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  1. There was a hole in the Rock face just up from the Lower Entrance of Mortimer's Hole where we young lads used to climb up to and then drop down into Mortimer's Hole and then make our way up to the Castle. In an effort to prevent us doing that, they put wire Mesh over it. That didn't work so they bricked it up (Miserable Sods). I also have a memory of a few (just under the surface tunnels) that ran adjacent to the Rock Face. They had a wooden door at each end and the tunnels were only about 3 ft high and about 40 feet long. I have no idea what they were used for but they were an adventure
  2. Here's a Link that will answer your question and probably help with other stuff that may be of interest.
  3. I think a lot of people have gone over to a Facebook group called 'Nottingham, Way Back When' which has grown very quickly to nearly 8000 Members.
  4. Have you got a Link to the Council site he can be found on please?
  5. Nope... I couldn't find it either on Broadway using that Maps Link. Surely there is someone who knows of it, where it is or If, Why and How could it have been allowed to be removed.
  6. Maybe the BBC might give it a go.
  7. Post #23 Crocus Inn...... In the Window facing Goodhead Street (between the Bottles) there was a small 'Babycham' figure made up of 'Babycham' Bottle Tops on a Wire frame.
  8. It's close to the wall, as I remember, and about 3 inches wide by about 12 feet long but it's been a long time since I saw it last. I suspect that it may still be there.
  9. I am looking for information about a Land ownership demarcation Line in the form of a 'Metal Bar' set in the Pavement on Broadway in the Lace Market. This Metal Bar divider was between the Land owned by two rival Hosiery Manufacturing Companies. I believe this Metal Bar is still there to this day. I would appreciate it if someone could post a Link to a Website that has the information that I'm looking for. Thanks.
  10. Brie and Cranberry is a tasty combination
  11. As a young un, I enjoyed eating Sandwiches that were made with Colwick Cheese and Cucumber Slices (that had been soaked in Vinegar for a couple of days). The Chemical contrast complimented each other and made for a tasty combination. It is a popular Culinary concept that works well in 'Crisps' for example; Cheese and Onion, Salt and Vinegar and many more contrasting combinations of foods that perhaps, do not occur to us and take them for granted as we wolf them down.
  12. After searching for a DVD of; 'The Wednesday Play, 'Sling Your Hook' I couldn't find it on YouTube, BBC Shop or on Amazon.
  13. Thanks for the info lads. It's been doing my head in...until now. Where can I buy a DVD of it? Rob Bettridge (I lived at 179 'Rupert Street' near the Gun Factory in the 'Ode Meduz')
  14. There was a TV film made in the 1970's (I think) that was about a Lads Bus trip to Blackpool for a bunch of Regulars from a Pub in Nottingham. The real pub used was the 'Plumtre Arms' in the Meadows but in the film, it was called the 'Mustard Pot'. However, I can't remember what the Film was actually called. Does anyone know the name of the Film?