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  1. The older cars also lent themselves to the addition of extra dials. I had a Hillman Hunter and fitted oil pressure gauge, ammeter and volt meter. Along with stick on heated window panel, fog lamps and driving lamps there was an array of dials and switches. Modern cars do not offer the areas around the dash to fot such items.
  2. Effective though. The hardest part was to get them stuck on with no ripples and not damaging the foil elements.
  3. Seeing the activities on the news it just proves that certain members of thhe public are their own worst enemies. In the current situation they are also everybodies elses worst enemy. Covid is not going to go away so we are going to have to modify how we live to cope with it. The sooner people get this into their heads the easier it will be for all of us.
  4. Had similar RR but the new one is "why are you painting it that colour?". Answer is because I want to, twat.
  5. Goes for me as well Jonab
  6. Yes, one of them did appear to be female. In the current trend of equality both would be punished identically in my book. In fact they can count themselves lucky they are not related to me as what the authorities might do to them would be nothing to what I would do.
  7. Saw on the news today a cctv footage of two idiots smashing a defibrilator at a football club. The image seemed clear enough for the authorities to be able to identify them so when they are picked up make an example of them. Before actual punishment they should be made to pay personally for twenty defibrilators as a by the way to redirect their tendancies. It is an absolute disgrace for this to happen and is totally unacceptable behaviour that should not be tolerated. I am not interested in any excuses for their action,they are not fit to be allowed to walk free.
  8. High time it was drilled into these students that history cannot be rewritten, what happened was in the past and cannot be changed. They are at university to be educated not cause disruption and annoy people. Any of them who cause damage to property should be thrown out on their ear. No argument is going to be sold to the masses by the actions of a bunch of louts. To want to remove the Queens portrait is an absolute disgrace and they should be given a very clear message of who is in charge and it is not them. If they don't like it well hard luck. They are little more than children and are sup
  9. My sentiments exactly Phil. The only problem is that the general public are very short sighted and will all rush out like greyhounds out of the trap. It is through mass grouping that we got in the mess we did. Yes, it might be a bit tough not being able to do what you want but not as tough as what has happened to over 120,000 people who are not here to do what they liked doing. We owe it to them to act responsibly and not take any chances.
  10. Look at it this way BK, if some of those who think they are so clever had to do things that you have done in life would they still think they were clever. I have known people who were fine in their theoretical knowledge but were useless when it came to being practical. Someone once tried a bit of oneupmanship with a friend of mine by sneering he went to university. Without batting an eyelid my friend responded "so did Burgess and Mclean but look how much use they were". Total silence followed. My grandfather was a down to earth type and one of his expressions was " if you are content you are t