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  1. I worked a few years ago at a pensioners day center opposite Asda in Hyson Green... one of the members was the first black mayor in Nottingham (hope i'm allowed to say that without being politically incorrect?) Des Wilson his name was.. he was the sweetest guy you would wish to meet. . a real pleasure to know him. he told me about a cafe in Radford he invested in called Des Res among other topics . . great person to converse with..not to play dominoes with though. . he was way too good for the likes of me haha
  2. How can they do that! . . I go to arny market quite often and even though I wouldn't say its always packed . . I can say its always got more than a good few folk there. . I know this cos they always get in my way haha int it amazing how the crowds always seem to go in the opposite direction to you. . if a shop only has a handful of customers a day the same wouldn't be said. . its not as if there are much in the way of overheads to consider... .or probably anything else they would rather do with the land on a weds night so why don't they just leave the goddam market alone. . so much in Nottingh
  3. note to self. . must get me a warmer coat. . and boots while im at it. . ok pair of levi's too and thats mi final offer haha
  4. ayup there. . just become a newbie here and i just wanted to say hi from mapperley park. . thanks for adding me . . dyanne
  5. have to say first of all that these are the words of someone else not me. . if it was me i'd have been sure to go off on tangents at least twice haha I will tell you a tale that is true and will once more bring to mind one of Nottingham's forgotten characters. The man in question was the late and sorely missed Albert Gristle. Albert was a dweller in Narrow marsh during the 1890s when the reputation of "the Marsh" was at its worst. Albert was a man who once seen was not easily forgotten. He had a wooden leg, black and burnished by the elements, since Albert never slept anywhere but beneath G