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  1. The words mutton and lamb come to mind quite often when I see older or even old people dressing like adolescents. To see women in their seventies done up like teenagers and sporting tattoos is revolting. Where the men are concerned a lot of the styles have originated over the pond and that is where they belong. Society in general seems to have lost self respect and discipline to a point where we are doing a credible impression of the oozlum bird and we all know what that led to.
  2. A hat trick of talentless buffoons.
  3. Supermarkets are fine for getting everything in one place but they cannot match the charisma that the old corner shops had. The unique smell in each one, a face behind the counter that you knew and no grumpy cashiers that couldn't give a monkeys about politeness and service.
  4. Most of the colours I got playing rugby at Mellish were black and blue ,sometimes a bit of red thrown in but that could have been blood I suppose.
  5. Norman Collier was always one of my favourites.
  6. Not very good news for the ozone layer then.
  7. When I was a kid , like most, I got spots. Not being known to do things by halves I virtually got spots on spots so my mother took me to the doctor. Nothing seemed to work so one Friday afternoon she literally dragged me into a shop that I was terrified of, the local herbalist. An old lady looked at me, gave me a packet of what looked like bottle green Smarties and the instruction to take one in a morning and another at night. Her parting words were to go and see her the following week. The following Friday I walked into that shop without a single spot on my face. That old lady would have run
  8. Two other treatments I remember were Haliborange and Adexoline. The first were quite pleasant tasting tablets but the other was in capsule form and you soon learnt to swallow them whole to avoid the taste of the contents.
  9. I see that a statue of Sir Tom in Derbyshire has been defaced by protestors who thought they would further their cause by pouring urine over it. An absolute disgrace that cannot be tolerated. The picture of one of them stated she was a medical student, obviously a waste of public money educating her. Those identified should be arrested and charged with as many offences that can be pinned on them. No cause is made believable by these idiots and it must be made abundantly clear to them that society will not tolerate actions like this. If these are an example of a future generation who are going
  10. Despite the sadness of the occasion it was a demonstration to the rest of the world that nobody matches the British when it comes to pageantry and ceremony. The precision throughout was magnificent.
  11. About time we started to repel boarders and not be such a soft touch. If they don't use the accepted way of requesting entry then the only action is to send them on an immediate return journey.
  12. The tank that fell off the Lightening actually landed on the centre of Nottingham Road next door but one to our house. For many years you could see the mark on the road where it landed. I was about 10 at the time and came home from scool at lunch to find the area swarming with police and fire brigade. The whole area smelt strongly of kerosene and there were bits of tank everywhere, one small piece of which I still have. In those days you had to have two aerials if you had ITV and BBC, the flying debris sliced one of our cables in two but missed the other. It wasn't long before top brass from D
  13. That was when kids were allowed to be kids and enjoy a childhood. These days many are just fashion accessories to be farmed out to anyone who will look after them while the parents live their lives as they did before parenthood.