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  1. Often think it is a pity the pc brigade haven't got something more important to gripe about than the way we have spoken for decades. They do more damage to their cause by pursuing the wrong agenda. No matter what they preach or do history cannot be changed.
  2. So now we can't buy a bag of midget gems because the pc brigade have struck again. Where the hell are we going with the English language? Left to their own devices the do gooders will destroy life as we have known it for years and most definitely the way we are allowed to speak. Enough is enough.
  3. The amount of money that has been pumped into water aid should have made Africa one big lake by now if it had not been diverted by corrupt governments. A stop needs to be put on the drains this country is pouring money down.
  4. Another case of figures being manipulated to give the desired answer.
  5. Pity a lot of politicians don't leave the room not to return, we all might feel much better.
  6. He might not be brilliant but he is a hell of a lot better than the lunatic who preceded him
  7. See some low life has defaced a memorial to Captain Tom by painting IRA on it. High time these idiots were taught a sharp lesson in respect, if that means being taken up a dark alley to explain it to them so be it. There will no doubt be objectors to this treatment but it is because of their softly softly approach that these scumbags get no more than a slap on the wrist for their crimes to society.
  8. See people are complaining about Tesco and Sainsburys opening on Boxing day. If nobody wanted to go shopping on Boxing day there would be no need or reason for them to be open . Don't criticise the beast when you are the ones feeding it.
  9. Question is "who was guilty of emptying the bottle"?.
  10. Some feet are not fit to be put on public display. Never seen the attraction of baseball caps no matter which way round they are. We always used to refer to them as brain restrictors when I was a kid.
  11. Was beginning to think the same BK
  12. A friend of mine gave her neighbour a bottle of rose scented body wash for his birthday. I suggested that when it was her birthday he returned the compliment and give her a bottle of Old Spice
  13. I drove along Hyson Green the morning after a riot, talk about a war zone.
  14. Nobody is going to persuade the general public of the merits of an argument by disrupting life. These protesters have no respect for the needs of people going to work or even emergency vehicles. They have also shown they have no respect for the courts by ignoring the injunctions taken out against them so that makes them lawbreakers. Fair enough , if that is the way they want to play give them the treatment they deserve and quickly. As RR says, it is time to crack a few skulls. The idiot who climbed on the train roof to protest soon got his come uppance from other passengers and if the police d