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  1. My dad was General Manager at Derby from the 1950's until 1978 when he left to briefly run Long Eaton. Derby closed in 1988 and offices were built on the site. The old facade remains as it is listed. Prior to dog racing, it was used as a prison. I still attend at Colwick most Saturdays, although there haven't been spectators since last March due to Covid. I've had a few dogs trained by Terry Munslow who knew dad from Derby days. He's one of the few remaining 'old stagers'. It's a different game these days.
  2. And my goodness how some of us (e.g me) struggled before eventually managing to pass! And he taught lots of the boys, including me, to play sport the right way. I'm told he still walks a lot on Wollaton Park, where I am playing golf again after 20 years out of the game. It would be nice to meet him and pass on best wishes
  3. Mr (Mike) Robinson was a fine teacher and great chap. About 15 years ago I received a copy of the book that he compiled, 'Bilborough 1957 to 2000 - Portrait of a College', When he sent it to me he penned a short note, part of which said something to the effect that the chemistry paid the salary, and the cricket and hockey brought the fun!
  4. I haven't set foot on the site since I left 41 years ago, but I pass it quite often when I go up to Junction 26. The old school was completely razed about 10 years ago and there is a new building there now, together with a sports centre and various outdoor AstroTurf pitches. The field where we used to do athletics, rugby and cricket has had houses built on it. William Sharp seems to have been largely rebuilt as well, now called the Samworth Academy. I found a few of my old school reports. 'Richard contributes little in class but works quite efficiently' sums it up. Grade C for ef
  5. Ashton Hill is still there, name changed a couple of times, now Ashton Bond Gigg to reflect the 3 Senior Partners it has had in over 80 years. They have been in the same building (Pearl Assurance House at the bottom of Friar Lane) for half a century. They have got rid of the manual typewriters though!
  6. re: #116 I am an inveterate gambler, so my educated (and doubtless incorrect) guess is based on the sporting references. I was an inmate of Hut 1 and can't remember exactly who was freezing their nuts off next door. You clearly are not one of the three sporty lads I mentioned earlier as they left at 16, but among other Bilborough related things that had been in the loft for 30 years, I have found the 1976 Presentation of Prizes programme that my mother kept. So how about Chris Wood? I actually opened both the batting and the bowling for the school team, which gives a cl
  7. You are correct annswabey. The only Ann I recall in our year is Ann Hurst, so I am hazarding a guess that was your maiden name. Apologies if I am wrong. My history teachers were Mr Downing and Miss England, whose teaching methods could not have been more different but who were both excellent. I got to know Roy Downing quite well in 6th form, top man. I ended up at the same university that he attended 30 years previously. The annual magazine arrived the other day and in the Obituaries section I see that he died last year, aged 87. Which would mean he was in his early 40's when he ta
  8. Just joined the forum, having enjoyed reading memories of Bilborough. Nice to see that they are mainly fond, it was a good school with, in the main, fine teachers. I was there from 1968-75, annaswabey, and we were clearly in the same class on that rather daunting first day. I'm amazed that you can remember the register so clearly. The form teacher was Miss Allsop, who would perhaps have been described as 'plump' back then. She was also an excellent French and form teacher, who finally got around to calling me Richard on my first day in the 6th form. I never quite plucked up the courage t