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  1. I live between Bulwell and Southglade Park. I can assure you there is no Posh end, just our little Posh Island that the Police helicopter uses to hover over most Friday evenings looking into Bestwood.
  2. Yes Prescriptions over 60 Free TV Licence over 75, NO, not anymore after 2020. Bus / Tram pass Free eye test, although most people get free tests at most opticians. Seniors discount in some food establishments. I've recently been to New Zealand and got Seniors discounted entry to most tourist type places.
  3. The problem is remembering those memories
  4. 7 years short for me for the TV licence. But at least I got my State Pension entitilement at 65.
  5. Given the financial state of Debenhams I doubt they'd spend millions on levelling it out, if they own the building. If it's owned by others, then Debenhams wouldn't be able to justfiy the massive rent increase. That building will be destined for a few small shops with many luxury flats above it. The 9 flats above Wheeler Gate Sainsbury started from £160k when they were converted. (building not owned by Sainsbury) There's probably potential for 50 or more .
  6. It was there in 1960, PAGE 9, from here;
  7. They're a little bit behind and they keep changing their minds about what's going to be there. Broad Marsh Centre is still open but with improvement works going on. The work is to build a new Bus station and to extend Broad Marsh shopping area. Closing Collin Street to traffic and paving it over. New car park, Central Library and lots of other developments in the surrounding area.
  8. No Sunday trading. Very few companies working on a Sunday, anyone working would be going there on a bike. Very minimal buses running, because of the above. And they won't be Postmen, no Sunday deliveries. Maybe Railway workers? Possibly a few Black and Whites sat on the rank on the other side of the square. No reason for anyone to be around. And I'd suspect the photo was staged, particularly as the photographer is sat on the kerb up against the railing. They'd probably waited for the right time to get a near perfect shot.
  9. Looks like it may become Lidl and Housing
  10. They did indeed ; Clicking the UK Careers like takes you to the U.S site.
  11. I live on one of those streets (or Closes as they are) Been here 30 years since Cavco built them and never knew the railway connection apart from Rigleys Names are Rigley Dr, Rugby Cl, March Cl, Darnal Cl (should have 2 L's), Kingsmoor Cl. The other houses nearer Tesco were built later by others so don't follow the railway theme. I drive past the Said sign several times a day but have never read what was on the Brown ones. I'll nip out in the morning and look. I lived in Arnold when younger and used to trainspot around here, I'm sure the level crossing was still there, but not in use, in the early 60's near where the sign now is at the end of Southglade Rd. And on a topic covered here somewhere, I lived next door to the parents of Cavan , Gordon and the other 11 Pickering children in Arnold, for 17 years up untill I got married. The 13 had diverse occupations from a Barber to an Airline pilot. Jack the Father, worked at Raleigh and also owned a lot of houses in Arnold.
  12. Google have been past recently, the front looks finished, whether the rest behind is, is not so obvious.,-1.0720057,3a,60y,120.21h,94.05t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s-m3OthvjjbZyTfeLajGphg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 Satellite view showing buildings at rear of house;,+Nottingham/@52.971393,-1.0716898,138a,35y,90h/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x4879c6be76209c53:0x4f33141d406e2249!8m2!3d52.9711669!4d-1.0741984
  13. Images show a couple of views in the yard. There are at least 6 flats now, one above the shop most in the rear buildings.
  14. Yes it it part of the District scheme now and was Boots originally.
  15. I've just been looking for a current map of the area and went onto Nottingham Planning. Quite by chance there's a planning application from 2001/2 for "Retention of gates " Hurts Yard. There are gates drawn in adjacent to no.15 Hurts yard which backs onto the carpark and was presumably, along with 16, 17, 18 built with the carpark in more recent times. Does that seem more familiar Letsavago? The attached shows the current layout,
  16. Must have gone the , I know a short cut, route,? And I beleive anyone in the Navy with surname Clark(e) is nicknamed Nobby, so that's 1 or 2 possibilities. I worked with one of them.
  17. 1927 according to a photo in the same sequence, picture no 10, from here;
  18. MFN used to owned by the Drummer and founder member of Showaddywaddy , Malcolm Allured, don't know if it still is but he appears to be still alive. It's a very popular motor enthusiasts venue, both bikes and cars.
  19. When I started with the GPO in 1967 the then defunct building, pictured above, was the base for E.L.P Construction (Electric Light and Power), basically anything electrical (non telecom) including Exchange batteries. I was an E.L.P TTA and did some of my apprenticeship blocks there.
  20. I've been on Photobucket almost from the start. I upgraded years ago to subscription to avoid adverts. This was a few $ if I remember. It's gone up over the years to $24.95 per year for a "Plus 20" account. I'm downloading all just in case I don't have backups, then cancelling the auto payment which just happens to be due on Sunday. I suspect the $24.95 would go up this year, it's not listed as an option. I'll go with Postimage. It's seems to be slow downloading, I suspect there are millions of people getting out of Photobkt.
  21. Inspired guess as it looks familiar. Either top of Chapel bar under Parliament st. to the Coop Or under Maid Marion way to Mount st bus station
  22. Hello, another late finder here. I was at ACHS 1962 to 1967. Didn't go into the Sixth year. And lived in Arnold. I still live reasonably local now. It was the first year all years were present following the build up. I was in Cheshire House and Year 1 class 1H Someone asked about streams, there were at least 2 in year 1 and 2 in the Lower School. I remember most of the the Teacher names above but the only pupil name who's posted I recognise is Brian L, same year as myself. Someone mentioned Maria Hawker, she was the same year as me. Also Nick Alexander, Richard Nix, David Cusick, Peter Addison, Alan Carpenter, Chris Woodward, Richard Kanicula, Peter Bartley, Denis ?, John Dobson, Neil Reid, Jeremy Simonite (?), Tony Evans, Girls; Linda Lewis, Marylin Carter, Janet Sharpe, Vivien Gath,