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  1. I was gifted these glass plate negatives some years ago. It took some time but I found the family involved and many of the vistas. Thought I'd share.


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      I see I posted here before some time ago. Sorry for the repeat. Happy New Year.

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      Fabulous to be able to see these. Where are the churches particularly the one with the Romanesque arch?

  2. I have identified a gate in Stresa, Italy, 2 scenes from Venice, one of the Borromeo Islands in Lago Maggiore, a couple of images of the Fountains Abbey ruins in England, Liverpool Cathedral, Ripon Cathedral, North Yorkshire, St. Mary The Virgin, Church of England Norman Church. Ascot (not royalty... horses aren't white and the carriage is different). Lamb Close house and environs. Lamb Close servants, I'm guessing. Barber family playing tennis. I'm worried about the little blond girl in the grouping on the steps because I don't know the time frame and I know one of the girls met with an acci
  3. Thank you Cliff. This is probably a better way for me. Exciting to be able to share these with someone who has some interest in what I'm talking about. There is reference to other images that have been shared. Is there some way I can get access to those? Have nice day.
  4. I've communicated with Tom Barber, but I thought I'd drop this in for all of you. I was given as a gift 41 glass plates negatives by a friend who is an interior designer. He had purchased a chest here in the USA which came from England. In the chest was a small wooden box which contained these negatives. I've researched the images on and off for years and I have found most of the depicted locations; a few from Italy, travel, a few of tennis being played at Lamb Close (presumably by the members of the Barber family), Liverpool Cathedral, St. Mary The Virgin, Church of England, Ripon, etc. I wis
  5. Please let me know if this thread is still active. I have several glass plate negatives made by a member of the Barber family (conjecture but fairly certain) I can share. Example...