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  1. Carry him shoulder high through the streets until they get to Tower Bridge and then throw him over the side. Same with the other lunatic David Icke and his son who is also obnoxious.
  2. So yet again we have a group of protesters on the loose in Nottingham defying all the covid restrictions. It is high time these idiots were dealt with once and for all. They are a threat to the rest of us and themselves. Imagine the uproar if they were refused treatment for any complaint that befell them on the grounds it was self inflicted. They should be rounded up and dragged off to a covid ward and made to look at the unfortunate patients who are fighting for breath and life itself. The rest of us owe it to those who have lost their lives to this horrible illness to stamp the behaviour of
  3. These exiles are quick to pay lipservice to what they think are good causes but conveniently look after themselves first. Put your money where your mouth is and live in the UK, plus pay your taxes like the rest of us.
  4. Somebody will be daft enough to pay it. Put a designer name on a bin bag and some clown will claim it is fashion.
  5. Too many people are content to mimic the oozlum bird and we all know what happened to that. Some need protecting from themselves.
  6. Wish you could still get the original these days
  7. That is the most some have got between their ears Phil
  8. If it can be proved that they are incompetent they should be removed and banned from standing again. Given their track record it should not be too difficult.
  9. Another example of the general public needing protection from itself. All this will mean we stay in tier 3 for longer and simply make the situation worse than it need be.
  10. I knew an old lady who was very good at acting gullible on the phone and often had great fun with the phone pests. After being pestered by a window firm trying to sell her a conservatory she got her own back by asking for exact details. The salesman, thinking he was on to a good thing, gave her the full works but was left speechless when she asked him if it made any difference to the price as she lived on the fifth floor of a block of flats. Total silence until he put the phone down. Well done madam.
  11. It now seems that fireworks are becoming the weapon of choice for the hooligan element to use against emergency workers. This is totally unacceptable and warrants the most severe of penalties. It also highlights the question of should over the counter sales of fireworks be allowed. Financial cosiderations pale into insignificance when personal injury is possible due to misuse. I accept the sellers cannot be held responsible for misuse but that does not alter the fact that this behaviour must not be allowed to happen again.
  12. Having spent a stressful night trying to calm two terrified dogs I would cheerfully insert the fireworks into the place where the sun doesn't shine and give the big bang brigade a bonfire night to remember.
  13. Obviously some students have been educated beyond their intelligence judging by some of their recent actions. These individuals are supposed to be the brains of the future, if they can't behave themselves inthe current situation kick them out .
  14. So the BBC are issuing instructions to staff not to use certain words and phrases that the politically correct brigade and other associated loonies have taken exception to . It is about time the rest of us said enough is enough and told them to go and do sometbing constructive. The British language has been about for longer than the loonies and is simply being hijacked by them to further their perverted ideas. Racism does need to be stopped but outlawing any word that contains black is not the way to do it. Are we going to rename Blackpool and Blackburn or do away with blackberries and blackcu