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  1. My first date with Chris (my husband of 40 years) was at the bierkeller in May 1975! Romantic or what - his brothers were there (as it was one of the brothers birthday) - it was my first time there and as a 17 year old - the drink took hold very quickly - I had to be carried out !!!
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    Hello! I'm a relative newcomer too, welcome I'm sure you will enjoy the site
  3. I noticed that the other day too! Shocking - that was the furthest my Dad used to venture back when I was a little 'un in the 60s. - Bag of crisps and a bottle of pop with a straw whilst standing in the entrance! Waiting on old Arthur whilst he regaled the poor unsuspecting folk inside with his takes of the war: fleet air arm, Royal Navy days and years at Babbington pit! He was a character
  4. Despite all the HSE regs. My brother, who has cleaned Windows for 40+ years, mainly on Alfreton Road and around Hyson Green/ Radford area (and used to clean the ice rink Windows before it was remodelled!) used ladders, chamois and squegies plus fairy liquid (only the best in his bucket) he has only properly retired this year !
  5. My first job after school was at Boots on Station Street in the Sales Records department - started in August 1974 and left in April 1981
  6. Yes indeed, Mrs Glass ! I do remember her sarcasm very well: I once got the rough end of her tongue because I had 'dared' to leave some loose papers in my exercise book and they fell out onto her living room floor when she marked my work! Pathetic or what?!
  7. Thank you - once I've started I can't stop ! You do seem like a great bunch and I'm glad to have found the site.
  8. My word Jill your memory is impeccable! I do remember most of the teachers you mentioned and actually couldn't say that I liked any of them ! I do remember the music teacher just wanting to get the speech day songs spot on and spending ridiculous amounts of time in the hall practicing the Hallelujah Chorus ! My favourite subjects (and ones I got O levels in) were history, geography and RE and also the 2 Englishes - I think because the teachers I had for those lessons were, at least, OK and didn't make you feel like an imbecile for asking questions. I was good at maths and enjoyed the subject
  9. Now then Jill you've got the old memory cells working ! It must have been Mrs Lowe and definitely was Mrs Christie - 'Bon' ? ! As for the others : Langley, Bianchina (English), Edgeley (science), the two games teachers (!), Davy - I will mull over the rest today as I can't bring any others to mind - I can visualise them but can't put names to them yet!
  10. Thanks to all for the lovely welcomes ! Yer a good bunch X
  11. We probably know each other! I have 3 older brothers - Tony who is 68, David is 67 and Colin is 65. Our name is Wilson. I went To Percy St school
  12. Thank you - I'm thoroughly enjoying reliving memories already !
  13. I was born at No 6 in 1958 and we moved up the Road to The Elms (it had just moved from Pit ownership to the council) in the early 60s - can't remember the exact date but I remember being in the cottages the day Kennedy was shot! There was 6 of us in 2 bedrooms - I had 3 older brothers too
  14. Indeed we have ! We had one for 16 years and he sadly died about 8 years ago. We have just had a new kitten and he is a proper little Lord of the manor already!
  15. My mum moved into 13 Willoughby Court from a terrible house on Ireton Street off Alfreton Road/ Portland Road that had no inside toilet or bathroom at all - this was in the early 70s! So for her it was like heaven - bathroom and under floor heating ! she loved it but missed a bit of a yard to hang her washing which she had before! Sadly she died in 1987 bless her
  16. I remember Colmans as being a Northern Soul venue around 74/75 I think on a Thursday night. there is a reunion taking place somewhere soon but I'm not interested as I prefer my memories.
  17. I remember the horses at the Park Tavern across the road and at the Red Lion just a bit further up Nuthall road from us brining the barrels - they scared me as I thought they were huge !
  18. The Co Op on Nuthall Road was our 'local' and the one in town (Parliament Street) - my mums was 96497 and she shopped at the local one every day! She used to get these cheque type things too that she paid weekly for and could buy larger things at the one in town - a type of credit I suppose
  19. Yes indeed I do ! My brother has recently remarried to an old manning girl: she is 10 years older than us and shares the same feelings about said sporty teachers !
  20. My word Jill this post has taken me back and I can still feel those nervous butterflies at being found out to be a non subscriber to the Manning way! I dared to have some of my uniform purchased from the Co op and had grey culottes for my first hockey lesson - Miss Ramsdale was far from happy ! Those poor teachers form day one gave me an inferiority complex which lasted through my school years. A far from happy experience but my junior school (Old Basford Percy St) wAs a lovely time and I'm glad at least part of my school life was happy
  21. I remember Julie Minns and the twins Catherie and Elizabeth Moore - the twins were in my forms and very sporty (which I wasn't) !
  22. Thank you it's good to remember the old times
  23. I bet the cottages were the same then as when I was born ! Thanks for the welcome