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  1. Thanks o everyone for cheering me up. Carcinoma of the nasopharynx nearly did me in 30 yrs ago. Prostate cancer 12 yrs ago. So now it's time to get on with things Thanks Again
  2. Lost the energy, lost the enthusiasm, knees creak, feel like c--p. Who wants, or ever wanted to be in their seventies. O, woe is me. How do you feel?
  3. Does anyone remember exactly where it was held?. I thought Billy Bean's field on Lincoln St. A relative had a pub where McDonalds is now. I seem to remember part of the wakes round theretoo. Difficult, because I was only about 11 at the time. Until then, I only went to Goose Fair.
  4. Sad, that. But then again, thanks for your reply. Perhaps It would have been more interesting if I had lived on Baden-Powell St. No doubt where that came from!. By the way, anybody remebering the Bendigo, good to know they are keeping the satue.
  5. Spoke on this before, but thinking of Peveril St, from 1949 to 1955 We lived on Gadd St, which was "dead-end", backing on to Peveril St works. We nicked the odd cones, and fabric poles to play with. Dare'nt tell Mam though. She worked there as an Ironer, in the Press Room. 1960, I went work there in the cutting room. When the supervisor retired, and Peveril St moved a lot of production to Marathon,. Sorry, I meant I worked in the cutting room at Marathon. "It's me age you know". Ken Thomas became our cutting room manager. He had a great interest in photography, and I think he did the wedding
  6. Does anyone have information about a Mr Staples of Austin St Bulwell? As far as I know, he was born in 1868, and died when only 48 years old. I believe he worked for on the railways, and one other location I heard of was a club opposite the old Bulwell library. Also Victoria St in Hucknall. I am assured he is a relative, but I need to know more.
  7. What are the origins of the roads i Forest Fields? I lived on Leslie Road in the 50's. Names likeStanley Rd, Russell Rd, seem to be like men's names, But names like Harcourt Rd, Austen Ave, Laurie Ave, Tissington Rd, Gibson St, etc do not seem to have the connection. As one contributor has said, Basford had names like Zulu Rd, etc;, to cmmerorate the wars, but my old Rd....well, I just wondered
  8. Wow, liked reading about where I live. Bought a 3 bed bungalow in 1967. Still here!. How the precinct has changed. No Charles11, now a shop. The hairdresser still going strong, and a Heron, fish and chip shop, chemist, bookies, and a replace ment shop which replaced Bargain Booze. Understand that the area behind the shop NISA,I think, is being built on at the rear, and the flats above the shops to be updated. About time. When Kwiksave closed and the social housing was built, the surgery could have done with a bigger car park, hopeless trying most of the time. Great transport system too. All i
  9. Socram- could you be the work study guy I used to chat with at Marathon? I was a bandknife cutter, and I remember you going to NZ. Is it my imagination, or did you write to me from NZ. I think we were talking about job opportunities. Whether or not, I totally agree with your comments. More redundancies followed, then things settled for a while. Sadly the company was sold to Bentwood, part of the Stirling group. It became clear the plan was to close it all down and sell the premises. The building is now student accomodation. Like a lot of properties in Nottingham. And who remembers the si
  10. oldie again. Did'nt see the site. Now I know where to look. I thought there were only 12 hour sessions, no 24, it's me age!
  11. Been a while since I visited, and wondered if anyone has memories of the Locarno? First went in 1960, and was smitten! The music then-when I first went in with a couple of mates, the song Runaway by Del Shannon was playing. After that went every Sat, some Sundays, Bank Holidays. Remember the twelve hour Rock Around The Clock sessions? Every hour, on came the Bill Haley and The Comets song. Jiving----great stuff. Girl watching---even better. Sadly, when the locomotion and the twist dominated i lost interest. Having said that the Locarno was the highlight of the week---and no booze. But there w
  12. Always thought of myself as a Midlander. As I live a couple of miles from Hucknall, people always say--Oh, North Nottingham-- Doesn't seem to matter where you live, there's always a north and south. Except Lonndoners of course, who live at the centre of the universe. Bless.
  13. I left after a year of Bentwood, having been at Marathon since 1960, Boulevard works. knew a lot of people from those days, any more info?
  14. Thinking of pots under the bed, we used to call it "the po". Don't know why Preferable to the walk downstairs, across the yard and back. Memories of carrying it downstairs to empty it in the toilet. On very cold days, it went down the drain outside the back door! (Depending on the "contents" of course ). Nobody ever used one for number two as far as I know, can you imagine??
  15. Lived in Radford, an outside loo across the yard. In winter Dad hung a hurricane lamp near the cistern to keep it from freezing. News Of The World toilet paper, or the Post. As kids we were frightened of the dark, so we had the luxury of a "high end" plastic torch from Woolworths. Didn't trust us with candles! The toilets at Claremont school were outside, and it was a toss-up what was worst . Tha smell of disinfectant, or the smell of----well, you know. I wonder if that's why it was the place to go to sneak a quick fag? Moved to a house in Forest Fields, with an inside toilet. What luxury. O