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  1. Following the latest directive from Boris I have manufactured my own facemask, and believe it or not my long absent sex appeal would appear to have returned along with it. Recently discussing with a friend this anomaly of attractive females being seemingly unable to get close enough to me, he advised that if I was certain these damsels were not from Age Concern I should consider a full face covering, which would perhaps then make me totally irresistible . I have always considered envy and jealousy to be unattractive traits. I will continue to monitor the situation however, and if in the meantime you require any advice on making your own "PPE" from two elastic bands and a folded bank statement do not hesitate to contact me.
  2. Thank you for posting the video and I agree with the sentiment that in a nice way it could bring a tear to the eye. I am more than satisfied to have had the opportunity to share something so beautiful.
  3. For a lifting of the spirit do have a look at the U Tube video Andre Rieu and Amira, where she sings O Mio Babbino Caro from the Puccini Opera. ( 5mins 32 secs, May 31 2015, 40 mil views). The young Amira must have been about 10 years of age when the video was made and the previous year had won the finale of a Dutch talent show. Even if the idea of opera fills you with dread, do have a look as I hope I am right in saying that only those without a soul will remain unmoved.
  4. All these people with their posh holidays looking down their noses at good old Nottingham by the Sea. We had an old caravan on the Walsh site on Roman Bank of which I have the fondest childhood memories of trips during the fifties with members of my immediate and extended family. This was the era of Calor Gas Bottles and popping gas mantle lights, site rent was £10 a year and winter storage of the van £2-50. Who can forget the early morning sight of my momma ( a good Nottinghamism, granny to those not in the know) running across a rain lashed site towards the lavatories and disappearing straight into the gents. How we kids laughed. The serried ranks of females attired in see through plastic macs, with matching rain hoods to protect their tight perms for the coming night out. At the end of the day, tired and walking back along Roman Bank calling in to the Linga Longa, or the next door Longa Linga fish and chip shops for sustenance. The stallholder kneading rock mixture during a particular cold spell, his nose running like a tap and regularly being wiped on the back of his hand. "Now you know where the green stripes come from" said my dad, and put us all off rock for life. Keep it secret, but last year I had a week at Sandilands in a bungalow, and really enjoyed my extended walks along the coast in that bracing fresh air.
  5. If the fanciable young man wearing Brut was about 6feet 4, super fit and in looks was a cross between Terence Stamp in Far from the Madding Crowd and Robert Redford in Butch Cassidy then you may recognise me. I regularly stood next to him.
  6. People who like animals are my kind of people. The care and attention they show to their pets fills me with admiration and a feeling of warmth. My own 15 year old Staffie recently came to the end of her road and the feeling of sadness and loss will not easily be put aside. The American entertainer and humourist Will Rogers once said, "If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went", a sentiment I fully agree with. Hindu mythology believes that dogs guard Heaven and the gates to Heaven and if you are not kind to dogs during your life they will not allow you to enter Paradise. During a trip to India, well pre lockdown, I saw many undernourished specimens on both two legs and four, and on a ferry from Mumbai I travelled to Elephanta Island to view the temples. On my return to the pier to go back to Mumbai, I spied three thin street dogs and was advised by a nearby stallholder that they liked her biscuits.( Salesmanship ?) Throwing them each a biscuit a forth, fifth and sixth dog arrived until I was surrounded by forty plus canines all waiting patiently, without squabbles, for a taste. Will a tenners worth of confectionary get me into Heaven, I ask, as I do not fancy my chances of getting through the eye of a needle.
  7. Effeminate men coming out of the closet has become an almost everyday event and only confirms what we already knew. Nowadays there are so many about in all aspects of work and life that the only thing that surprises me is that Leapfrog is not one of the Olympic Games.
  8. No matter which way you voted in the 2016 Brexit Referendum the subsequent negotiations with the EU have clearly shown that our country is run by a bunch of absolute stinkers and talentless wassocks who should not be allowed out unsupervised. It is a great shame that Neville Chamberlain is no longer with us as he may have been able to get a piece of paper from the German Chancellor rather than the five million page handcuff Theresa May was able to secure.
  9. Hi LizzieM, We did not get to The Mews this year, but stuck with the old favourites like The Tides, Spagos, Zaccios, Sea Cat, Scarlets and several others. I fully appreciate your comments about the speeding buses and the logistics of always needing commodious taxis and agree a five minute stroll is preferable. I would imaging that The Lobster Pot Restaurant was not too far away from where you stayed. Despite it being a very well thought of restaurant it is reputed that this was the place where Michael Winner had the bad oyster that nearly killed him some years before he actually did die.
  10. I stay in a villa at Sunset Crest in Holetown so we must only have been a couple of miles apart. It is a handy spot for the exorbitant local restaurants, the new excellent ice cream shop and the exorbitant Massy Supermarket. Did you see that Cliff Richard has his villa up for sale, on the market for £28,000,000, or if that is a little too steep four of the six bedrooms can be rented for £4,000.00 a night. Bargain!!! Presumably Cliff stops in the other two rooms and cooks your breakfast.
  11. Hi LizzieM,, Sunday before last I was also in Barbados, although it now feels as if it was last year. Always dread the red eye flight back which knocks me for six though.
  12. On another thread I spotted an old reference to Dainty s Barber Shop on Highbury Vale and it brought back memories of an incident from 1965 ish when I was fifteen and a pupil at the Henry Mellish. The latest Headmaster, a Mr Strutt, one day decided that singlehandedly he would attempt to hold back The Swinging Sixties and step one of his master plan would be to ensure that all pupils at his school would have military style haircuts. All six hundred or so pupils were inspected from which he selected over a hundred to pay a visit to the Dainty Shop. The lucky hundred included myself, only slightly hirsute, and my best pal with his more flamboyant locks. The mere mention of Jimmy Dainty struck terror into the hearts of cool kids, and it was rumoured that even the basin cut brigade avoided his services lest their hairstyles and pulling power be ruined for ever. By mid morning break the first batches of victims were returning looking like sufferers of ringworm or escapees from a Russian Gulag."Sod that for a game of soldiers" said I, and my pal agreed with my irrevocable decision that we were not going. When the carnage was finished, mid afternoon we were both sent for by the Headmaster, and on our way there decided that if he pushed the issue we would leave the school that afternoon never to return. Since we were both bigger than him, and after five years at the Mellish quite capable of taking on King Kong, he was unable to come to any decision concerning punishment and so we just left him to it, barnets intact. If he had been a pupil at the Mellish, rather than just a Headmaster, he would perhaps have developed a backbone and been able to control the situation. But I doubt it !!!
  13. Benjamin, My motto was always to do everything to the best of my ability, sounds as if it was yours also, Nice one!!! Phil, A 120 yard chocolate log, send it with a card to the EU "A slice for each of you".
  14. In todays world we are almost overwhelmed by exams and qualifications, many of which are of questionable use or purpose. Common sense, that rarest of qualities, is still at a premium. Many years back my late father stated that University Degrees were becoming like arses in that virtually everyone seemed to have one, and the situation is now far worse than then. My father and mother were without formal qualifications, although as an eleven year old my father had won a free scholarship to a minor Public School. Unfortunately, as a poor kid, surrounded by the privileged offspring of professionals, his life was made a misery, which resulted in him leaving to commence work at age thirteen. During my own career I have regularly been amazed by the lack of brain power and nous shown by many highly qualified professionals of all disciplines. "I throw up my hands in total despair" became my comment of choice. So irrelevant of what exams and tests you may or may not have passed, remember that if Jamie Oliver and Richard Branson can become multi millionaires there is hope for everyone to succeed.
  15. I have always thought that the like or dislike of a name relies heavily upon who you have previously known with that appellation. What, in the intervening years, has become of Miranda, Celia, Delia, Hilary, Wendy, Priscilla and Prudence to name but a few of my favourite female names. The amusing comment from Staverton Girl concerning "Anne with the runny nose" reminds me of a Henry Mellish lad who never seemed to get the hang of blowing his nose, and who after putting away his handkerchief, would regularly have a "banjo string" attaching his nose to his ear. To this day I have disliked the name Marcus. Over the years, and these are genuine examples, I have lamented the thoughtless stupidity of parents in naming their offspring :- R C Bottoms, a teacher at the Henry Mellish. Fred Hall, who always signed his full name rather than just the initial. Tom Bowler, who did not get to open many fetes. Richard Head, never known as Dick. Peter Rick, who fully embraced the title and always signed with the name of an appendage. Surname Pungent, first name 5 letters beginning with F, can anyone guess ? Like many things today some names are corrupted, a child called Jacob, a fine name, is called by his mother Jay Cob. Still, if he has any more brothers she can perhaps call them Ham cob and Cheese Cob. Names come in and out of favour, but although some like Lillian, Mabel and even Ada are back in, the return of others are still awaited. Prior to the popularity of names like Maureen, Doreen, Christine and Marlene etc, children were working looms or sweeping chimneys. These names may not come back until todays children put down their tablets and phones and again play outside. If this should happen , these names will again be needed as mum will again be able to utilise a rising inflection on the een to call the offspring in from a much greater distance. Why do people cherish awful surnames? Some years ago, working at a Merchant Bank in London a certain Ron Bog, supervisor of that parish, had problems with his name being treated disrespectfully, He therefore changed his name by Deed Poll to that of Hewlett, being the maiden name of his wife. From day one no-one ever went again to the bog, everyone went to the Hewlett, and I believe this is still the case today despite Ron retiring many years ago. A belated "Happy New Year" To everyone. .