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  1. A bouncer at the Nottingham Ad-Lib club was called Gregory Brooks if any one knows Him perhaps he can share more information. I went in the early 80s but can't rember much about the club.
  2. I'll be grateful if you would post some photos I don't have any at all I think I've got one of them holding a bike and one of him and my uncle Dennis with a tandem. 

    Regarding Sherwood cycle club

    1. PeverilPeril


      OK Zom - it may take a while because the old pics are in a box somewhere behind a load of junk in a store room. I only have the one pic with Roy on it.

      Cheers, Terry

    2. Zomorrodatesh


      Thank fot the replies 

    3. PeverilPeril


      Hi Zom. I found the picture today and was disappointed to see the poor condition that it was in. It was taken on an old Brownie box camera and is a faded sepia and I can only identify faces because I knew them all well. I have tried to copy and enlarge it but the results are even worse. There is only a small facial of Roy in sunglasses.among a group of ten. I could have it professionally copied and post it to you but doubt that it will be very enlightening.

      Cheers, Terry

  3. Mary1947 I think I swam against that club, although I did guest swim for some clubs, I was a member of Nottingham Portland Swimming Club I was also a member of the County squad.
  4. I lived on granger street but I don't rember which number my names Colin Wayne Brooks ( Roy Brooks) mother Kathleen Brooks ( maiden name leggitt ) I have no photos I belive my house was demolished.
  5. I was a member of the diving club
  6. And his brother Denies Brooks
  7. I believe my father broke a record or two in the cycling club Peverelperil
  8. My farther worked at the swimming center Roy Brooks he was the chief swimming coach for quite a long period of time.
  9. Zomorrodatesh


    Hi my names Wayne I was a member of Nottingham portland swimming club in the 70; The reason I mention this, is because it's sad to see beachdale baths where I ues to swim in competition, for my club being demolished.