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  1. Always thought of myself as a Midlander. As I live a couple of miles from Hucknall, people always say--Oh, North Nottingham-- Doesn't seem to matter where you live, there's always a north and south. Except Lonndoners of course, who live at the centre of the universe. Bless.
  2. I left after a year of Bentwood, having been at Marathon since 1960, Boulevard works. knew a lot of people from those days, any more info?
  3. Thinking of pots under the bed, we used to call it "the po". Don't know why Preferable to the walk downstairs, across the yard and back. Memories of carrying it downstairs to empty it in the toilet. On very cold days, it went down the drain outside the back door! (Depending on the "contents" of course ). Nobody ever used one for number two as far as I know, can you imagine??
  4. Lived in Radford, an outside loo across the yard. In winter Dad hung a hurricane lamp near the cistern to keep it from freezing. News Of The World toilet paper, or the Post. As kids we were frightened of the dark, so we had the luxury of a "high end" plastic torch from Woolworths. Didn't trust us with candles! The toilets at Claremont school were outside, and it was a toss-up what was worst . Tha smell of disinfectant, or the smell of----well, you know. I wonder if that's why it was the place to go to sneak a quick fag? Moved to a house in Forest Fields, with an inside toilet. What luxury. Oddly there was an outside one as well. Handy when you had an elder sister using the facilities. I guess we all take it for granted nowadays, I'd love to see how today's kids would manage.
  5. Hi, again. Did anyone see the Nottingham Post article in the Bygone section on Sat 29th? There was a comment about the Geography teacher. Was he at the school 1955-1959? It was my worst subject. I was in the "G" stream, so should have done better! Was anyone else there at these dates, I'd love to know. Sadly I have no photos, just memories, but would be happy to hear more.
  6. Just got to this page. Great stuff!. I lived on Gadd St, off Southey St. for 1949 to 1956. We lived next door to the pub called the Forest Inn. As kids we played on the cellar doors until we got cleared off. There were two shops on the street, but only went in for toffess ( not often, as they were still rationed at the time. My mam worked at John Beales, and part time at a pub near the top of Hyson Green. I went to Windley school until I was 11, then we left to ilve in Forest Fields. Still spent a lot of time on the Green, going to the Leno's, and the other two cinemas. One , I think was the Boulevard, the other the Grand. Went to the Boys Club till I left school. Later in life I worked at F.L.Bastows, later Marathon. Now student accomodation. Got off the bus opposite the Alma, and walked down Hartley Rd to work. The Boulevard was the pub of choice, as were the Nottingham Arms on St Peters St. Worked there till the mid-nineties. Anyone remember Mr Mitchell's shop on Radford Boulevard? A favourite for linen, and all sorts. By coincidence, I went that way to buy a new car tyre. A lot is as I remember it. What a busy road was the boulevard. Raleigh at one end, us in the middle, and Players next door. If I remember correctly, the finishing times of all three were staggered to ease public transport. Mind you, so many people at Raleigh had a bike! Never forget watching Saturday Night And Sunday Morning, seeing all the places I knew. Good old Radford Thanks for the memories.
  7. The old factory is now student accomodation. Opposite was Players factory. The factory covered five floors, and an underground yarn store to supply the knitting room on the ground floor. During it's last years of production it was taken over by Bentwoods, a not very popular move at all. So many skilled workers displaced. Made underwear and outerwear for M&S mainly, but also other chain stores. Where did all the workers end up?
  8. Is Wallis St new or old Basford? My dad was born there in 1914.

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    2. benjamin1945


      Used to rent a small warehouse in Anita Mews on Wallis street,Old Basford,...........the registra office is on Highbury road,......Gary Sobers got married there...............

    3. OLDIE


      Thank you for that, I'll give it a try

    4. benjamin1945


      Oldie,.......you must be a big cricket fan..............

  9. Know anything about the club opposite Bulwell library ( the old one ). Going back a long time, my grandfather was steward there around 1930's

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    2. The Engineer

      The Engineer

      It was the 360 Club, certainly in the 1980s.

    3. FLY2


      DJ360 would no doubt be forthcoming with some information then.

    4. The Engineer

      The Engineer

      He used to DJ there.  There's at least one other thread about it.

  10. Does anyone know if it's true that Jacky Pownall had a house at the corner of Southey Street? Not sure, but I tink it was a Polish club in later years. i am talking over sixty years ago, and the old memory is not so good
  11. Just thought. As I lived on Leslie Rd, (on the corner with Berridge Rd) Anyone remember the garage opposite the Appollo cinema? Run by a bloke called Jeff I think. Circa 1955-1966 The house I lived in was originally a confectionery, but in 1955, when we moved in, the shop front was a Co-Op laundry and dry cleaning collection and pick-up point. Run by Mrs Tipple who lived just up the road, the rest of the property we rented from the Co-Op, as my dad worked for Co-Op laundries.Straight opposite there were a row of Co-Op's, groceries, fruit and veg, and a butcher's. The manager was Mr Healey. The only foundation I have for the shop's previous history, is the amount of cake stands we found in one of the cellars. If anyone knows, would be glad to hear
  12. Tell you what.really pees me off. Every time there is any news or documentary on funding the NHS, they always blame it on the "ageing population" Well, let me tell you, we are the ones who paid into it and paid our taxes,( and still do ). Obviously nobody takes into account those on benefits who choose not to work, and breed like rabbits! And the people who go to Emergency Dept's with a sore toe. Does it mean that as a pensioner I should not be treated? Wait until those b***ers get old!!
  13. Well remember the Radcliffe Arms. When we used to go, it was in the sixties, and on Sunday nights they used to play music of the era. Lovely. Lived on Exchange Rd for a couple of years, 1945-1947, and Mum and Dad worked at the Test Match. We were there when Bridgford got floode, I'm sure, so my dates could be a bit wrong. Moved to North Nottingham, and hardly ever went back there, except for a haircut at Keith Hall's, in what used to be flats above the Co-Op. I'm sure there was a restaurant called the Tudor. Whatever it was named, they did a fabulous mixed grill.
  14. OLDIE


    Saw Sir Cliff interviewed recently on TV, and have to admit that despite the hair colour, he,at 76, looked better than I did at 50!.....ooh, envy!
  15. It appears that the BBC must like him! You only have to listen to the last bit of his Radio 2 Show, (the best bit), and then the great Ken Bruce takes over to realise that as a radio presenter, he is a non-starter. He interviewed Cliff Richard this morning, sucking up as usual, this after some time ago, he pretended to smash Cliffs records live on radio. For a laugh. He took over Terry Wogan's spot, and breakfast radio has never been the same since.This is the bloke who said on his show, There is no way I will ever present Top Gear. And then he did, Nuff said.