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  1. Nothing wrong with Charlie Dimmock, a more relaxed figure than she used to have possibly but I would have her in my team any day.
  2. The dolphins have got more intelligence.
  3. I would have been doing my apprenticeship at the same time Chris. I did a short spell at Deering Street before being transferred to Bell Street. If you are the Chris I remember you had a Reliant, maroon if I remember rightly. I remember Pete Heron, also Claude Lawrence, Gordon Walker, Ben Brentnall and various other characters. I enjoyed my time there and learnt a lot.
  4. Glad my time will be up before it becomes compulsory.
  5. Sooner cricket is back on terrestrial television the better.
  6. Hedley Wrights was a very popular wet fish shop at the lower end of Watnall Road . Always remember going there as a kid for fish for Friday tea and being served by Ethel, a lovely lady with a permanent smile for the customers. Always top quality fish from there and good service.
  7. High time we got our priorities sorted and stuff the do gooders.
  8. Not to be confused with" Me ears are alight"
  9. Followed by she's a muscular boy
  10. When political correctness and racism get pulled into the realm of childrens toys it is time to say enough is enough.
  11. My first car was a Hillman Minx, old style body. It ran well and was easy to maintain, ideal for a keen young motorist. I learned a lot from that car then moved on to a Hillman Hunter.
  12. It should be made quite clear that the NHS is not there for idiots like this to satisfy their whims and will not fund perverted ventures like this. While there are people needing treatment for genuine illnesses and ailments to waste resources on things like this is obscene and unacceptable.
  13. Must have been either '65 or '66. I know he was a couple of years behind me and I left in '67. Can't remember if it happened in a school match or a routine games period but it certainly was a chilling feeling when it happened.