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  1. Maybe I'm getting confused with virgin itself then? Did they used to have the escalator just going across the 1 floor? Like the airports? Sure it wasn't on though more a feature?
  2. Yeah you're right there was. It was somewhere around where birds is upstairs. And also the big one that is now Burger King outside VC. Looking back they were everywhere.
  3. Sorry, as I said I'm sure it would be covered before. Still though, does anybody remember the store I'm on about? It must've been between it being wh smiths and virgin. Boots was much earlier from what I can tell. The name temptations rings a bell but that could be my memory. Also anybody have anything on the waterwheels? I definitely know they exist I've got to say, the info on this site is amazing. I only found it the other day by chance.
  4. Hi. 2 things that have been bugging me so much and I can't find anything online. I'm new on here so sorry if it's been covered. 1) has anyone got pics or vids of the old water wheels in broadmarsh? They were by the escalators near wimpy. 2) does anyone remember what was in the shop that became virgin megastore on wheeler gate before it was virgin? What I remember is maybe the logo was a devil. Also the escalator that was in the centre of virgin was just on 1 level instead of going downstairs. So like they have in an airport. Also may have been a coffee shop bit at the back. I heard it was wh