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  1. A hat trick of talentless buffoons.
  2. Supermarkets are fine for getting everything in one place but they cannot match the charisma that the old corner shops had. The unique smell in each one, a face behind the counter that you knew and no grumpy cashiers that couldn't give a monkeys about politeness and service.
  3. Most of the colours I got playing rugby at Mellish were black and blue ,sometimes a bit of red thrown in but that could have been blood I suppose.
  4. Norman Collier was always one of my favourites.
  5. Not very good news for the ozone layer then.
  6. When I was a kid , like most, I got spots. Not being known to do things by halves I virtually got spots on spots so my mother took me to the doctor. Nothing seemed to work so one Friday afternoon she literally dragged me into a shop that I was terrified of, the local herbalist. An old lady looked at me, gave me a packet of what looked like bottle green Smarties and the instruction to take one in a morning and another at night. Her parting words were to go and see her the following week. The following Friday I walked into that shop without a single spot on my face. That old lady would have run