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  1. Don't know why this came to me, but occasionally I get odd flashbacks to schooldays. Bristow "Have you scalded yourself Jackson?" Jacko "No sir, I've bunt missen on the watter. "
  2. I did French A level but don't remember Candide, but then I was not a literature person. Didn't do History, but I remember going to a party in Mapperley and sitting on the floor speaking to Alison Ward. Could that have been a Charnock do?
  3. It's OK, Ann is my age and so not an 'older woman. As to whether either of us is a lady is open to question, though.
  4. Richard Bossart. Year above us. Great bloke. I used to go to basketball matches with him and John Hickman - fantastic double act. They had many tales to tell of a certain lady in their year, who was very accommodating. Being somewhat larger and faster than the average, I had to play in various teams for year above ours and got to know several of them quite well. Some great characters in that year - some dickheads too, of course.
  5. Lindaok - remember the trip to the Peak District? I think you got stuck in a bog and Bo and I had a plan to extract you, which was not to your liking.
  6. Mrs Bowen! Indeed she was very popular. I'd better not elaborate too much, but I doubt those lab coats were that short when she bought them. Legs to die for.
  7. There were a few teachers who went through the motions and clearly did not enjoy their jobs, doing the bare minimum to get by. I had a Biology teacher whose lessons consisted of reading the same handwritten script from a book year after year. Even the 'jokes' were marked on the page with a red asterisk. ("The cell walls are thick, like Cope" etc) Strangely, I have read elsewhere people praising him for his work. Conversely, one of his colleagues was very enthusiastic. There was a degree of unpredictability to Dosseter's lessons that kept our attention, rather than the monotonous dron
  8. We have an old house and a big garden - both of which need some 'doing-up' in the short term. Hopefully we can get them both to a point where we can find more time to do other things. I want to travel a bit before I am too old. I am not yet old enough for cruises though. All being well, we may be able to make part of the house a holiday let next year, which will help pay some bills. Do you ever get back to Nottingham? I assume there is nothing left of the original school? Do you ever teach others how to research family trees?
  9. I never looked forward to German. I started to think in French, if that makes sense, but it has long since disappeared from my memory. I was in the insurance industry, but retired in 2014. I don't do anything now, yet i work harder than ever before, but physically, rather than behind a desk or steering wheel. Do you do 'ordinary' family trees, or specialise in military stuff only? Is it all via the internet, or do you get the chance to travel? I always watch the 'Who do you think you are?' programmes, though some are better than others.
  10. No, I know a bit about some of them from Google, Facebook etc, but don't keep in touch. (Keeping tabs on the ladies is more difficult due to name changes of course) I was never the sociable type. I used to see Cynthia quite often on a Saturday morning in Nottingham, but not for a few years now. Saw my old PE teacher Chris Owen in the gym once - built like a brick s***house. He was about to be capped for the Welsh Rugby Union team many years ago, until he was injured and suffered permanent nerve damage to his leg. Apart from that, I can't recall seeing a
  11. If only I knew then what I know now! You were highly regarded yourself and no doubt well preserved now. (So am I - like a walnut) I see Mike Trigg is a high flyer these days. Last time I saw him, he was counting paper clips in the Civil Service.
  12. I didn't do any better at German either, despite a holiday there with Moz the year before the exams.