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  1. hello mick

    im new here .

    i cant put any pics or files when i message any one.

    keeps saying there too big.

    some one here told to use photobucket  but cant get the hang of it.

    any help please.

    allso im looking for some photo,s of nottingham round about the 1900,s so i can mark where my relatives used to live on my family tree.

    so please please any help.

    kind regards


    1. mick2me


      It is dealt with in the help area of the forum

  2. hello annswabey. thank you for your help. this is a carbon copy of my grandads wedding certificate but i just cant read the writing on things like this. i have scanded it but i cant attach it saying the file size ia too big i could email it to you if that would be ok? or i could give you as much details as i can read for you? regards Gordon
  3. yes i think that is me top left next to the teacher. i was 10 years old in 65. i lived at 8 leafield green. where are you in the photo? and can i ask your name if thats ok by you. kind regards Gordon
  4. hello yes my surname is perks. i went to greencroft junior school in clifton from about 1962. yes i am gordon perks . i lived in clifton from 1962 till i moved in 2004 with my wife. hope to chat to you more please. kind regards Gordon
  5. thank youfor your reply lizzie. there is one thing i want help with i got a marriege certificate of my gran but i cant read the writing. do you know of any one out there who could try to read the name of there fathers. i would be happy to give them a copy to read it. kind regards gordon
  6. do any body know the perks family. or the duke family. we lived in the meddows ,beeston, im resirching my family but come to a dead end. is there any members who would want to chat on line with me some time please. me and my wife moved to hastings about 8 years ago . so i dont have any one to help me. be happy to show my family tree. im on facebook . so please any one out there love to make friends with some poeple from notts. kind regards Gordon p
  7. a big thank you to every body who helped me looking for Mount East Street . do anybody remember ruddington army depo. used to go round there a lot in the 60s. and what about the train bridge over the river trent on the embankment can just remember trains going over it. i used to get in the loco sheds on midland furlong road when i was about 7 years old. sat there for hours watching them clean the fire boxs out. 61 years old and still mad about steam. LOL my wife calls me a train nutter. WOW thats 54 years a train nutter. anyway kind regards G
  8. do any body know where mount east street used be in nottingham in the 1800 s. its were my great gran used to live. trying to find it for my family tree