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  1. Richard Bossart. Year above us. Great bloke. I used to go to basketball matches with him and John Hickman - fantastic double act. They had many tales to tell of a certain lady in their year, who was very accommodating.

     Being somewhat larger and faster than the average, I had to play in various teams for year above ours and got to know several of them quite well.

    Some great characters in that year - some dickheads too, of course.



  2. There were a few teachers who went through the motions and clearly did not enjoy their jobs, doing the bare minimum to get by.

    I had a Biology teacher whose lessons consisted of reading the same handwritten script from a book year after year. Even the 'jokes' were marked on the page with a red asterisk. ("The cell walls are thick, like Cope" etc) Strangely, I have read elsewhere people praising him for his work.

    Conversely, one of his colleagues was very enthusiastic. There was a degree of unpredictability to Dosseter's lessons that kept our attention, rather than the monotonous drone from Mr B. The sight of  Dosser's first-born's placenta being taken from the fridge to show us sticks in my mind.


    Mick Trigg once asked our chemistry teacher (Mrs Brailsford I think) to make a mushroom cloud in the lab. She gave it a good go, but nearly killed us all.


  3. We have an old house and a big garden - both of which need some 'doing-up' in the short term. Hopefully we can get them both to a point where we can find more time to do other things.


    I want to travel a bit before I am too old. I am not yet old enough for cruises though.


    All being well, we may be able to make part of the house a holiday let next year, which will help pay some bills.


    Do you ever get back to Nottingham?


    I assume there is nothing left of the original school?


    Do you ever teach others how to research family trees?



  4. I never looked forward to German. I started to think in French, if that makes sense, but it has long since disappeared from my memory.


    I was in the insurance industry, but retired in 2014. I don't do anything now, yet i work harder than ever before, but physically, rather than behind a desk or steering wheel.


    Do you do 'ordinary' family trees, or specialise in military stuff only? Is it all via the internet, or do you get the chance to travel? I always watch the 'Who do you think you are?' programmes, though some are better than others.

  5. No, I know a bit about some of them from Google, Facebook etc, but don't keep in touch. (Keeping tabs on the ladies is more difficult due to name changes of course)


    I was never the sociable type.


    I used to see Cynthia quite often on a Saturday morning in Nottingham, but not for a few years now. Saw my old PE teacher Chris Owen in the gym once - built like a brick s***house.

    He was about to be capped for the Welsh Rugby Union team many years ago, until he was injured and suffered permanent nerve damage to his leg.


    Apart from that, I can't recall seeing any other teachers since I left school. I read that Miss Betts and Marion England died relatively recently.


    I see you are a genealogist - I started to do our family tree years ago, but didn't get very far. Very interesting though.


  6. Perfect! I always try to dodge the spotlight.

    Well, the results helped shape my future and I have no regrets. As it turned out, BGS was a great preparation for life in the real world.


    I remember some teachers more fondly than others - occasionally, it was possible to get my revenge on the rugby field.


    We always did better in the 'Home' athletics events. This was due to the step in the track shortly after the 200metres start. We learned to hurdle it, but visiting athletes always stumbled over it. Presumably this was due to mining subsidence.

    There were a few old bell pits in the woods behind the track too. Presumably these are in someone's back garden now.


    Our rugby team was not so successful, with losses in one season of:-

    112-0 against Nottm High School;

    116-0 against Arnold High School i think and

    124-0 against High Pavement.


    This was, in part, due to 'Crutch' (Pete Hutchinson RIP) having first pick of the boys for his cross country team and when you only have approx 30 to start with, from which to pick 15, you will see the problem.


  7. 3rd September 1968 in 'Hut 2' was when it all started for me, I think. 1R - Mrs Robinson(?) who taught Maths, but I may be mistaken.

    I've read several familiar names here, but how many were in my first class, I cannot recall.


    I was always in the middle of the school photos, being the lankiest. Jacqui Cole was the tallest girl at first, though she had already stopped growing upward at 5' 2" or so!


    I went to a reunion once, but hated it - most people seemed to be making out they were more successful than everyone else. I left them to get on with it.


    Great days, which got even better in the sixth form.


    I remember you Richard - a formidable bowler, as I recall?

    Ann - I think you and I were both expected to well at French A level - I scraped a pass!


    Who am I?