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  1. I see that a statue of Sir Tom in Derbyshire has been defaced by protestors who thought they would further their cause by pouring urine over it. An absolute disgrace that cannot be tolerated. The picture of one of them stated she was a medical student, obviously a waste of public money educating her. Those identified should be arrested and charged with as many offences that can be pinned on them. No cause is made believable by these idiots and it must be made abundantly clear to them that society will not tolerate actions like this. If these are an example of a future generation who are going
  2. Despite the sadness of the occasion it was a demonstration to the rest of the world that nobody matches the British when it comes to pageantry and ceremony. The precision throughout was magnificent.
  3. The tank that fell off the Lightening actually landed on the centre of Nottingham Road next door but one to our house. For many years you could see the mark on the road where it landed. I was about 10 at the time and came home from scool at lunch to find the area swarming with police and fire brigade. The whole area smelt strongly of kerosene and there were bits of tank everywhere, one small piece of which I still have. In those days you had to have two aerials if you had ITV and BBC, the flying debris sliced one of our cables in two but missed the other. It wasn't long before top brass from D
  4. That was when kids were allowed to be kids and enjoy a childhood. These days many are just fashion accessories to be farmed out to anyone who will look after them while the parents live their lives as they did before parenthood.
  5. Well done the girls
  6. Only thing was he wasn't high fiving. For that behaviour he should have been banned for life.
  7. Bring back Alf Garnett, opiniated bigot or not a lot of truth was hidden behind the guise of comedy.
  8. Another habit copied from America, they will be including the spectators before long.
  9. Well done the girls, some of the overpaid fairies in the men's game should take note of how you conduct yourselves. You are a credit to your sport.
  10. Been told I am the same, but given the number of years I have been in training it is good to have qualified. Apart from that , where would this website be without us grumpies?
  11. Won't be touching Ovaltine again after seeing that ad BK!
  12. Tattoos of any kind do not look good either on men or women. When the entire arm is done is the most repulsive to me, it doesn't look clean. I sat in my doctors pharmacy waiting for my prescription a couple of weeks ago when a nurse walked in. She must have been 60ish and had a big rose tattooed on the back of each calf, my immediate thought was they will look good when your backside is rubbing your footprints out in the sand. I cannot understand for the life of me why anyone would pay to have their body defaced. If skin was supposed to be multi coloured I am sure Mother Nature would have take