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  1. Can't help thinking some people need protecting from themselves. Obviously the deaths of some 50,000 people has not registered with them and what the result of not being cautious could be. I agree with you Phil, another lockdown is on the cards and next time it could be even more severe.
  2. If people are profiteering they should be put out of business.
  3. Can also remember Wapplingtons, my dad always used them. Never thought George Attenborough was odd Jonab, I went there for years either getting a cut from George or his assistant John Haskey who later opened his own shop on Broomhill Road. I always admired the model aircraft hanging from the ceiling in George Attenborough's shop.
  4. Woodcock's are no longer in business but Ron Woodcock works for Barlows butchers in Newthorpe, another first rate shop. Been going there for nearly ten years and not been less than totally satisfied with anything purchased yet.
  5. Pleased to see that the low life who tried to pick the pocket of an old soldier in Stafford met his match when he was seen by a group of bikers. A bit of instant justice works wonders. Similarly the idiot who let fireworks off during a remembrance ceremony should have been dealt with more severly, granted he was jailed but a bit of rough justice from the veterans would not have gone amiss.
  6. Nothing wrong with Charlie Dimmock, a more relaxed figure than she used to have possibly but I would have her in my team any day.
  7. The dolphins have got more intelligence.
  8. I would have been doing my apprenticeship at the same time Chris. I did a short spell at Deering Street before being transferred to Bell Street. If you are the Chris I remember you had a Reliant, maroon if I remember rightly. I remember Pete Heron, also Claude Lawrence, Gordon Walker, Ben Brentnall and various other characters. I enjoyed my time there and learnt a lot.
  9. Glad my time will be up before it becomes compulsory.
  10. Sooner cricket is back on terrestrial television the better.
  11. Hedley Wrights was a very popular wet fish shop at the lower end of Watnall Road . Always remember going there as a kid for fish for Friday tea and being served by Ethel, a lovely lady with a permanent smile for the customers. Always top quality fish from there and good service.
  12. High time we got our priorities sorted and stuff the do gooders.
  13. Not to be confused with" Me ears are alight"