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  1. Hi everyone

    Have just joined and very interested in the history aspect.


    I was born in Bilborough, Wigman Road, when the estate was built. Attended Glenbrook schools and Bilborough Grammar (though they probably deny it).


    Since marrying have lived in Eastwood, Watnall, Newthorpe, West Hallam, Long Eaton and both sides of Nuthall.


    Grandparents had a corner shop selling groceries from 1920's to 1960's on Gladstone Street Radford which I remember well.


    My Mum at 93 still has lots of memories of Hyson Green and Radford and only this morning was telling me a tale about 'top and bottom barley' where she played as a child.

    1. Jill Sparrow

      Jill Sparrow

      Welcome to Nottstalgia, Dolly. My mum was born in Bobbers Mill Road in 1926, 91 years ago and also recalled making daisy chains in the fields where the houses of Churchfield Lane now stand. She also spoke of watching cows being taken for milking! The area has changed such a lot. My parents were married at St Peter's church in Old Radford in 1949. I grew up in the area and knew it well. Happy memories!

    2. BilboroughDollyBird


      Hi Jill, nice to meet you.


      I wonder if anyone remembers or has information on Collinsons dairy, possibly somewhere around Bobbers Mill or Aspley Lane around1915?

      My grandad was a milkman then and talked about going along Aspley Lane (when it was a country lane) to the farm at Strelley to collect the milk.

      Grandad (Bill Humphrey) later married one of the Collinsons daughters, Clarice. They went on to have a grocers shop on Gladstone Street. But I never knew anything about the dairy or exactly where it was or the farm where grandad was well known.