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  1. 50 minutes ago, Cliff Ton said:


    At the moment it still is a jewellers


    I'm sure my Wife's wedding ring came from there,she worked for M&S across the road.


    That's one of the infamous  Mr Gerald Ratners businesses,

    Who'd have thought a few words could cost so much. (approx £500m wiped of the value)


    Whilst speaking to a few businessmen he was asked,

    So Gerald “How can you sell this jewellery for such a low price?”,

     Gerald answers, “Because it’s total crap.”



  2. 9 minutes ago, Brew said:

    I wonder what the grab handle is for?


    I was looking all over at low level, then spotted it.

    First thought, deflecting Tree branches maybe?


    Or is that side front window an emergency exit.?

    And I woner if there is one on the opposite side rear?

  3. I assumed the concrete was historic but not original and water had got under it, initially through cracks then lifted it up and scoured the soil away.




    Looking at the video of the massive amounts of water running over it I wonder if it was just shear weight of water that dislodged the concrete being as it was just a skin.

    I'd imagine they'll be bolting and grouting it in as they do on embankments once things settle down.

  4. 7 hours ago, radfordred said:

    So 50 years on, did they really step foot on the moon & why have we not been back? 



    No point going back, there wasn't any Cheese after all.

    Think the Man in the Moon must have eaten it all.





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  5. Definitely Woolies after 1955, when I moved to Arnold, untill they moved across the road into what is now Iceland.


    References on here to Empress;


    Just found this, it was Empress, then Kings then Empress agin;



    But it says demolished 1956 which is clearly wrong,? those steps look remarkably like Woolies old ones.


    Picture here labelled as Kings.

    Small building next door I remember as Rowbottoms Butcher, then Cross Keys pub, still there today up to the corner of Ravenswood.



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  6. I was so convinced about how good it would be I didn't waste any time bothering to watch it.


    Clarkson and co. were good and the show WAS great, but I'd stopped watching it before they sacked him.


    If they changed the cast in the Archers and moved the setting to Milton Keynes, would the original listeners still follow it, I doubt.


    It's time to drop the name Top Gear, it's just causing confusion and comparison to the original.

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  7. I'd have been rolling on the ground laughing at the £375,000, let alone the £381,916.67.


    I believe that if and when these priced plates actually sell then they don't go for anything like the advertised price.


    In 51 years of car ownership I've always resisted the temptation to spend money on number plates and I've never seen the point of having your own initials.

    I've had a few cars that came with low numbers or tidy lookin numbers but untill last year I've never paid for one.

    I spent a whole £250 direct from DVLA including fees, for a car specific plate.

  8. 15 minutes ago, philmayfield said:

    That's exactly where I've been, Darnal Close off Rigley Rd. I also remember when that was all fields and farms. It was part of our cross country course when I was at Mellish. Quite nice area. Not proper Bulwell though! I always think of Bulwell as the Bogs and Market Place and St. Mary's church. Bulwell actually covers a very large area.


    I'm on the first road, Rugby.



    6 minutes ago, DJ360 said:

    As I remember Rigleys, they had sidings close to the old Leen Valley line.  These extended southwards towards Southglade Road, ending in a steep bank down to the field opposite Southglade.  In the South East corner they had a general dumping area, where they tipped old paint cans, furnace slag and assorted other rubbish. To the East of the works they had their sand quarry.  To the North, their offices, running pretty much all the way down to what we knew as 'Lover's Lane', now Top Valley Way.


    Found this recently 1913.

 , Hucknall, Nottinghamshire&latitude=53.035660&longitude=-1.211072


    If you zoom in (top left of screen) on where Southglade Rd / Rigleys is, it shows the 1913 map with all the farms before Bestwood and with current layout very faint in the background.

    Use the slider in the top right of screen and you can fade the current layout in.