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  1. It is a case of the do gooders and pacifists doing immeasurable damage to society with their half brained ideas. If the punishment isn't a deterrant then it needs to be increased until it is. Never mind the usual bleat about human rights, they are what normal law respecting people should expect to be honoured, not the low life criminal fraternity.
  2. I am still looking for my five!!
  3. The French have never forgiven us for Agincourt .
  4. Round the Horn was always a favourite as was The Navy Lark
  5. Quite often you find the ones who complain about lack of integration are the ones who resist it most.
  6. Same problem in a lot of places. Populations afe becoming so diluted with outsiders we are all losing our identities and national pride.
  7. The red tape that confronts people trying to communicate is beyond a joke. A friend of mine was trying to get BT to cancel her deceased mother's phone line but the operator insisted nothing could be done without speaking to the account holder. When my friend asked them if they would pay for the seance if she arranged it they were speechless. What planet do these people belong to?
  8. See Gary Lineker is poking his nose into politics again. For a very average broadcaster he has far too much to say about private matters. I thought he had been put in his place after the last outburst but obviously not. High time the licence fee was scrapped instead of overpaying so called celebrities who are supposed to be neutral but still want to do their own thing. As Lee Anderson said , he should stick to selling crisps.
  9. As the actions of various groups around the country proved when fireworks and petrol bombs were used as weapons. If that is not a good enough reason to say enough is enough and ban private sales of fireworks I would ask why not.
  10. Having to endure another night of dogs being terrified by fireworks leads me to believe some people have more money than sense. The problem is coming from private sites and I have my own thoughts on where the fireworks should be put. I would also be prepared to light them. In this day and age there is no need for this ridiculous performance each year, it is more like living in a war zone than a supposed civilised country.
  11. From experience I can confirm despite your reason for being there Friday night in QMC a&e is more entertaining than anything on the telly. Glad you survived to tell the tale Brew.
  12. Incredible how so many people can have the same speech impediment.
  13. Really enjoying the repeats of In sickness and in health on cable. Never thought they would show that again for fear of upsetting the politically correct brigade.
  14. In general it shows a lack of command of the Queen's english. I suppose that should now be the King's english.