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  1. Whenever I sit in the waiying room at my GP there is a notice saying how many no shows there have been for appointments. Not to turn up for an appointment is not acceptable under any circumstance. It is easy to let them know if you are not going to be there, not to say common courtesy. However, alongside this notice I would like to see one telling us how many appointments had been fulfilled by the GPs. The nurses seem to be run off their feet but the doctors are conspicuous by their absence.
  2. This is not what the NHS is supposed to be. What is the point in training the doctors and then not utilising them. We seem to be very good at supplying the rest of the world with medics at the cost of our own needs.
  3. It might help if all the doctors at each practice worked a five day week. I was at my doctors surgery twice last week to see various people and at no time did I see more than one doctor calling patients in. The nurses and care assistants were working much harder to get people through. Despite the claim they are underpaid a lot of them seem to be under used. Another local surgery even has a limit on how many calls they answer each day. These people are there to provide a service to patients in need, it is about time this was brought home to them.
  4. Absolute tragedy both for the loss of the pilot and the aircraft. My thougjts are with the family concerned.
  5. My grandads' policy was if you were content you were the richest man in the world. He never had a lot but he was always happy.
  6. So Nuno and Neco Williams are being charged with bringing the game into disrepute. What about the referees and var officials whose performances have been little more than criminal? They are the ones who are bringing the game into disrepute. Football should take a long look at the way rugby matches are controlled by the referees and the third match officials (tmo). There is total clarity as the deliberations are on big screens for all to see and the decisions do not take an eternity. Plus the referees do not tolerate any pressure from the players, some of the prima donnas in the Premier league
  7. It is a case of the do gooders and pacifists doing immeasurable damage to society with their half brained ideas. If the punishment isn't a deterrant then it needs to be increased until it is. Never mind the usual bleat about human rights, they are what normal law respecting people should expect to be honoured, not the low life criminal fraternity.
  8. I am still looking for my five!!
  9. The French have never forgiven us for Agincourt .
  10. Round the Horn was always a favourite as was The Navy Lark
  11. Quite often you find the ones who complain about lack of integration are the ones who resist it most.
  12. Same problem in a lot of places. Populations afe becoming so diluted with outsiders we are all losing our identities and national pride.
  13. The red tape that confronts people trying to communicate is beyond a joke. A friend of mine was trying to get BT to cancel her deceased mother's phone line but the operator insisted nothing could be done without speaking to the account holder. When my friend asked them if they would pay for the seance if she arranged it they were speechless. What planet do these people belong to?