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  1. Absolutely not the same place. As it's already been said, Giltbrook house is/was a nursing home but it used to belong to Doctor Towle who had his surgery in front of it. Someone has posted an aerial view of the old folks home. I know someone who used to work there. Giltbrook Hall was just after the Bonser forklift factory and belonged to the same chap who owned the tannery. It's all long gone but don't be mistaken with the old Giltbrook Doctor and his house. (Apologies, didn't realise the topic was SO old)
  2. Hi Kimberley is the Highland Laddie pub still open on High Steet Kimberley

    1. Jackobite


      The Highland Laddie was pulled down around 1972/3. Sorry.

  3. Hi Kimberley have you lived in Kimberley long? My wife Jill lived in Kimberley until she emigrated to Canada in 1957 when she was 11yrs old.Jill has a few cousins in Kimberley and Babbington across the road from the water tower.Her cousin John Parkin played cricket for Kimberley Institute Cricket Club and still takes care of the pitch,we have a daughter named after Kimberley,look forward to hearing from you ,bye for now Ian Canada.

  4. Who were that two hit wonder band from Nottingham, 3 letters after the members names...maybe 1990/91? One who was chubby ran that pub which was on the junction of western boulevard with Radford Rd which was demolished to make a drive thru McDonalds (think it was called Whatsits and Thingumyjigs for a while?) There were two white guys and one black guy and I worked at what was the Mobil petrol station on Nuthall Road next door to Ideal Cleaning and Sherriff Tool Hire. I left the garage and this black guy took my position and he'd only been there a couple of weeks when their record was a h
  5. I always remember the corpo bus on the video but wondered if it was just one that had been sold having retired from service. I remb at the time keep pausing my video until I was absolutely sure the bus was definitely Nottm corpo.
  6. I just searched it on Wikipedia and it says the film made a loss. One thing I did notice in the Wiki info is the details of who wrote the film; One name mentioned is Victor MacLure and although the spelling is slightly different, I wondered if he could possibly be a Grandfather of the wonderful Wollaton actress Vicky McClure. I know people in the arts often have roots laid firmly in the past.
  7. So what was the storyline of the film? He says "I expect they'll know who I am", so now I'm intrigued, who was Mr Knight? Enjoyed those clips. Sadly I cannot download the film because it says it's expired. I like stuff like this especially if some connection i.e location or actor. I did laugh at the schoolboy's face when he turned around. He's like one of those 30year olds we see on the news trying to pass themselves off as child migrants.
  8. Anyone remember the drivers of the old MG and Trent buses heading up Derby Road to Canning Circus and not being able to get their gears? Even as a little girl I got a cricked neck going home from shopping with my mother and when my dad came home from work that night, he took me to the old Ilkeston Hospital to be checked out. Oh and my mother was a pain for nodding of to sleep on the bus and missing our stop at Gilthill near Kimberley and she would tend to wake up seconds after and then we'd not be allowed off until the next stop outside Bonser Engineering. She was a crazy woman and would
  9. I hated that bus station, accessing it thru that tunnel. I was terrified of the tramps as a little girl and everyone was smoking. The smell on the buses from it too. I do remb the canteen bus for drivers at Mount Street. I much preferred it when Trent moved their buses to the original Victoria Centre bus station, although still the vile fumes from buses and cigarettes.
  10. I just ordered 3 prints from Malcolm Parnham. One of Wolsey factory, one of forty Bridges and one of Shippo's bridge over Kimberley Main Street and all featuring a midland general bus. I was born in 1970 and recall in the first half of the seventies, standing at the bus stop at the top of Gilthill with my mother and guessing whether it'd be a blue bus or a red bus to Nottingham so that must've been when the changeover was from Midland General to Trent Motor Traction Company.
  11. My husband recalls the Highland Laddie on High Street being open as he's ten years my senior. It was already demolished when I started drinking in 1985 but a side wall still stood for many years until High St was made one way and new bungalows were built. I don't ever remb the building intact and used to wonder when I heard it mentioned, how it got its name, with where it was. I studied local history at school (KimboComp) but never heard any scots connection to the town.
  12. Yes there was a model railway within the towers, way back in the mid seventies. There was also a children's roundabout in the courtyard area and chair lifts. My parents used to love going to the gardens. My sister was a baby so it was 1975 and I'd have been four. In the late 70's when advertising on TV, the advert was set to the music called 'EyeLevel'. I distinctly remember the trainset as even though I was a girl, I've had a lifelong obsession with them. I'd spend ages outside Beatties when walking with my mother back to what used to be Mount Street bus station. She would be hopping mad
  13. re #357 Bless you TBI & Cliff Ton for that. I asked lots of ppl and they couldn't even remb the place but I was convinced I wasn't mistaken. Thanks for the photie too
  14. That's a refreshing news website. Thanks for the heads up. I may live miles away now, out in the land of carrot crunchers and Poles but I still like to see what's happening where I still call 'local'