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  1. Being the newbie I am to N.S. I couldn't work out how to reach out to Physical Perfection to tell him to get on with life as you never know what tomorrow will bring. Obviously at the moment time with my wife and family come ahead of time I would normally have spent on N.S. so that is really why I had missed this conversational thread. The outpouring (if that is the correct word) from you all has really surprised me, people we've never met actually feel for us - there is hope for humanity you lot! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and please don't feel sorrry for us (I'm cer
  2. just before Christmas my wife went to the G.P. with a dry cough that just wouldn't go away, 7 weeks later we were told she has terminal cancer and between 3 and 6 months to live. She is having chemo at the moment with a hope it will give us a few extra months but the treatment is certainly palliative rather than curative. The idea not being more than 30 minutes away from home is in case her temperature goes up, she needs to go to hospital. After 40 years together it's a bit of blow but we are trying to make the most. So my advice to "Physicalperfection" is CRU
  3. God bless Miss Allsopp - I found her such a nice, kind person - always wished she taught me French instead of Miss Betts
  4. Mr Stone (Art) - anyone remember him, although I was rubbish at art I must have thought a lot of him as I gave a lot of my time up mixing cement for the pond. Yes Annswabey Miss Donaldson - should have been a looker, not sure why not but never liked her. I remember (Ms) Sandra Clarke (Geography) wore shorter skirts than most, she was a real dictator and always gave homework to write up neat from rough jotter! I think I was in the same class as Philip Stott, but maybe from year 3 - owe him appologies, my dry sense of humour was a little cutting for someone like him - yes, he was a geek,
  5. I have scan read the comments and articles about BGS, seen lots about Mr (Willy) Williams, Miss Betts (yes, I agree back in 1968 seemed awfuly old) Miss Tomlinson (who taught my sister) Fruit Robinson (I wonder if he is still giving out detentions - or perhaps I was just born bad) Mrs Beelby (what a love) can't remember the younger teacher who worked with her '70 - 72 Mr Jacobs (old school gent) Mr Bristow (glad he got head ship even if acting) Peter Hutchinson (RIP) no mention of David Bland (Biology) does anyone else remember him, to me he was far from bland, he (and many girls) sparked my i