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  1. C-T, Did you mean to post that particular picture? That's Mansfield road / Woodborough Rd /Bluecoat st junction. It does say Mansfield Rd on the bottom of the advert. Trueman info and the above picture on here
  2. As another City Council Taxpayer I too think filling the space with shops is pointless, but I believe market forces will sort that out. If there isn't sufficient demand for the units then the current plan won't make financial sense to any developer / buyer. And I doubt there is / will be enough demand. There are still likely to be more casualties in the retail world so other units around the city and in Vic Centre will become available and will compete with Broad Marsh. I would think it's going to have to be a mix of some shops, office space, housing and leisure probably with multiple developers involved.
  3. If the ground rent isn't paid then the land and all on it (except goods etc owned by sub leasees) reverts to the Land Owner. In other words the City Council get the whole site back for free, just as they would if the lease expired under normal circumstances. They'll make up any losses and more when they either sell the site or develop / joint develop.
  4. Thought they were the revised plans for a minute there. What Nottingham is desperate for is another ALDI another LIDL some more Student appartments and another Hotel. I'm sure they could easilly get all of those on the now defunct Shopping site. And those mobile cranes will be back soon, if they haven't already been, to recover the now redundant tower crane. Whatever the outcome is it won't be required for a few years.
  5. It's still way too early to make direct comparisons. Hong Kong Flu, as stated by the article was / is a seasonal flu. Covid as yet has not run long enough to be determined as seasonal, it may keep killing at the same rate throughout the year so the total numbers could exceed H-K Flu. The average numbers of deaths (from that article) from H-K flu in 68/69 were with very little intervention from Governments and others. At that time they had no idea how bad it would spread. The deaths from Covid are at a similar rate BUT with massive intervention and we knew how H-K had spread. What would the death rate have been without intervention? The World population now is far more mobile than it was then so any disease spread is going to far quicker. My Son was in New Zealand in February for 2 weeks working, travelled back via Vietnam with a short stop (still working) over then onto Los Angeles, Toronto, then New York staying for 3 days (early March) then back home to Arizona. 5 days later he was laid up in bed with all the Covid symptoms but couldn't get a test as there were none in A.Z. A few days after that my Daughter in Law had similar symptoms but managed to stay out of bed. Both recovered from whatever it was. Where did he catch whatever it was, how many people did he spread it to and how many people would have been doing similar journeys to that in the 60s/70s
  6. A guess,, Nottingham Garden Workers and Horticuluralist Social Club
  7. Europe, but that would have been when it led to somewhere like Broad Marsh Centre and Bus Station, both now defunct.
  8. Lizzie, Prufe reeding went down the pan long before INTU did. I think the problem is that most professionals rely on the Word type programs for auto correction, although I can't say I ever seen 'collapsed into consideration' used so where that came from I've no idea.
  9. Yes the flats are there, but behind the clock tower.,-1.1515237,311a,35y,90h,39.42t/data=!3m1!1e3 And no, the Post Office isn't half way up the flats it's in WH Smith inside the Centre, Queen St has been closed down Re Westfield, I think they were in difficulty as well, not quite to £2bn like INTU. Correction that must have been when the original 2 Australian brothers owned it, it's owned by the French now.
  10. That's going to be interesting because unless the Administrators can find enough cash in the business to pay for the continued maintenance , cleaning, security and other liablities etc for the centres then they all will have to close. Broad Marsh is effectively closed anyway due to safety issues with the exception of the walkway though from Collin St to Listergate. Contractors are / have removing /ed thier equipment and scaffolding
  11. Where would the Kardomah Cafe be today ? Was on Corner of Lincoln street, now rebuilt as Sports direct, opposite what's now Mcdonalds. I'm sure it had previously been rebuilt to all glass sided to Lincoln St.,-1.1475373,3a,75y,10.31h,88.47t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s1EU6QQwV4M7WrDKys78zFA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 King St mentioned and pictured here and opened in 1929 in the Blogg below,
  12. "You're only supposed to blow up the bledy derelict INTU Broad Marsh Centre not the new Library, Bus station and Carpark that's nothing to do with Intu"
  13. GEM was on the site of the now ASDA but not exactly where Asda is. Asda rebuilt it all. Yes it was the only GEM in Notts.
  14. That assumes the brewers have started brewing, otherwise the pubs will selling pop at 2 shirts and an arm for a pint. Not that I drink alchohol, but it could push up the price of Coke by another arm.
  15. Stuart.C

    5G or not 5G ?

    I've got Virgin 500mb at home. 1st day after it was installed 550mb. Average after that was around 300mb that's plugged in, not Wifi. Then Covid came and it's not been above 100mb since. I'm on Virgin mobile unlimited as well, best I get is around 20mb on Wifi. Turn off wifi on the phone and use 4G and it's barely 10mb. Claimed average by Virgin is 33mb I've complained when I used to get a courtesy call and strangely it improves for a day then returns to the usual.
  16. Ah., I'd forgotten Waitrose is no more, plus they cancelled Edwalton. It's going to have to be behind where Waitrose was, you know where Co-op used to be. Yes, to be Lidl later this year, plus a few smaller shops, (up to 7) subject to the Covid effect. It's going to be all change with a lot of shops and businesses this year and longer.
  17. I think I'd opt for Behind Waitrose as a description. I've nothing against T&D or what they've done for the City, but.
  18. Wollaton Pit was where the Torvill and Dean Housing Estate is now, behind Waitrose. To the rear of Waitrose (formerley CO-OP) along the line of Torvill drive, which roughly folows the line of the old Nottingham Canal, across to the railway line.,-1.2253458,488m/data=!3m1!1e3
  19. Being big and one of the first will have been their problem. They will have got too complacent over the competition and ignored them. Then as above probably misssed the obvious that the rental market was disappearing. Did Wigfalls rent out other domestic appliances? I rented my first T.V (black and white) in 1972 from Southwell T.V rentals, a young upstart in the T.V business. Only 1 shop / depot I believe, but covered the whole of Notts. Upgraded to a colour after a couple of years, kept that a couple of years then bought a colour T.V.
  20. Daft question,,,To the shops of course
  21. I wonder if planning restrictions left them with a limited color choice and they thought,, Green will do.
  22. My Son works in the U.S for a New Zealand company. They employ mainly Americans but also others from around the World. The Americans just don't get the laid back New Zealand approach. American approach, as Mess has said, work, work, work, go, go, go. The N.Z and U.K approach is lets have a chat sort it out and get the job done. Same results just without all the unnecessary stress.
  23. To save some Googling; I only became aware of the "Cis" group in the week as it was mentioned on T.V and had to be explained to the interviewer by the interviewee The term hasn't been around for that long. Cis... means you identify now exactly how you were born i.e Male or Female, Man or Woman, or as might have been described, Normal. Cis came about to (try to) stop the use of Normal, which could imply that other groups or descriptions are or maybe "Not normal". Whoever came up with the idea seems to have forgotten to tell the persons previously described as normal about it as very few seem to know about it.
  24. The maths is the same but in 1947 a 5hp lawnmower would probably have been a ride on mower pulling several gangs of blades and used on country estates.