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  1. Picture 3 with the purple building. Top left, the white tower crane, is phase 1 of the new HMRC building opposite Midland Station, formerly the BierKeller location.
  2. When development was first revealed the name Poplar Heights was being used. Approx 350 homes 93 of which will be Nottm City Homes for rent Plus a total of 170 other homes in local developments. Are all the new kids going to be schooled at home, cause there won't be any land left to build them new schools.
  3. I was an early supporter of P.Bucket and went to subscription when they first introduced it but closed the account when they restricted posting to Forums. They emailed for ages trying to get me back. Flickr have split with Yahoo and I couldn't transfer my login. After investigation Flickr discovered I'd previously managed to have 2 accounts on the same email address, they've closed one now. Looks like the limit is 1000 photos
  4. Watermark over 1 eye, not yours And the watermark is on the Bird photo. Try for photos
  5. I can see the bus stop I can see the clock, it's over 4 hrs slow now (and the minute hand is dead on a minute yet the second hand is on 37seconds, that's not right) And the Cat with 1 eye.
  6. I'd guess that not only did the knife belong to the man, so did the female..
  7. The only other name I remember where you could get Oxy / Acc bottles was Airproducts. Apart from the fabrication businesses that would swap bottles if you had aquired them elsewhere.
  8. 1977 according to this. It's an XLS spreadsheet.
  9. What's now the Viceroy Indian restaurant at Hucknall rd / Perry rd (Prison ) junction used to be a Car sales, that's only a few hundred yards from the Hospital. Sherwood Social club, or similar used to be upstairs.,-1.1581681,3a,75y,48.39h,87.17t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sfVH7mRs4ei1XxLE3R754fg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  10. The land between the Bank and the original Valley road Garage and to the rear of the bank was Thomas Flewitt timber merchant (possibly builder as well) not to be confused with Flewitts the bakers, although may have been related. All that was demolished for the new petrol station. I seem to remember it was Texaco or Fina? I'd remembered there were wooden sheds there but planning confirms it.
  11. Supermarkets use them, but they're out of sight and the tubes are plastic not brass anymore.
  12. Air tube cash transfer systems are still used today.
  13. Brown Brothers were Motor Factors and Electrical wholesalers and possibly more but I used them for both the above. They were in the building called Antenna in this image across from the Post Office sorting office.; Seems Antenna is a Pub ,Bar, Restaurant.,-1.1427626,3a,75y,214.09h,90.92t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1suNOakVb8Tu-LR4cvP265DA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  14. Midland Magneto & Electrical Co. Ltd. The Embankment 15 Traffic Street Nottingham Postal Code: NG2 1NE 0115-955-2233 They were here, next to the railway bridge, now Tram bridge;,-1.1453025,3a,60y,5.16h,90.88t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1soY3eUUQ6HVAXwj9rf0j03g!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  15. Very similar style and age to a house my Mother owned in Arnold. Row of 6 called Ash Cottages. Even down to the Bulwell stone wall
  16. Confusing then. Maybe Bartons jumped the gun expecting to get planning approval to move it
  17. Looks like Historic England have scuppered Bartons plans and now the Art Deco frontage is Grade 2 listed and can't be moved. It will end up being left to decay as no-one will get planning for anything else adjacent to it. (that would make commercial sense). It'll most likely end up being "accidentally" knocked down, or fall down overnight, as has happened before in the City.
  18. There appear to have been 1 or 2 mid air collisions in Notts over the years; 1956 1958 1966 1971 Plus 1 in Derbys 1955 It may be that some have got blurred together. There's a non verified list here;
  19. There were probably some leaves on those lines that coudn't be removed, so new bridge it was.
  20. I'm sure my Wife's wedding ring came from there,she worked for M&S across the road. That's one of the infamous Mr Gerald Ratners businesses, Who'd have thought a few words could cost so much. (approx £500m wiped of the value) Whilst speaking to a few businessmen he was asked, So Gerald “How can you sell this jewellery for such a low price?”, Gerald answers, “Because it’s total crap.”
  21. The only help I can be is that it's parked outside Pearsons, a shop which as a child I used to love going in.
  22. Brilliant, couldn't find it on Scania or Alexander-Dennis.
  23. I found a picture of the opposite side and there isn't any rail anywhere on that. Must be for trees then This bus has them both sides front;,_Reading,_2_April_2011.jpg
  24. I was looking all over at low level, then spotted it. First thought, deflecting Tree branches maybe? Or is that side front window an emergency exit.? And I woner if there is one on the opposite side rear?