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  1. Where have all the co ops gone?the one on highbury vale is now a McColls.
  2. We went to see this show at Theatre Royal on tuesday evening what a great show haven't laughed so much for ages ,if you can get tickets its well worth a few quid.
  3. WE have put boiling water on,then I put bleach on then more hot water.I don't like to be cruel but I hate the little buggers.
  4. So now the beetles have gone we have ants nests in the lawn ,we had them last year and we tried all the usual things and nothing seems to have cleared them,any ideas ?
  5. I did indeed work there as a flatlocker from 1962 to1970,so I was still there when it changed its name to Marathon Knitear.
  6. I ought to have realised that I was a machinist up Peveril Street.any a gusset as sewn in knickers.M
  7. Next to hooters is a large factory but for the life of me i can't remember what it made.
  8. I have just found out that a relative of mine was a chorus girl at the Empire theatre does anyone know where I can find our about chorus girls and maybe playbills.
  9. Thanks for the answer ,I googled him a very interesting article.
  10. I know this has probably been asked before but how old are the squares lions and is it known who carved them. My apologies for keep forgetting my pass word I have now written it down.
  11. Had a spider nearly as big as a saucer.
  12. Thats very interesting article ,there doesn't seem to be so many today.Thanks for taking the time to find and post that item.
  13. Thanks all,I googled cockchafer and they don't look a bit like them,going to try and take a picture of one. Sorry but I stamp on the little bu66ers too.
  14. This week we have noticed these beetles on the front lawn they are about a quarter of an inch with blackish green hard bodies and wings and just hover above the grass neighbours have them as well ,one of my sons who lives bas ford hall estate has them too anyone have any ideas to what they are,please don't ask me to catch one .
  15. Thanks feel a bit like a wet dish rag but picking up.
  16. Sorry not been around for a while had cold then cough and had to have antibios for chest infection and then tummy bug (won't go into details) and the inter web thingy been playing up,shall have a read to see if I've missed anything .God bless all.
  17. My two sisters and I would have jumbo colouring book each with a tin of paints ,a tin of sharps toffees and new clothes for our dolls which mam knitted ,we usually got some sort of children annual the other kids in the yard would get different ones so we could swop later.
  18. Didn't think much of tv this christmas NOT everyone is a Harry Potter fan,tried to read the books but couldn't get on with them .
  19. Can you ask your daughter where she got the coasters from I would love some. Thanks.
  20. Any ladies got boyfriends less than half their ages.
  21. Maybe because she is a sack of spuds who can't talk proper like what we can.
  22. What about schools ?did they have their own shelters.