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  1. Bonfire night was one of the highlights of my childhood. We lived on Goodall Street, Hyson Green and our bonfire was in the middle of the street. The week before we would collect all the stuff for burning which would include old settees and armchairs! The stuff was piled up on the pavement in front of number 13 and we had to guard it from the Brown Street gang who would try and get some of it. We had a huge bonfire on the night and would sit on the old settees and chairs until it was time to put them on the fire. (Health and Safety would have a field day today) All the street would
  2. Dont remember there being ice pops when I was a child, but ice lollies were called "suckers". I remember asking for one of them from a shop while on holiday in Norfolk and was laughed at by the girl serving. Made me feel stupid.
  3. I used to vist the Empire theatre around 1957/1958. Think it closed just after this, My friend Monica and I used to queue at the stage door for autographs after the show. I remember seeing Eddie Calvert, Michael Holliday (he had just had a hit with "The story of my life" also Colin Hicks (Tommy Steele's brother).and Wee Willy Harris. We would also sit in the "Gods" because we were still at school and that is all we could afford. We always said one day we would sit in one of the boxes when we had enough money - but sadly that never happened. I have not lived in Nottingham since 1965 bu