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  1. Does anybody remember a greengrocers at 33 Mundella Road? In the late 1910s - early 1920s an ancestor of mine, Edmund Carnell, ran it. I know it is now no longer there but wondered if anyone had an info or memories of the shop or the family please? Thanks.
  2. I have fond memories of shopping at Gem in the mid to late 1970s with my parents and grandparents. My grandad used to pick us up in West Bridgford from Clifton and we'd all shop together as we didn't have a car. I remember the black and white buildings on Loughborough Road, still there now. Food in Gem was just left in boxes on the shelves and not 'presented' as it is now. I found it all a treat and a great trip out! Happy memories.
  3. I was there 1980-1985. Not too many good memories I'm afraid!
  4. Hi, I am trying to find out about a relatives shop on Lamartine Street, St Ann's. Many thanks to DavidW who supplied this information. The shop was a beer off at 24 East Lamartine Street ran by Annie E Osmond from 1936-39 and possibly later as well. Going by the Royal Mail site it doesn't look like its there anymore. Would love to hear any memories or see any photos. Thanks very much indeed.
  5. Thanks for all the replies received so far. :-)
  6. I remember Burtons from the 1970s - the coffee smell, ham on the bone and the fabulous large fish displays. Brings to mind other shops as well - the big Co-op especially the toy department on the top floor, Sisson and Parker, Pearson's sparkly floor and Cavendish Woodhouse (I remember buying my first bedroom furniture from there around 1976). All sad losses I think.
  7. Hi, Does anyone recall what sort of shops have been at 81 Mundella Road please and who ran them please? I'm doing my family tree and have discovered relatives living at this address and nearby and also running a shop, possibly a grocers or 'corner shop' somewhere in the Meadows. Names I have are Annie Osmond and Edmund Carnell. Any information gratefully received. Cheers.