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  1. Fingers crossed that those seeking info come back at some point and find these late posts. Shortly after posting my first reply here I showed Dr Saunders (aka “Sandy”) this forum and the thread; he was amazed that anyone remembered him and incredibly touched to learn that he was held in such fond regard by his former neighbours and patients. Attached below should be a photo of Dunluce, the property which was the original subject of the thread. Sandy passed away on 26th February and I miss him tremendously.
  2. Many thanks for your offer of help – if the images (which I think I’ve successfully posted) don’t appear I shall be taking you up on it! Fingers crossed that I’ve mastered Photobucket and you can see the pics. Don’t hesitate to let me know if they aren’t properly visible. Please find below a snap of Dr Saunders at his current home enjoying lunch on the patio, July 2015. Still a very enthusiastic gardener, he recalls the hot house, fruit cages and vegetable patch at Dunluce with great fondness. November 11th 2016 – a story attached to this photo and l
  3. Dr Saunders celebrated his 94th birthday last week. Dunluce, his house in Carlton, was purchased from another GP called Harry Sparrow, an Irish man who went to live in Wales when he retired. Dr Saunders sustained his injuries and burns whilst landing a Tiger Moth plane after a training flight at Gaydon; his co-pilot was killed. He was initially treated in Birmingham where he met his first wife. They had 3 children and that's who the menagerie of animals belonged to (plus 2 goats not previously mentioned). He conducted a torrid affair with a colleague and walked out on his wife