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  1. Hi. Ive been trying to contact a branch of my family. Think he had a market stall in that market selling fruit and veg. His name was Silas Hill. Any memorys. The family lived at gotham for many years.
  2. Still trying to locate an alotment my gt gt grandad lived in. Could be accessed by woodborough road and wells road. He lived there from 1907 to 1932. Its address was 126 B Avenue Wells Road. We originsally thought it was right hand side of Wells Road but a fsmily member has recounted entering it from woodborough road. You have a map? PETER

    1. Bubblewrap


      Are you talking of Hungerhill Gardens ?

      Yes I have some large scale maps of the allotments but the site is very large & I think it is covered by 4 maps.

    2. Bubblewrap


      The maps are 500/1 or over 10 feet to the mile (42" x 28" map size)

  3. Sorry I missed your first responce. Yes Ive rechecked the war record and other document and its 126 "B" Avenue, Wells Road. Interesting you mention one for sale. Had assumed they were rented.. where did you access the details of that sale?
  4. Yes thats just what wanted. Went down there last saturday with dad whose 85. He believed it was opposite Hendon Rise. Drove up it myself in the late 60s when I used to work saturdays at Sheperds Race garage for uncle mark. Didnt realise at the time it been an important family home. Listed as next of kin address on 2 ww1 war records and 2 births in the family. Yes it was a small hut and he had more than one alotment their from which he made his living. Moved there after the 1901 census. Not shown anywhere for 1912. Died there around 1937 as did his wife. Must have been a lovely quiet place bac
  5. Gt grandad lived in a cottage on an alotment right side of wells road. Its address was 125B Avenue , Wells Road. He lived here for 30 something years till his death late 30s. Cant find it on any old maps. Think it was opposite hendon rise. Any help please.?