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  1. Thanks yes you are correct that is why I did say i was not implying he was involved in any card games and I did say "I myself" used to know of card games that went on around Nottingham which if you put 2+2 together = customers for legalised gambeling establishments (Not that i am implying he was involved) I could have put it better I shall clarify I ment that he built legal licensed premises where before there wasnt any so people could gamble legally I never implyed he was runing ilegal gambleing.
  2. lol not really hehe If I remember the story of how he became rich I think he started with either a chip shop or renting gambleing machines to buisness like chip shops pubs sorry iam trying to remember what i was told about George Atkins was 30 years ago i was told about him from my father who knew him well. I think he then went into property buying and leasing out comercial property to other buisness men. I do remember he did own the casino before he sold it to Reo Stakis that I rememeber 100% If I remember correctly I heard he owned some or all the land around Nottingham railway station not sure how he acquired it but If I remember he owns the land and some is leased to Nottingham railway not 100% sure if that info is correct but I know he has some interest in it. this should help seems accurate Says he started with a betting shop but I am sure there is more to it than that shall we say i used to know a lot of card games that used to go on around the city not strictly kosha Not that i am implying he was involved There are other who I have met who are not that far behind him far as wealth is concerned.
  3. There used to be a sign above the doors of the Ritzy/Palias nightclub. One of my friends who was head door man there told me too look up and read what it says I doubt most people ever knew it was there (Through these doors are some of the most beutiful girls in the country) I think thats right.
  4. I used to love going to goose fair. Always went with freinds. I remember when I was about 17 a freind of mine who used to work for one of the guys who ran one of the the waltzers rides. He lived in Nottingham but was very well know around the city centre and knew alot of the guys who owned rides that came to goose fair. He used to do some crazy things with those waltzers like doing handstands between the waltzer cars while it was runing ful speed. He favorite game was kicking the back of the walzter usually with girls in the car to make it spin faster. Oh boy did he scare those poor girls XD You dont see the ride jockeys who used to do things on rides like that anymore as elf & safety would shut them down. He invited me and about 6 of my freinds to go on the first night and told us to stay late so we did they used to do cheap night first night. hehe he went round with us and told us to get on just about every ride as they were testing we had spent all our money by about 10pm From about 11 until 1 am we must have been on 10 rides for free. it used to close by 12am but still a few people around at 1 am and we all got free rides great times
  5. What could possably go wrong there. I wonder if any one turned up trying to be smart with a 12 gauge shot gun
  6. I will tell you there Problem with the redevelopment of Trinity square is all those new buildidngs were desighned for big companys not the small buisness that built Nottingham. I will tell you all a real shocking secret. The rent is stupid high were talking only huge companys can afford example were poundworld is next to Waitrose the yearly rent if I remember i asked the estate agent who was advertiseing it was between £150 000 and £250 000 a year I know as I asked about it for a cafe. I think if I remember was £150 000 plus rent £100 000 buisness rates. a year Also the leases for thease buildings have service charges simlar to full repairing and insuring lease that means the roof leaks you pay on top of that you have to pay their buildings insurance that is not cheap were talking £10 000's a year It gets worse usally with all buisness leases you are responsable for the rent even if you go bust you usally have a get out clause after about 5/10 yearsas a typicall lease is around 15 years and unless you can sell up and pass the buisness to someome else or use the get out clause guess what yup you still have to pay the rent. Hay gets even worse when if you sell your buisness as by now you ready for a heart attack as a 80 hour week is normal for small buisness men The person you sell the buisness too goes bust or decides not to pay the rent guess who pays yup you do lmao win win win for the big companys. Yes my heart stopped I could not believe the rent was so high that and the buisness rates no way can any small buisness can afford even half that its plain greed. The city centre developments around the UK as a whole are built by investment companys for companys all makes them rich and the country poor. It is delibarate pushing the small buisness out for the sake of greedy companys and no it does not benefit the comunity small buisness create more wealth per capita and jobs as the money goes back into other local buisness while the companys just hoover up the cash and poof its gone out of the local comuninty. So that is why Trinty square has changed.
  7. Yes all the traffic lights and street lights and the first town centre cctv were all controlled from under Trinity Square car park. There was a set of stairs near the 3 phone boxes that were there leading down under the top end of the car park. I used to see alot of comeings and goings mostly traffic wardens and a few bus drivers I think they went down there just to hang out for a cup of tea lol. I knew a lot of trffic wardens they used to sneak down the back alley of the Moulin Rouge to get into the kitchen for a cup tea many times I walked into the kitchen there would be as many as 6/7 traffic wardens bus drivers the odd taxi driver yapping away shhh dont tell anyone lol I knew alot of them really were nice guys skivers but nice heheI In those days the traffic wardens didnt bother motorist so much only if you were doing something dumb like parking in the middle of the road I never saw any of them handing out tickets they would just tell you to move if you doing something silly. Many times they let me off parking on double yellows hehe Trinity square was like a meeting place for them as central police station was just around the corner. didnt hurt to grease a few palms in those days
  8. HeHe I actually saw the real life plans as My father and other local buisness men were invited too see the plans at the planning office in the council building in market square.I went with him too see the plans they were not very detailed no 3D mock up just the plans all in colour but difficult too tell exactly what they were on about. The guy who invited us was not very forth comeing on what inpact it would have. I could tell they were going through with it no matter if anyone had an objection .
  9. You would think I would remember his sign I rememeber it was green with I think gold writing I saw it hundreds of times but cant remember exactly just that the windows were wooden and it was dark inside and smelled like a proper tailors my father had 3/4 suits made by Bob Patchett. Most of the local buisness men and judges barristers and offcials went there during the 1970's and 1980's. I really do miss the times and the old Nottingham I was very lucky and privalidged to have been a part of the town centre and to have met so many of the city centre people that few even knew existed its now more of a metropolis now
  10. I hate getting older especially with my experince of the town centre pitty I cant upload my brain directly I am sure people would find The info I have very interesting .lol. No thats not an offer for disection thanks hehe. I just remembed the name of the guy who opened the amusement arcade in Trinity square (Barry Nobel) Amusments. My father met him in the casino a few times where all the wealthy gambels hung out was near the Fountain pub on Bridelsmith gate. as that was the only legal (yes there were ilegal card games gambeling hehe) casino in the city in the 1980's before the other 2 casinos in Nottingham opened. 1 is on maid marrion way it was opened by Reo Stakis he also owend the one on Bridelsmith gate its closed down now I think other one is Alea casino on upper Parliment street. but I dont think Reo Stakis was involved with that one I think its a diffrent company anyway Reo Stakis died in 2001 My father was upset as he knew Reo Stakis very well. From what I remember being told Barry Nobel was a ruthless buisness man very rude and full of himself made millions opening amusment arcades with the focus on gambeling machines not gameing machines Iam sure that is 100% correct knew I had it in the old gray cells some where
  11. Hope that dont break any terms and conditions thats the pot bellied teacher who`s wife died and it sent him off the rails poor guy I heard him speaking to someone you could tell he was very well spoken very deep voice but well spoken. Was another tramp tall guy dark hair very tall cant find a pic of him. Both were proberbly the most well known around town as they were both in prietty bad state poor guys.
  12. I posted somewhere in the forums on a simalar topic but I cant remember where If I am right sounds like the one I mentioned this guy Oh apparently i cant upload the image so if anyone knows how or where i can upload it for viewing let me know only thing i can suggest is type in google ( nottingham tramps 1980s) images should be the first image I was told by a police constable that he was a teacher his wife died and it sent him crazy so he ended up a tramp. I was also told he died with over 800 000 in the bank I think he had a son who did not want anything to do with him.
  13. Hi from what I remember not sure exactly memory not so great nowadys hehe . Yes I think bob patcett became the opticians the frontage was alot different when it was bobs. Bobs son I think he may still be running his fathers buisness they moved to chappel bar I think but that was 2004 if I remember rightly not sure if he is still there I do remember my father telling me it was bob`s son and it was a tailors I think it was chappel bar or somewhere near there. As for the amusement arcade From what i think I remember my father told me it was either a cafe or small resturant but I think he said cafe. My father wanted to buy it, to expand the Moulin Rouge as its not very big its long but narrow building but the then owner of the Moulin Rouge Andrew Petsas poured water over the idea so it was empty for a short while. Then an American amusment owner I forgot his name ill update when I remember his name bought it as part of his global empire. The day it opened it was opened by Diana Dors the actress.who cut the ribbon. She then came into the Moulin Rouge for unschedueld dinner she signed a book she was selling I still have it.
  14. I remember Bob Patchett as it was just a couple of doors up from the Moulin Rouge My father had a few suits tailored by him he used to eat sometimes in the Moulin Rouge
  15. I used to know a few bouncers around the clubs apperently 2 main people who were employing bouncers for hire were Richard and Chris Bailey known locally as the Bailey brothers. They were also had something to do with the Peggers inn in sneighton I think if I remember they took over the Peggers Inn. A freind of mine was DJ there not for long though. A freind of mine used to manage the doors at Ritzy/ palias nightclub by the name of Mike last I saw him was around 2003. Others bouncers there was 2 well known characters Lenny and Ticky if I remember correctly I saw Lenny working the doors at the Fountain opposite the dog and bear. I did bump into a lady by the name of Maz she told me she also was involved in door security around Nottingham and even worked doors herself she lives in Mansfield.