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  1. I remember the letters over the front doors G.A.Y.E. they were there for a few years. My friends used to puzzle over the E hence my guess of Education.
  2. The hardware store has gone now but it was a few shops away from the tea gardens. And now I shan't sleep until I remember the name of the store with parrot! Whitings hardware store?
  3. My mum referred to the Tea Gardens as Gilbert's tea gardens, in fact my Aunt had a wedding reception there. I read some history of it recently. At one time when there were few houses on the Plains, people would go for a walk from the city to the countryside, remembering there was very little between the top of Westdale Lane and the Traveller's Rest. When they reached Mapperley the walkers asked in the shop if they did teas, and so became Mapperley tea gardens started. I have a rather bizarre recollection of the place. In the early 1960's I went with a friend to the tea gardens, a collecti
  4. I have written a booklet about my Gt Grandparents' John and Emma Godfrey of Park House in Carlton, which in the early 1930s became a health clinic. In 2004 the house was demolished and a new larger medical centre and GP surgery were built in the same grounds. The book contains extracts from my Great Uncle Major Cecil Godfrey's letters which he sent home to his family from the western front in 1916. Also included are parts of John's diaries, particularly the WW1 years, the building of Carlton Library, the buying of the 'cricket field' which John and his brother Samuel bought and sold to Carl
  5. Interesting posts on here from a while ago! I too went to the record shop mid 1960s. records were 6s and 8d each. Three for a pound if you were feeling rich! Skellington's barbers my brother always called Skeletons, I really thought this was his name. I remember Lillians wool shop too. Happy days!
  6. Thanks Katyjay and Carni I have looked on Picture the past before, senior moment!! . I have read posts on here about the house opposite Park House where John's brother Samuel lived known in later life as the Godfrey House. When Samuel's daughter Aileen Godfrey died the house was sold with a proviso on it that it wasn't to be knocked down and re-developed within ten years of the purchase. Whoever bought the house sat on it for 10 years and then built flats as we know. This is really rather sad as this is exactly what Samuel was trying to avoid. Although the house was in need o
  7. Carni Love the photo of Gedling church c 1900 and the building before the memorial hall. My gt grandparents John Godfrey and Emma Keywood married in All Hallows church in August 31st 1880. I can now imagine them walking up the path to the church. Being a bit dim but what is PTP? John and Emma lived at Park House in Carlton. Oh yes and nibbits, loved them!!
  8. Interesting topic from 3 years ago! Main Street Carlton was renumbered. 759 Main Street (Roslyn Villas) where my Grandpa Underwood lived became 34 Burton Road.The numbers decreased as they went up Carlton Hill. The Main Street Methodist Church on Carlton Hill was of course on Main Street when it was built.
  9. Bubblewrap and DavidW I've been mulling over the year of the Westdale photos. Clearly the youngest children on the recorder group were in my year so I think maybe it is 1958 as some of my friends' older siblings are also on the photo. Or 1959! I have a Westdale Lane photo somewhere and 1A1 at Gedling in summer 1962. I'll look them out.
  10. I too went to Westdale Lane and Gedling Schools, a year below DavidW. I can add a few names to the recorder group. Middle back row, tallish wearing a white blouse is Valerie Wheldon sister to Stephen Wheldon who was in my year. 2nd row from back 2nd from right is Sheila Hall, curly hair, next to Anne Marchington. 2nd left from Anne is Isabel Rowson . 3rd row from back second in may be Christine Whalley, my year. Front row 3rd from left may be Barbara Lee? my year, twin to Maureen and 2nd from right front row Eileen Rowson sister to Isabel., my year. I remember some of the year above as we we
  11. Hello Paradiddle I do remember wearing hush puppy suede lace up shoes and tartan knee socks or stockings. Lummy!!
  12. The youth club went to in 1965 ish was G.A.Y.E. I would imagine Gedling Association of Youth Education? Not quite what sort of education was in mind!
  13. The lad first left on the Stratford photo may be John Thompson? Notice some of the lads with cuban heels on their shoes/boots. I remember when knee high boots came into fashion. Maud took me aside and told me in no uncertain terms that as my boots had an inch heel they weren't allowed. Another case of "I'm surprised at you Angela, such a nice girl!" He he
  14. Goodness a blast from the past! I have printed the copy of the 1966 Speech Day programme as my husband Ian Keyworth is mentioned more then once! Kevin Hind came to our wedding .I was in 1A1 and onwards from 1961 to 1966. The photo from Stratford upon Avon must have been for the top two years as Bridget Thompson and Carol Detheridge were the year above me, but John Spiers (Spud) was in my year. We had to stop the bus on the way home as some of the lads had been drinking and were sick! The lad 1st on the left I know but can't think of his name. I'll ask Ian. I remember quite a few of the o
  15. Beefsteak I know of the Bancroft girls by name only, they are all on my family tree. Their Grandmother Emma was sister to my Grandpa Harold. I knew their Mum and Dad though, cousins to Mum. Mum typed the news letter for Mainstreet Chapel for many years and also belonged to a ladies group there. I went to Sunday School for a short while at Mainstreet. My brother Phil Watkins went to the YPF but he is Peter's age so before your time. Sally is the Gt Granddaughter of Samuel Godfrey, John's brother. I have just transcribed John Godfrey's diaries 1894 - 1920. An absolute delight and a good les