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  1. A fine innings Sir. Never afraid to speak his mind but always did a fine supporting job, a dedicated man.
  2. Enjoyed the documentary on Monday about the last flight of the last remaining Vulcan bomber. Although it was designed as a killing machine it was a magnificent sight and much loved by those who had worked with it. I remember it when it was at Rolls Royce at Hucknall and used to come over our house. It was pure white in those days but still an awesome sight.
  3. All smacks of the American love of hype and publicity. Given their track record on racism they would be better thinking before casting aspersions on others. To quote a post on another thread " a closed mouth gathers no foot". I have no issues with the colour of a persons skin or where they come from but can't help thinking along the lines of chips on shoulders.
  4. Today is the day you worried about yesterday
  5. I remember Archie Stinchcombe at MercurySports. I went there for my first cricket bat after I left school, not expecting the grilling that I got. He stood back from me and eyed me up then announced that he knew just the bat for me. Taking it as a sales pitch I said I wanted to look at several but guess what....... I ended up buying the one he had first presented me with and never regretted it. I can still hear his words of advice as I paid for it, " look after it, don't lend it to any bugger and it will serve you well". It did and so did all the other kit I bought from him.
  6. It's about time the normal ones amongst us told these so called politically correct wannabes where to get off once and for all and revert to the proper English language that we were educated with. The do gooders of this world can't see the damage they have done to society with their screwed up ideas.
  7. I object to being greeted by " can I help you babe?". To start with I am old enough to be the spotty individual's grandad and secondly, if my memory serves me correctly, Babe was a pig. Even if you ignore the greeting and ask a question invariably they have not got a clue about what is being sold.