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  1. Now council offeses, Had many good years working for NCT Time keeper Harry Hill used to get me spotting most mornings.
  2. I wonder if any one remembers Inspectors George Potter, was another one but at 82 years old it seams to have gone, I think Less Wilson was one as well.
  3. Might be abit late, But at that time i drove for NCT and used to drive on the 1/7/22 services and never used or saw the blocks and was many times on Hanley street.
  4. I left in 1953 and Saxbys was across the road from Ellis, when i left there was a rotary engine in the big hall wich i had taken apart and i was off school ill and had to go in as they did not know how to put it back together again lol, Some names i can remember are Ronny Gun, Mick Baxter,John Hickling, Malcombe Smith, We used to stand at the double gates so we could try to get the girls to come in the air raid shelter for a bit of kiss and tickle , When i left my brother Alan Hambleton went to Ellis, But can not ask him any thing as he Died last year in his 70s so now i am the only one left and 82 next feb . Now my gran children are at Ellis. under the name of Hambleton.
  5. We used to wait at the gates for the girls to come in to walk though to guildford and pull them into the shelter the one near the double gates were the teachers cars used to come in then we could have some slap and a grope, Ellis good days.
  6. My Dads Mum And step dad lived on Plimsoll terrace His name was Booth use to drink in the scotholm pub on the green.
  7. I only knew one driver for J & H and that was REG Hunt lol
  8. Sid Widdowson had coal lorrys all six wheelers and had a yard or might say garage on Persey Street Basford Nr Bar Lane, And when i drove for him he had copntracts with Smiths Canal Street And a firm called Stevensons from Linconshire , He used to buy his trucks from Brownhills Motor Sales Nr Walsall in the west midlands, Here is a photo of his garage, Sorry can not add photo has its to big , P/s will try to srink it down for next time.
  9. I have the photos of The Colliers Arms , Both before and after the closeing down.Sorry thats the only one. Hope that helps.
  10. The site used to belong to Donaldson wrights transport untill BRS took them over, Was only a family run firm. As for interesting results on a windy day . I had a close shave when i worked for T-J-Hemm of West Bridgeford, with a load of ammo from Old dalby to Scottland the Ammo was just sideboard high and covered with a sheet and ropes, Them days i smoked Park drive, and with the finished fag I had thrown the nub out of the window, gets home and parked the truck at the back of the Wheatsheaf pub at Bobbers mill, walked to my home on cyril avenue to get some kip before i set of at midnight,Anyway the local shop keeper came knocking on the door saying that my truck was on fire , The sheet was smoking , Me and Mr west had to cut the ropes and drag the sheet off, By now the police was with us, I got told off and Tony Hemm give me the sack as i did not notify the police of the fackt my truck was loaded with ammo .P/s if we had not got the sheet off i think there would have been a very big Bang .
  11. I used to work for NCT as a driver and the one you remember on carlton Road i mist and had to wait at the next stop while my conducter walked back to clock her card lol, Also was one on Aspley Lane at the Melbourn Road stop.
  12. My Father had a bull nose Bedford with a Scammell coupling witch had a twenty foot traylor and was on a contract to boots at beeston, He worked for T J HEMM of henry road West Bridgeford who sold out to Rankin & sons of the Medows ,Who got took over by a Mr Less Sutton who ran Sutton & Sons later known as S & S Transport ,Then later changed to NOTTS & LINCS transport and yes i did a spell for notts and lincs when they had a yard just over Colwick crossing as a driver tramping all over the uk, Changing the topick Tommlinson was the only firm with a contract from players His yard was on Glasedale drive, By now i had my own trucks Known as Hambleton Haulage and was also working for players, But most of the time i was running to Stirling in Scotland Loaded both ways up with bacco and back with offal for the bond on Tryamph road, Then Tomlinson lost some of his work but as he had a contract players had to find him work so i lost some of my Stirling work to him, So in the end i went on Middle East transport with two trucks, The photo my son has on here of a truck is one of mine , Just look for steelcowboy lol, Also never had a company called R & T transport that was a company in Spitalfields Market who i did move some veg for,.Anothe guy who worked with me was a guy called Chris Hill who had a Daf truck and bill Kelly also. This might look abit garbled but i am now going blind and deaf But stll around at 82 years old and remembers the past.
  13. Did you know that when Bill died he went to Wilford Hill in his cofin on the back of one of his trucks ,Just thought you might like to know .
  14. On the picture of the single decker did you see the Robin hood logo under the barton logo, Yes Robin hood coaches used to be on huntingdon street just up from bartons.