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  1. I drove along Hyson Green the morning after a riot, talk about a war zone.
  2. Nobody is going to persuade the general public of the merits of an argument by disrupting life. These protesters have no respect for the needs of people going to work or even emergency vehicles. They have also shown they have no respect for the courts by ignoring the injunctions taken out against them so that makes them lawbreakers. Fair enough , if that is the way they want to play give them the treatment they deserve and quickly. As RR says, it is time to crack a few skulls. The idiot who climbed on the train roof to protest soon got his come uppance from other passengers and if the police d
  3. She has done exceptionally well and irrespective of her background should be looked on as a British success. We have painfully few successes in tennis and now we have a bright new talent all people can do is pull her apart. Talk about build people up just for the pleasure of pulling them down again.
  4. Once did a contract job at Pork Farms and have never touched anything they make since. Some of the things I saw would have put most people off for life.
  5. A curse in life generally Jill. Too many people let them dominate their lives, if they ring or make whatever stupid noise they have been set to they must be answered immediatley. Fine if you are not at the front of the queue but if you are ignore it until you are served. Comments from behind can be offensive but accurate.
  6. Good job you didn't have to ring back, she would have been better before you got through.
  7. That should be the same case now Jill. Either conform or pay the penalty, no ifs buts or maybes, do it or your out. The trouble is people have been given too much freedom to do pretty much what they like for a long time now and then along comes the pandemic, knocks them off track and they don't know how to cope. They lead life up to the hilt and then behave like a bunch of spoilt kids when restrictions have to be made. We didn't have lockdown for fun and I very much doubt if we will ever get back to how things were, but it was for the publics benefit that difficult decisions had to be made. Th
  8. The older cars also lent themselves to the addition of extra dials. I had a Hillman Hunter and fitted oil pressure gauge, ammeter and volt meter. Along with stick on heated window panel, fog lamps and driving lamps there was an array of dials and switches. Modern cars do not offer the areas around the dash to fot such items.
  9. Effective though. The hardest part was to get them stuck on with no ripples and not damaging the foil elements.
  10. Seeing the activities on the news it just proves that certain members of thhe public are their own worst enemies. In the current situation they are also everybodies elses worst enemy. Covid is not going to go away so we are going to have to modify how we live to cope with it. The sooner people get this into their heads the easier it will be for all of us.
  11. Had similar RR but the new one is "why are you painting it that colour?". Answer is because I want to, twat.