my first best mate, and, thus, my ties with dear old Nottingham are slowly, but surely, ebbing away. I will continue to monitor this site, but, I really don't hold out much hope for any further revelations as no body has come back acknowledging the existence of any of my youthful haunts which included the YMCA Jaze and Jive, the Dolphin pub in North Church Street, the Palais de Dance, Horne Brothers on Long Row, the shooting club underneath the Castle........the list is endless!
  8. To all those who have communicated, and to those that will, I hope you all had a good Christmas and I wish you a happy new year!
  9. ...........and, I am delighted to note.......I am no longer a Newbie....I'm a Member!
  10. Hi Mary1947! Just thought I would let you know.....treated myself to a set of Drakes Pride d-tec bowls this morning, had a roll up this afternoon (indoors obviously) and I surprised myself with their accuracy! Couple more roll ups and they will be ready for a league triples match on Wednesday afternoon.
  11. OMG! Cliff Ton's picture is definitely St Ann's Board School. I really must go on google earth, go back to.....er.....yesteryear, and check out the streets either side and then see if I can see the Cavendish pub next to Cavendish Street.........it's all coming back. There was a tri fronted grocery shop called Tetleys, their son Keith died quite young. There was a Bookies on Southampton Street run by Charlie Williams. I think my dad 'probably' paid his mortgage. And May1947 you are so right, I had forgot the front entrance. Keep the comments coming guys and gals!
  12. Hi all! When I opened up the site I had a notification that there was a new 'note', but, I can't find any new contact/notification......help!
  13. Never mind. St Ann's Boarding School? Confirm, when you where there, it was not exactly a 'boarding' school, but, a regular primary day school. If it is the regular kids school then I went there too. All I can remember is the main central hall was huge, some of the class rooms led off on one side, there was a stage at the opposite end to the St Ann's Well road end, there was a metal walkway twenty odd feet above the ground all the way round, I think to get to the window mechanics, and, now I think about it, at the back of the stage was a very high wall and behind the wall there were further cl
  14. Hi Mary, no, the nick name does not register. My parents had a business near The Chase and round the corner from Southampton Street.