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  1. It is a case of the do gooders and pacifists doing immeasurable damage to society with their half brained ideas. If the punishment isn't a deterrant then it needs to be increased until it is. Never mind the usual bleat about human rights, they are what normal law respecting people should expect to be honoured, not the low life criminal fraternity.

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  2. The red tape that confronts people trying to communicate is beyond a joke. A friend of mine was trying to get BT to cancel her deceased mother's phone line but the operator insisted nothing could be done without speaking to the account holder. When my friend asked them if they would pay for the seance if she arranged it they were speechless. What planet do these people belong to?

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  3. See Gary Lineker is poking his nose into politics again. For a very average broadcaster he has far too much to say about private matters. I thought he had been put in his place after the last outburst but obviously not. High time the licence fee was scrapped instead of overpaying so called celebrities who are supposed to  be neutral but still want to do their own thing. As Lee Anderson said , he should stick to selling crisps.

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  4. Having to endure another night of dogs being terrified by fireworks leads me to believe some people have more money than sense. The problem is coming from private sites and I have my own thoughts on where the fireworks should be put. I would also be prepared to light them. In this day and age there is no need for this ridiculous performance each year, it is more like living in a war zone than a supposed civilised country.

  5. With you all the way. If the judges won't do the job efficiently get rid of them and put somebody there that will. All you hear is "I have got rights". The people who have rights are the law abiding members of society, not the little urban terrorists that abuse the system.

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  6. When I was a foreman in an engineering factory we were bought out by another firm. They were run by accountants who did not have the faintest idea what engineering was . Their ideas were totally unworkable and nigh on destroyed the company. Their contempt for the workforce was unbelievable.  I had worked there for over twenty years, having worked my way up from being a green apprentice and did not agree with a lot I was being told to do. I had a good team of workers under me who knew that I would be reasonable to work for and I had very little trouble until this shower took over. They then decided to do away with foremen so I took redundancy. At an hours notice of leaving they tried to reduce my redundancy package due to "miscalculation". The judge at the County Court did no more than order them to pay the original amount plus costs. They were not very quick in paying so they also had to pay the cost of a Warrant of Execution. They also got caught out by the major customer who found they had been false information and were in effect put out of business. It was a prime example of the lunatics taking over the assylum.